After a double stabbing incident in Brentford, west London, on Friday, a man was charged with attempted murder and murder.

Norris Henry (37), has been accused of the murders of Ali Abucar Ali (20) and Betty Walsh’s attempted murder (84). 

Henry will appear in front of Uxbridge Magistrates Court Monday, November 15.

The woman, according to police was in stable condition and not expected to survive.  

Betty’s relatives said that Betty, a pensioner, is not on the “critical” list since he had a kidney transplant following the terrible attack.

It was good enough for her to inquire about last night’s scores from England’s 5-0 defeat of Albania. 

It was not yet known when the patient will be allowed out of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

Ali Abucar Ali, 20, was found dead by police and paramedics after they were called to reports of a stabbing on Albany Parade at 8pm yesterday evening

Paramedics and police found Ali Abucar Ali (age 20) dead in their pursuit to investigate reports of an attack on Albany Parade yesterday at 8 pm.

Betty Walsh, suffered multiple stab wounds outside Brentford kebab shop Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade

Betty Walsh, suffered multiple stab wounds outside Brentford kebab shop Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade

Police at the scene in Albany Parade in Brentford, where Ali Abucar Ali was killed and pensioner Betty Walsh is in a critical condition in Paddington Hospital

The scene at Albany Parade, Brentford. Ali Abucar Ali was shot and killed. Betty Walsh, a pensioner is currently in critical condition at Paddington Hospital.

The 20-year-old victim, Mr Ali, was described as a hardworking man who had recently won a scholarship after he died jumping to Betty’s defence.

Sunday’s Mail reported that a bystander stated: “I was planning to buy a kebab, but I was stopped by the police when I got out.” They tried to save the boy but could not. 

Ali’s mother had tried to comfort Betty before getting the shocking news from police about her son’s death.

Bridget, the 60-year-old daughter of her father, stated last night that her oldest daughter Bridget didn’t realize she’d been punched or stabbed. She didn’t even know until somebody came to her aid.

Ali asked the question, and her attacker challenged her. He tried to help her. He was then confronted by his attacker and tried to help her. It ended in tragedy.   

A crowdfunding page established in memory of Ali had raised more than £7,000 last night.

On the page, a friend said: “The most caring young man. Don’t forget his smile.”

Another said, “I am mourning for this young hero who couldn’t have saved himself had he not gone ahead and protected a girl in danger.”

“What a shining star! Now, in heaven. Allah, rest your soul. Give comfort to his family. RIP.’

Marie Walsh was Betty’s child and described herself to be Betty’s sister. She said, ‘This boy is a hero, he died trying save my mum. Let us all rest in peace.

One local resident stated that he heard from a friend about the boy’s efforts to assist the lady.

“He was a hero.” He did so much honorable work that it was a tragedy that he has died.   

Betty, her husband having died over 30 years ago, has been described by her family as being a rock for her sons and daughters.

Her children include 10 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and a great great grandson.

Bridget stated, “Everybody knew mom.” For 60 years, she has lived in Brentford.

‘She was lively and fit, she walked every day and was a strong woman and went out shopping a lot – she wasn’t frail at all.

“She was a football fan and Brentford FC fan.

The double stabbing happened on Albany Parade in Brentford on Friday. Police are investigating what happened on Friday

Two stabbings occurred on Friday at Albany Parade, Brentford. The incident that occurred on Friday is under investigation by police

Flowers at the scene in Albany Parade, Brentford, where the knife attack unfolded last night under cover of darkness

The scene at Albany Parade in Brentford where the knife attack took place last night, flowers

The crimescene was being guarded by officers today as they collected evidence on the attack in Brentford

Officers today secured the crime scene as evidence was collected on the Brentford attack.

“She was a hard worker and she worked at four different pubs.

‘Sadly, her husband was killed more than 30 year ago. So she took us all in and became the rock of our family.

“This should have probably shaken her up quite significantly. 

“After the operation, she was able talk on the telephone and asked about the football scores this morning.

“Mum was stabbed”: I received this message from my boss last night. It was terrifying and I was in shock.

“I’m just happy she is still alive. 

“We want to express our gratitude to the police, the neighbors and everyone who assisted with the care of mum.

They were always there for us and they kept us in the loop. They are heroes.

“We pray for our mom’s quick and complete recovery.” 

Bridget stated that she knew both his mother and him. The family is close and a good fit. 

To help Ali’s family, a GoFundMe page was created. 

Anybody requiring any additional information is asked to dial 101 and quote the reference number 6423 from November 12.