As concerns over alleged bullying and sexual harassment grow, police are summoned to the Commons to investigate a Commons rape case

  • Scotland Yard confirms that the victim claimed to be a Commons worker who was attacked
  •  According to the allegation, it involved an attack on a member of staff at MP.
  • Because of ‘insufficient ground’, the accusation did not lead to formal investigation

There are concerns The House of Commons was abuzz last night over allegations of bullying and sexual harassment.

Scotland Yard has confirmed that last night a Commons employee claimed to be assaulted at the parliamentary estate.

It is understood that the allegation – made in the 12 months up to March 31 this year, but potentially relating to an earlier incident – involved an alleged attack on a member of an MP’s staff.

Sources said that the report by an outside force to Scotland Yard was investigated by officers, but didn’t lead to formal investigations because there weren’t enough evidence.

Scotland Yard confirmed a member of an MP's staff claimed to have been assaulted on the parliamentary estate. Pictured: View of the Houses of Parliament

Scotland Yard has confirmed that a member from the MP’s staff was assaulted in Parliament. Photograph: A view of the Houses Of Parliament 

The allegation comes as former-Small Business Minister Andrew Griffiths was found to have raped his former wife Kate Griffiths (both pictured). He denies the claims

Andrew Griffiths, a former Small Business Minister was found guilty of raping his ex-wife Kate Griffiths (both photos). He denied the allegations

Jenny Symmons (chair of GMB union branch to MPs’ staff) said that they were shocked by another report of a rape on the parliamentary estate.

The lack of a thorough police investigation was not enough to reassure that this victim had been properly dealt with. 

The claim comes after a Tory MP was ruled by a family judge that she had been raped by her ex-Government Minister husband. The Mail reported on Sunday about her decision to disclose her trauma.

Andrew Griffiths, a former Small Business Minister was found guilty of raping Kate Griffiths during an eight year campaign for abusive behavior. He denied the allegations.

Ms Griffiths was divorced from her husband.