Boris Johnson won’t apologize for the sleaze, Jacob Rees Mogg explains. Jacob Rees Mogg also claims that it wouldn’t be sincere to condone the sleaze.

  • Jacob Rees Mogg takes responsibility for Owen Paterson’s rescue attempt after he lobbied.
  • The Commons Leader “conflated” sympathy with the MP in support of wider reform standards
  • Boris Johnson had to apologize if it wasn’t sincere, Mr Rees Mogg said  

Boris Johnson won’t apologize for the scandalous sleaze, because it isn’t’sincere’ as a Cabinet minister stated today.

Jacob Rees Mogg was dismissive of the PM’s need to apologize. He admitted that he made an ‘error’ in pushing for Owen Paterson’s exoneration from any punishment for lobbying.

After a report recommended that Mr Paterson be suspended for 30 days, the extraordinary decision to “pause” standards caused a furious storm which has raged for the past fortnight. Following a government U-turn signal, Paterson resigned his post as an MP.

Johnson refused to apologize, even though he acknowledged that he could have done better. 

Boris Johnson

Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg dismissed the need for the PM to say sorry as he admitted he made a 'mistake' by pushing for Owen Paterson to be saved from punishment for lobbying

Jacob Rees Mogg, Commons Leader (right), dismissed the need to have the PM (left at Lord Mayor’s Banquet last evening) apologize for making a’mistake by pushing to save Owen Paterson from being punished for his lobbying.

Mr Rees-Mogg (centre) was also at the Lord Mayor's Banquet in London last night

Last night, Mr Rees Mogg (center) attended the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in London. 

On the ConservativeHome’s latest MoggCast, Rees-Mogg acknowledged that his judgment was ‘clouded by his sympathy for Mr Paterson’.

Rose, the ex-minister’s spouse, committed suicide in the middle of the standards investigation. He said that it was due to stress from the whole process. 

“I have to take responsibility, it is right for me.

“I advised the Prime Minister to follow this path and I was wrong. I made an error.”

Rees-Mogg admitted that it was clear in hindsight that the particular case was being “conflated” with larger reforms.  

He said, “I believed Owen was punished enough through the death of his wife. Therefore I allowed this conflation in my head.”

“This was clearly a mistake. The electorate did not see it as merciful. It saw it as self-serving. 

“This has been a disservice to the government as well as to Parliament, so it will be reversed. 

When asked why Johnson is so reluctant to apologize for his mistakes, Mr Rees Mogg replied that people shouldn’t say sorry unless it’s ‘effectively sincere.

According to him, “I think that the issue is one of sincerity. Some politicians apologise about anything and everything.”

“I recall Tony Blair’s apology for the potato crisis.

“It is important that politicians be cautious about the things they apologize for. They must be responsible for the entire process and they should be sincere and effective.

“I believe that you can see the PM’s behavior as sincere, principled and with a clear sense of direction. 

Furious Tories branded veteran MP Christopher Chope a ‘bed blocker’ and ‘selfish tw**’ today after he intervened to stop the government drawing a line under sleaze chaos.

Ministers wanted the Commons to ‘nodthrough’ a motion officially U-turning against the PM’s shameful attempt to shield Owen Paterson, an ally, from being punished for his lobbying.

Mr Rees-Mogg said he would ensure the Commons formally overturns the vote from last week that had protected former minister Owen Paterson (pictured) from suspension for lobbying

Mr Rees Mogg declared that he would make sure the Commons overturns the last week vote, which had been used to protect Owen Paterson (pictured) and prevent him from being suspended from lobbying

However, the Conservative benches only shouted ‘Object’ when the matter was raised at 10 pm.

Multiple sources name Sir Christopher Chope. This controversial MP has blocked Bills on female genital mutilation and upskirting. 

He often criticizes legislation that is proposed by backbenchers and complains about it not being properly debated – even though he may have been supporting Mr Paterson in this case.  

According to parliamentary conventions, ‘opposed’ motions can’t be considered after business has ended officially. This means that the government must hold a full discussion and vote today.

Sources within government admitted that it was a “head in hands” moment. One called Sir Christopher a bed blocker who is “long beyond their value to both the private sector as well as to parliament alike”.  

Even Sir Christopher’s closest friends were disgusted at his “habitual” behavior. MailOnline spoke to a veteran ex-minister who said that he didn’t think the change would make any difference. The idea is completely pointless.   

MailOnline received a statement from another Tory backbencher stating that Sir Christopher had been like picking at a scab. He also said: ‘Chope is doing the Opposition’s work.

Instead of closing the door last night, he is allowing political point-scoring to continue today. It was very unhelpful, and it is quite naive.