You must not go to bed! Do not let your siblings drift off on hammocks suspended 70ft high above steep cliff drops

  • The night was spent by two siblings in a hammock swing suspended at 70 feet in the air.
  • Sam Simons, 23, Ariana Simons, 19, spotted a perfect spot on Australia’s coast 
  • Sam stated that even though a fall could have proved fatal, it was his best night of sleep.

After spending the night suspended 70ft above the ground in a hammock swinging, two siblings went viral.

Sam Simons was 23 years old and his family were traveling along Australia’s picturesque South Coast when they came across this secretive spot.

Sam (age 19) and Ariana, Ariana’s younger sister, set up the hammocks.

Sam Simons (23), and Ariana Simons (19) spent the night suspended in a hammock 70ft above the ground.

The pair saw a perfect spot while in New South Wales, Australia, with their family on holidat

The pair saw a perfect spot while in New South Wales, Australia, with their family on holidat

They spent the night sleeping a whopping 70ft in the air, meaning a drop could be fatal

Their night of sleep was 70 feet up in the sky, which means that even a small drop could cause death.

Ariana was at 10m, Sam at 3m.

Sam shared, “I had been dreaming for this since years. All I needed was the right shape cliff. 

“We could not miss this opportunity.”

They were also right at the edge of the Cliff, which stood well above 20m high.  

He stated, “If it had been me, I would have bounced off the rock, and then of the cliff.”

The cool thing about this is, once you are inside and have secured the net you cannot physically fall out. 

It’s really safe. Ariana, Ariana, and I can sleep anywhere we go in them.

Sam said: 'I've been dreaming of doing this for years, I just needed to come across the right shaped cliff'

Sam stated, “I have been dreaming about this for many years. I needed the right-shaped cliff to do it.”

“Especially in Australia you will want to avoid spiders and snakes.

“We even camped out in the snow together.

“Crawling in” was the most dangerous part of my journey, as I knew that I could slip off and fall off a 20m high cliff.

“But it’s because that’s what makes it so much fun. A cheeky dose of adrenaline is a great way to get out of bed before you go to sleep.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to see the sunset from the valley.

It was one of the most memorable nights in my entire life.