Beautiful bubbly As ministers attempt to reverse the EU ban, a pint of champagne will be brought back to Britain.

  • Winston Churchill loved serving once and hailed it as the “ideal size”.
  • It was banned when Britain joined the Common Market in 1973.
  • Expected government to remove restrictions and other unwelcome legislation 

It is the sort of news worth raising a glass to – the pint bottle of champagne is set to return to Britain as Ministers prepare to overturn an EU ban.

Winston Churchill loved serving and called it an ‘ideal-size’. However, the practice was banned in 1973 after Britain joined The Common Market. It also fell under a Brussels ban against the use of Imperial measurements.

The Daily Telegraph reports that these restrictions will be lifted by the Government, along with any other EU-related legislation. This review will likely be headed by Liz Truss (Foreign Secretary).

The pint bottle of champagne is set to return to Britain as Ministers prepare to overturn an EU ban

A minister prepares to reverse an EU ban and bring back the champagne pint to Britain

Sources within the Government said that pint-sized containers were victims of EU’s war on imperial measurements. They are commonly used in this country.

“Now we have left EU, it is possible to get rid of such rules. This change is being made.

Prior to joining the Common Market, 60 percent of champagne in Britain was sold in tiny bottles.

Champagne – which must be produced in the Champagne region of France from seven grapes – can be sold to British customers in pint bottles if French producers wish to do so.

This is a win for Rathfinny Estate which makes sparkling wine in East Sussex. 800 bottles were laid in the wake the Leave vote.

If the rule is not repealed in the nick of time, the winery will release sparkling wine in small bottles.

Mark Driver, co-owner of Winery, said: “This is fantastic news. We’ve been lobbying for it all our lives.”