Body is found in hunt for missing nurse: ‘Playing children’ discover woman’s body in south London park close to where Petra Srncova, 32, vanished two weeks ago

  • This morning, a group of children made the discovery at Brunswick Park in South East London. 
  • As forensics investigators are on the scene, there is a large police presence. 
  • Some residents are “unsettled” and “scared”, and others no longer feel secure in this area. 
  • Ms. Srncova last left work on the 28th of November  
  • The body has been identified by police and Petra Srncova’s family was informed.

In the search for missing nurse Petra Srncova, a body was found at a South London park. It is close to her disappearance two weeks ago.

Brunswick Park, South East London was where the discovery took place.

A large police presence is present at the scene. Forensic investigators are also on hand to conduct investigations. 

Ms Srncova, a senior nurse assistant, is believed to have left the Evelina London Children’s hospital at 7.45pm on November 28, wearing a green coat and carrying a red backpack at the time.

According to the story, she took cash from a bank and then boarded a bus for Elephant and Castle. 

The theory is that she may have moved to Camberwell to board a bus to get to her house.

While formal identification is taking place, the family of Ms Srncova was informed.  

A body has been found in the hunt for missing nurse Petra Srncova (pictured) at a south London park, close to where she vanished two weeks ago

In the search for missing nurse Petra Srncova, a body was found at a South London park. It is close to her disappearance two weeks ago.

Selda Kayam, 36, resident and mother-of-two told MyLondon that it was her friend’s children who had discovered the body in the park. 

She stated, “It’s very scary for us. We feel unsafe anymore.” 

“I am not feeling at home.” It’s not clear if my children would like to go back to the park. 

“When my friends’ kids ran around in the park, that was when they noticed it.” It’s quite shocking.

The South London park is in lockdown after the discovery of the body this morning

After the death of this body, the South London park was put under lockdown 

Fred was also a resident of the region and said that he felt unsettled.

He claimed that there was also a killing in the same area about a week before the current incident.

He said that he had not experienced any problems in the vicinity, but was left uneasy knowing that the body was found near his home.

Police are continuing investigations, but have questioned many residents. 

Metropolitan Police spokesmen said that they were appealing to the public for any information in order to locate missing senior nurse assistant Petra Srncova, Camberwell.

A member of the public called police at 11:40 on Sunday 12/12 to report the discovery of the corpse of a female in Brunswick Park SE5.

“Officers are still present at the scene.

“At this point, the woman’s suicide is being treated unexplained.

‘While formal identification awaits, Petra’s family have been informed of this development.’

Investigations are ongoing but many residents have been questioned by police

While police are still investigating, many people have been interrogated by officers.