Chinese new symbol of hard work, the student goes viral for sticking a fluorescent light in her ponytail to continue studying at university when it went out.

  • A student was filmed wearing a light-tied ponytail while attending university in the northern Hebei Province
  • This short clip was viralized on Weibo (China’s Twitter) with over 290 million hits
  • The exam was taken by a young lady who was studying for the nation’s Master’s Programme.

China’s new symbol of hardwork is a student who was filmed braiding her hair to study in darkness. 

After the video was posted from the university of Hebei in northern China, the unnamed young lady has become viral on Weibo (the country’s equivalent of Twitter) 

The short video shows the student coiling her ponytail around the borrowed cylinder bulb. This is to make it a reading lamp. 

Sina News reported that her extraordinary decision was made when she discovered the lights had gone out at the study hall during late-night studying.  

An unnamed young student has gone viral on Weibo - China's version of Twitter - after footage was shared from a university in the northern province of Hebei showing her studying with a light bulb tied to her ponytail (pictured)

After footage from China’s northern province of Hebei was posted, a viral video of a young student studying in a lamp-tied ponytail has been shared on Weibo (China’s version Twitter).

The student is believed to have been revising for China's annual Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination

It is thought that the student had been studying for China’s Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination. 

The video has been viewed more than 290 million times on Weibo (pictured) since it was uploaded to a thread on November 14

Since it was posted to a Weibo thread on November 14, the video has been viewed over 290 million times (pictured).

The video was the subject of a Weibo topic, titled “Girl studying to Master’s on corridor put light on her head for study”. 

This page has been seen more than 289 million times since November 14th, and it’s been the subject of 17,000 discussions threads. 

Students from all over the country shared similar experiences of trying to squeeze in exams during the night. 

It is thought that the student had been studying for China’s Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination. 

Students can pass the difficult exam to be admitted into Master’s degree programs in this country if they are successful. 

The assessment includes tests on language, mathematics, and general knowledge. 

This event takes place mid-December, and it will be attended by 3.77 million people.   

Students in China were not only recognized for their devotion, but it is not the first. 

After a photo of the student from Beijing’s Tsinghua University emerged, it became viral via Weibo. The picture showed him riding his bike and studying on a computer.  

In 2012, students broke into Qingdao University (Shandong Province) at night to secure the best seats possible for the next day’s lectures.  

An online praise for a 2018 teacher that taught under an umbrella in his classroom due to the ceiling’s leaky roof was received. 

Pear Video claims that the footage was shot at Shanqiu Teachers College in Shangqiu, Henan Province.

This professor is teaching his students about computers.

While the water dripped from the roof, the teacher held onto an umbrella as he moved across the stage towards the blackboard.