As she meets Prince William and other royals at Cenotaph, the Duchess Of Cambridge repurposes an Alexander McQueen outfit.

  • Kate Middleton, 39 years old, wore a dress in a military style for Remembrance Sunday at Whitehall. 
  • As she paid respects at Whitehall to fallen soldiers, the Duchess of Cambridge chose a black wide-brimmed hat with ribbon detailing and diamond and pearl drops earrings.
  • The Duchess and Duchesss, of Cambridge, took their place on Sunday’s balcony at the cenotaph between the Duchessssssssss Cornwall and the Countesssssssex.


As she paid respects at today’s Cenotaph, the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing a favorite Alexander McQueen coat.

Kate Middleton (39), opted for a military-style, black dress with red lapels and silver buttons as she joined Prince William at the commemorations.  

This coat was worn by the royal previously at 2018 Remembrance Sunday. The Royal wore it again this year, accessorised with a stylish, wide-brimmed, black hat featuring ribbon detail, diamond and pearl drops earrings.

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Kate Middleton, 39, donned a military-style bespoke Alexander McQueen dress coat for Remembrance Sunday as she joined other royals for the 11am service at Whitehall this morning

Kate Middleton (39), wore a dress-coat by Alexander McQueen that was military-inspired for Remembrance Sunday. She joined other royals at Whitehall’s 11am service. 

The Duchess of Cambridge took her place inbetween the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex on the balcony at the Remembrance Sunday service. She previously wore the dress coat for the Remembrance Sunday service in 2018

In between the Duchesss Cornwall and the Countesss Of Wessex, the Duchess took the place of the Duchess. The dress she wore in 2018 for Remembrance Day service was her previous choice.

On a cold day in Whitehall, Kate Middleton, 39, opted for the military-style navy dress coat with red lapels, a white collar and silver button detail

Kate Middleton (39) opted to wear a navy military-style dress coat, with red lapels, white collar, and silver buttons, on a cold day at Whitehall.

Boris Johnson (Prince Charles), Prince William, and others from Britain’s elite observed the clock strike 11:01 am, then laid their wreaths.

On the balcony overlooking the war monument, Sophie Wessex joined the Duchess and Duchess Cornwall. The duchess sat down with Camilla for a short chat before the ceremony began. 

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the 95-year old monarch made her decision Sunday morning “with great regret” and was ‘disappointed’ not to attend the event. This is the first time she’s been absent in 22 years.

Queen Elizabeth planned to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph, London, on Sunday.

Wearing a trio of poppies and a poppy brooch, the Duchess wore her hair neatly tied to one side under her wide-brimmed hat

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a trio poppy and a poppy brooch on her head. Her hair was neatly tied under her broad-brimmed hat.


Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cornwall exchange words as they take their place on the balcony

Kate Middleton and Duchess Cornwall have a friendly exchange as they take place on the balcony 

The Duchess of Cambridge was pictured in attendance at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in London this moring

Prince William attends the Remembrance Sunday event this morning

Photograph of the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge attending Remembrance Sunday Ceremony in London.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, left, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, right, stand on the balcony of the Foreign Office during the Remembrance service where the Queen would have been standing if she had attended

Camilla Duchess Cornwall, Kate, Duchess Cambridge and Sophie the Countesss Of Wessex are standing on the Foreign Office’s balcony for the Remembrance ceremony. If she was there, the Queen would also be present.

According to reports, the Queen was deeply disappointed that she could not attend the service; she considers it one of her most important engagements. She hopes she can continue with her light official duties next week.

As a World War II veteran, the monarch was expected to observe the memorial service in central London, from the balcony at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Building.

After being ordered by royal doctors to rest just three weeks prior, she spent the night in hospital October 20 and underwent preliminary tests before her confirmation of attendance by the palace.

The palace previously stated that the Queen had insisted on attending the Whitehall annual wreath-laying ceremony.