Piers Corbyn has released an anti-masker song, which was recorded on a Tube Train. It rails against cloths on the face.

Corbyn was seen to lose the lyrics to the one-sentence-chant. This was captured by London Underground.

Sadiq Khan is embarrassed by this and desperately tries to get passengers to stop exposing themselves on Transport for London trains.

The identity of the composer is unknown, however, the video begins with an articulate man reading The Light (an antilockdown publication). 

He looks up suddenly, almost as though he’s awakened from a deep-seated malaise.

The carriage is silent as the man stares at it.

He then declares, “You know what? Wearing a mask can be like trying to keep your pants clean.”

The very basic music video was filmed on the London Underground by the anti-mask mob

The anti-mask mob filmed the very basic music video on London Underground.

Corbyn seemed energized by the singsong, which had few lyrics and an uncomplicated tune

The singsong had no lyrics and was simple to understand, so Corbyn appeared to be energised by it.

Corbyn was seen peeling off a TfL sticker requesting people wear a mask when travelling

Corbyn was seen taking off a TfL sticker asking people to wear masks when they travel.

He raises his arms to show another woman unmasked who is also repeating the mantra.

He then walks along the carriage with three others, including Corbyn who is dressed in his trademark t-shirt & suit jacket.

The train is filled with people they meet and join forces. A slight alteration to the lyrics takes the song in a new direction.

Then they shout: “What is it like?” This is like trying to hold a fart in one’s pants. 

There was wide ridicule at the song on Twitter from users including broadcaster Jeremy Vine

Twitter users, including broadcaster Jeremy Vine, ridiculed the song extensively

Professor Whitty had been giving a speech on cholera at a lecture theatre believed to be in London. But it was hijacked by Corbyn and his conspiracy crew, who cut the event short by refusing to let him finish his talk

Professor Whitty was giving a talk on cholera in a lecture hall believed to be located in London. It was hijacked and shortened by Corbyn’s conspiracy team, who refused to allow Whitty finish his speech.

He berated him with questions before launching into thuggish chants of 'arrest Chris Whitty' and calling out what he claimed was 'fascism in Europe and the world', while the professor watched on politely

Before launching into his thuggish chants and calling for Chris Whitty to be arrested, Whitty questioned him and then launched into more threatening chants. The professor continued politely by watching.

Former Labour leader Jeremy's older brother, 74, cut short the Chief Medical Officer's speech on cholera before blasting him with insults

Jeremy, a former Labour leader, was 74 when his older brother cut off the speech of Chief Medical Officer on cholera and then blasted him with insults

Are you familiar with the lyrics of “Wearing a Mask is like trying not to have a fart in my trousers”? 

“You should know that wearing a mask can be likened to keeping your pants clean.”

Donning a mask can be like wearing a loincloth.

What is the experience like? It’s like trying to keep a fart in your trousers x  2 

“Wearing a face mask is similar to keeping a fart in you trousers, x2

What is the experience like? It is like trying to keep your pants x 2 clean.

Perform by Stop New Normal Singers Chris A. 

Corbyn appears to be particularly interested in the song and waving his arms at them as though he were conducting them.

He then appears on camera ripping off one of those stickers, asking for people to take a mask out of the windows.

Then he shouts, “So new world order. We have not followed any of your mad dictates and will never.”

Then they shouted “resist, resist, defy and do not comply” over and over.

Although the video does not end in the first minute and a quarter, Corbyn posted it online.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s unexpected foray into the arts is called “Unmasked TFL”: The Musical.

Corbyn says: “One of the best ways to overcome tyranny, is to mock it.”

Then, he is careful to credit the performers and announces “Stop New Normal Singers”. Chris A. Music and lyrics.

The public ridicule of the performance was mostly online.

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine said: ‘This “song” only has one line, but Piers Corbyn keeps forgetting it.’ 

Boris Johnson speaks during a press conference after cases of the new variant were confirmed

After cases of the new variant have been confirmed, Boris Johnson spoke at a conference


Omicron variant: New restrictions for covid

  • Arrivals to the UK on Tuesday after 4 a.m. must undergo a PCR (rather than a lateral) test by day 2. They will then isolate at home until receiving their results.
  • For 10 days, all contacts of anyone who has been infected must be self-isolated.
  • From Tuesday, facemasks are mandatory in all shops and public transportation.
  • From 4am today, seven more southern African countries were added to the UK’s Red List. Only British residents are allowed to visit red list areas, but even then they have to quarantine.

Will Reid, psychology student said: “Watch out Mariah carey. Piers Corbyn. The #Covidiots will be coming for your Christmas number 1 with their perfect harmony.

Mont Marcey the violinist questioned the “non-mask” element in the lyrics.

He said, “Never ride in a lift together with Piers Corbyn.”

Boris Johnson, the President of Boris Johnson on Saturday announced that there were changes in testing and isolation regulations. Mandatory masks must be worn in stores and on trains to help prevent Omicron’s spread.   

At a hastily-arranged Downing Street press conference the PM painted a grim picture of the potential threat from the new ‘super-mutant’ strain – admitting he cannot guarantee Christmas will go ahead as hoped.  

Mr Johnson put unlocking in reverse as he extended travel bans, enforcing day-two PCR tests for arrivals in Britain

Also, facemasks became compulsory on trains and in shops. 

All immigrants to the country should self-isolate up until they obtain a negative result on a gold standard test. The test can be used to identify Omicron-carrying individuals. 

For 10 days, all contacts infected by the variant should remain at their homes.