PICTURED: A soldier, aged 19, died unexpectedly at Salisbury Plain Military Base. Army launches an inquiry after the remains of a Household Cavalry Lance corporal, 28. This was later discovered several hours later

  • Jaysley-Louise Beck tragically died at Larkhill base, Wiltshire
  • In Bulford, she died in the hours following Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah (28),’s death.
  • Yorkshire’s family paid tribute to their loved one.

A 19-year old soldier died unexpectedly at a military base hours after another soldier from the Salisbury Plain. Her family has paid their respects.

Gunner Jaysley-Louise Beck was tragically found dead at the base in Larkhill, Wiltshire, on December 15.

She died on the same day as Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah, 28, from the Household Cavalry, who was found dead in his garage at Bulford. 

The army has launched a probe into the deaths, which come after at least five confirmed suicides at Salisbury Plain since 2018.

Gunner Jaysley-Louise Beck

Gunner Jaysley – Louise Beck was fatally shot at Larkhill base, Wiltshire on December 15, 2018.

Her family have paid tribute to her, saying she ' would go above and beyond to help anyone in a less fortunate position than herself'

Her family paid tribute to her by saying that she would do anything to assist anyone less fortunate than herself.

Gunner Beck completed her training at Harrogate’s Army Foundation College before moving on to Larkhill, where she will continue her military career in 2020.

Her Yorkshire family from Oxen Park said her ability to ‘lighten up a space and put smiles on everyone’s faces’.

They sent a touching tribute, saying that Jaysley was a caring and loving person who would do anything to assist anyone less fortunate than her.

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She died within hours of Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah, 28, (pictured) from the Household Cavalry, who was found dead in his garage at Bulford

She was killed within minutes of Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah (pictured), 28, from the Household Cavalry. He had been found dead at Bulford in his garage. 

She is renowned for her compassion and ability to put a smile on everyone’s faces. 

According to the Army, an investigation into Gunner Beck’s murder is ongoing.

One spokesperson stated that Gunner Jaysley Louise Beck died at Larkhill, December 2021.

“As investigations continue, it is inappropriate to comment on the matter further. However, any death is tragic and we remain in sympathy with all those who are affected.

At a later time, an inquest will be held into Gunner Beck’s murder.

The tragic deaths, just 10 days before Christmas, comes after at least five confirmed suicides at Salisbury Plain (pictured) since 2018

This tragic death comes just 10 days after five suicides on Salisbury Plain since 2018.

On the same day, Lance Corporal Miah died. According to post-mortem examinations, they were both hanged.

Her family has asked for donations to The Principle Trust Children’s Charity as part of their legacy.

According to the family, “We feel that this charity radiates the same positivity Jaysley had in helping children achieve their dreams back,” said Jaysley.

‘100 per cent of every £1 raised by the charity goes towards helping provide free holidays to underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children from across Yorkshire.’

They concluded that a life lived so well deserves to be cherished.

Please visit the Family Fundraising Appeal page to make a donation. can do so Click here.