Millions of fans of Sex and The City were excited to finally watch the highly anticipated reboot twenty years later. It was almost like the Second Coming.

Few people knew what horror was coming.

The girls we knew and loved — vivacious, fun-filled Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) — still dress like they’re 30. However, they have been made into surgically enhanced harridans who lament missed opportunities while moaning about ‘this what 55 looks like.

It doesn’t for many people.

While we might be getting older, in general, we are content with where our bodies are at the moment and enjoy it. There are few mid-life women that I know who have allowed themselves to be like Carrie and Co from the new TV series And Just Like That.

Miranda is incontinent and always searching for the loo. It’s amazing that she is not in her 80s. She is now in her 50s.

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon on the set of 'And Just Like That...' the follow up series to 'Sex and the City'

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker with Cynthia Nixon at the filming of “And Just Like That …’ the sequel series to “Sex and the City”

The big dilemma for Charlotte is what to do with her grey hair — should she carry on dyeing it; should she use hair extensions? You can get over this, lady! Ouch, she struggles with the contemporary story of a son who wishes to be dressed as a boy.

Our heroine Carrie is currently on a podcast where she answers a question from a transgender host about her experiences on public transportation. As you do.

Since the SATC original had an all-white cast of characters, there are now a variety of black characters who chastise our ladies for their white privilege. This is so annoying, that the reboot could have been called Sexless and Woke in The City.

Most depressing is that the women we loved and laughed with should end up shallow, soulless — and all convinced they’re old before their time.

It was the story of friendship between a group of young, intelligent, and spirited women, who tried to find love. It was easy to identify with any character and understood their motivations.

Twenty-years later we still hoped for our fairytale heroines to be more mature and wise. A glimpse into real women’s lives would allow us to see their inner world. Old crones would not be allowed to slip their bunions in Manolo Blahnik 6in heels.

The new show is miserable and depressing — and without a shred of humour. Although — spoiler alert for those who have not watched the first two episodes — I did get one laugh, when Carrie’s husband Mr Big died of a heart attack in the shower.

There is no need to use method acting. He just remembers how he felt at first reading the script.

Was it genuine regret as Allegra Stratton resigned, sobbing on the steps of her Islington home (pictured) ¿ or an application by the ex-Guardian journalist for a job back where she belongs on the luvvie Left?

Was it genuine regret as Allegra Stratton resigned, sobbing on the steps of her Islington home (pictured) — or an application by the ex-Guardian journalist for a job back where she belongs on the luvvie Left?

  • Was it genuine regret as Allegra Stratton resigned, sobbing on the steps of her Islington home — or an application by the ex-Guardian journalist for a job back where she belongs on the luvvie Left? As anyone in politics knows — and as Frankie Valli sang — big girls don’t cry.
  • Raphael Marshall, a whistleblower for the Foreign Office, says that when Kabul fell orders were issued to Pen Farthing, an animal charity worker, and his dogs, to evacuate ahead of Afghan translators. Some of these translators have been killed by Taliban. Operation Pet Rescue, with its canine flight specially chartered for the purpose makes animal lovers howl at injustice.
  • Are there any methods to this madness by the PM? He gives millions of workers two weeks off Christmas with Plan B, his work-from-home plan, just as the country rails against him over No 10’s Christmas party rules.

Jennifer Aniston spoke out for other childless mothers by challenging those who claim she placed her career above motherhood. It was hurtful, and it was just plain nasty. Jen, you are very kind. My part is that after trying unsuccessfully for many years to have a baby, I would happily give up my career just so that I could be with a child. 

We don’t know if Ghislaine Maxiwell was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein or vulture within his evil empire.

I met her long ago — she was draped glamorously on the arm of her father, my then boss, Robert Maxwell.

She was not surprised to find her sugar-daddy Epstein who gave her the private jets and mansions she was used to.

Ghislaine has an addiction to pampering princesses.

Billy Connolly is now at 79 years old and unable to perform live onstage due to Parkinson’s disease. Connolly says that while he is no longer performing, he reminisces about his childhood in Glasgow, where he was abused and his poverty.

These traumas are permanent. However, Billy won by giving us laughter for a lifetime. He’s a beloved comedian whose many fans never tire of laughing about his wise words, like “Before You Judge a Man, Walk a Mile in His Shoes.” 

“After that, who cares?” You’re only a few feet away from him and have his shoes.

Foolish Fergie says she is ‘the most persecuted women in royal history’. Divorced from Prince Andrew 25 years ago but still living with him in his £15 million Royal Lodge in Windsor. Despite being a Duchess, she still uses the title of Duchess Of York to describe her most disastrous commercial ventures. She was clearly misquoted. Are most ‘parasitic,’ not ‘persecuted? 

The Wills and Kate Christmas Card is a joyous family photograph with their children. 

Prince William, second in line for the throne is happy to share with his family a nation that is grateful, while Harry has yet to post any photos of his siblings.

Harry may be saving precious photographs for his book. It is an intimate and personal memoir that will coincide with Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Perhaps he sent them to Oprah Winfrey. 

He wept when BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker won Strictly’s vote. 

So, why wouldn’t the actor be participating in the 2022 live show?

It could be because his wife of twenty years threatened to blow his lights out if it happened.

When BBC Breakfast¿s Dan Walker was voted off Strictly (pictured), he wept, and called his sexy dance partner Nadiya Bychkova 'amazing'

Miss Bychkova made a brave appearance looking stunning in a strapless silk dress as she makes her final appearance on It Takes Two with her dance partner Dan Walker

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker cried when Nadiya bychkova was elected off Strictly. Miss Bychkova (right) made an emotional appearance, looking beautiful in a strapless silk gown as she appeared on It Takes Two together with Dan Walker.

It is heartbreaking to see Geronimo, the alpaca, put to sleep by government vets even though he did not have bovine tuberculosis. 

A vet told me that Ted, my dog’s ears were going to have to be removed because of minor tumors. I responded with: “Over my dead body.” 

One year later, Ted still seems happy and healthy, his ears slightly misaligned, and he purrs beside me while I write. 

Owner Helen Macdonald with her aplaca Geronimo, who was sentenced to death and executed

Helen Macdonald, owner with her aplaca Geronimo. She was executed and sentenced to death

David Tennant said that his role in BBC’s BBC adaptation of Jules Verne book Around The World In 80 Days was to address the ‘alarming character of the British Empire. He says he also explores the “racial-sexual politics of Victorian England”.

Crikey! It’s just an absurd story about an Englishman who placed a bet in a gentlemen’s club. Next, what about the Tennant who became a Mid-Atlantic woman after waking up?

'Whatever Boris¿s failings, he has just become a dad again and Carrie has a new baby girl'

“Whatever Boris’s failures may be, he just became a father again. Carrie now has a baby girl.”

Dominic Cummings (PM’s ex-advisor) rants yesterday on a blog about Boris’s “wrong’un pregnancy” and how marrying Carrie will lead to an “inevitable disaster”, as she wants to control the country’ via him. 

Boris has made mistakes, but he is now a dad. Carrie and her baby are both new. 

Cummings Castle in Barnard Castle would be my choice.