Police bomb disposal teams are called after ‘WWII shell was left out with the rubbish by elderly resident’ in Manchester

  • A Swinton, Greater Manchester pensioner, aged 82, found a bomb from the WW2 era.
  • It was left out by her wheeliebins, and her family alerted emergency personnel.
  • Today, police, firefighters, bomb disposal experts and others raced to her residence.  

After finding a bomb from the Second World War in a bin bag filled with concrete and rubble in her shed in Swinton, Greater Manchester, a woman aged 82 called for an emergency evacuation. 

The pensioner first saw the mortar shell three weeks earlier, before taking it out of her car and putting it in her wheelie bins. 

Police, firefighters, and bomb disposal experts raced to her home today after a neighbor saw it while helping the elderly woman return her bins on Friday after bin collection day.

An 82-year-old woman spotted an old Second World War-era bomb in a bin bag in the shed of her home and placed it by her wheelie bins

An 82 year-old woman discovered an old Second World War-era bomb hidden in a bag in her shed and placed it beside her wheelie bins.

She was advised by her neighbor to move the ordnance to her backyard.

According to the daughter of the woman, relatives became concerned and called the emergency services after they found the shell online.

According to the fire department, only a small number were evacuated. A larger number were instructed to stay indoors with their doors and windows closed.

The Chester Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group was then scrambled.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service reported that experts inspected the ordnance and removed them without a controlled explosion.  

It was declared safe. The daughter of the woman claimed that her mother wouldn’t have it in her wheelie bag. 

Police, firefighters and and bomb disposal experts rushed over to the woman's house this morning

This morning, police, firefighters and bomb disposal specialists rushed to the home of the woman.


‘While London was bombed more frequently and heavily than any other place in Britain during WWII, the Blitz was an attack against the entire country. 

‘The most severe raids on Manchester occurred on consecutive nights 22-23 and 23-24 Dec.

‘The Free Trade Hall and Smithfield Market were all destroyed. Deansgate and Oxford Road were clogged with debris and unexploded explosives.

“More than 8 000 homes were destroyed or made inaccessible. The Trafford park industrial area was severely damaged by fires.

‘Many of Liverpool’s firefighters and civil defence workers hadn’t yet returned from the disaster on 20 December.

‘Fires still burning at Liverpool from that raid also helped illuminate Bombers’ path to Manchester. 

 Source: Imperial War Museums

She said that the police were fantastic. They were professional and it was declared safe.

“It wasn’t live, but it was necessary for us all to go through the process. It was found in a bag with a lot of concrete and rubble that had been left behind by the previous owner.

It is believed that the bag was left there by its previous owner. 

Greater Manchester Police released the following statement: “Police were called at 11.30am today (Sunday 31st October) after reports of a suspicious object in Moss Lane, Swinton, Manchester.

A cordon was placed as a safety precaution. Several residential buildings were evacuated.

The fire service said a small number of residents were evacuated and a larger number told to stay indoors and keep their doors and windows shut

According to the fire service, only a few residents were evacuated. A larger number were told to stay indoors and keep their windows and doors shut.

“The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team was notified. After assessing the item, they declared it safe.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that a bomb from the Second World War was found.

They stated that residents asked to evacuate were asked not to panic and to follow the instructions given by emergency services.

Residents were allowed to return to their homes, and road closures were lifted around 3pm.

A separate incident saw bomb disposal officers called to report that a suspected grenade was being found in Trafford by a member the public.