The UK and Israel have reached a new deal that will deepen their ties and pledge to work ‘night and day’ against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

  • A new pact was signed by Liz Truss (foreign secretary) and Yair Lepid (foreign counterpart),
  • A new deal will improve ties between Israel and the UK, and increase cooperation
  • They have pledged to do everything they can to prevent Iran from pursuing nuclear weapon plans.

Israel and the UK have pledged to work together to prevent Iran becoming a nuclear-power. 

Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, and her Israeli counterpart, Yair Lepid, will agree on a 10-year-long plan for strengthening cooperation between both countries. 

The two are scheduled to meet today in London A’memorandum on understanding’ was signed to strengthen cooperation in issues like cybersecurity, trade and defense. 

It will be the UK’s cyber security partner of choice, and talks for a new trade arrangement are anticipated to commence next year. 

One of the greatest commitments made by these two countries as part of the new agreement is to further thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions. 

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and her Israeli counterpart, Yair Lapid, are set to agree a new deal decade-long plan to boost cooperation

Liz Truss (Foreign Secretary) and Yair Lapid (Israeli counterpart), are expected to sign a 10-year-old deal that will increase cooperation.

They are due to meet in London today to sign a 'memorandum of understanding' aimed at stronger collaboration on issues such as cybersecurity, defence and trade

The two sides will be meeting in London today for a memorandum to understand, which can strengthen their collaboration on matters such as trade and defense of cybersecurity.

Ms Truss, Mr Lapid wrote: “We will continue to work day and night to stop the Iranian regime ever becoming a major nuclear power.”

In exchange for lifting economic sanctions, Iran agreed to the Iran nuclear agreement, which was first reached in 2015.

When the US president Donald Trump pulled out of the agreement, it was hit hard and Iran began to resume its nuclear program.     

Although efforts to make the deal work are continuing, indirect talks will resume this week in Vienna. However, a breakthrough seems to be far off. 

The new 10-year agreement between Israel and the UK was described by Ms Truss as a “major step forward” and Mr Lapid as a “major leap forward”. 

They wrote: ‘Israel and the UK are the closest of friends, and today we are deepening that partnership to become even closer.

“This pact will encourage technological breakthroughs, which can change the world. 

Ms Truss, Mr Lapid indicated that negotiations would soon start on a custom-made free trade agreement between Israel and the UK.

The two nations stated that ‘our great countries can do more to create employment and boost economic growth’. They also said they would open the door to negotiations for a UK-Israel custom free trade agreement. 

On the issue of cyber security, they said: ‘With the world increasingly threatened in cyberspace, we will work together to defend ourselves. 

“Israel will be officially designated a Tier-One Cyber Partner for the UK. This is to acknowledge how much we can accomplish together as techno leaders in cybersecurity.