Woman, 24 years old, is attacked as she walks out of a kebab shop during a clubbing night.

  • Met has issued a fresh appeal for information regarding an attack that occurred just outside Camden High Street
  • Police released the CCTV picture of the man they wanted to talk with
  • After she had left the club to go get some food, it is believed that the man followed her.

A woman who was leaving after having had a long night at the bar, and being raped in a kebab place is prompting police to search for him.

On October 2nd, the Met released a second appeal for information regarding the atrocity just west of Camden High Street.

At 11.30pm, officers released an updated CCTV photo of the suspect they wanted to talk to.

The man is suspected of following the victim after she left the nightclub to get food from a kebab shop across the road.

The Met issued a fresh appeal for information on the attack just off Camden High Street in north London on October 2

The Met has issued an appeal for more information regarding the attack just beyond Camden High Street in northern London, October 2.

Officers released a new CCTV image of the man they want to speak to about the incident at around 11.30pm

At 11.30pm, officers released an updated CCTV photo of the suspect they wanted to talk to.

Police said that she left the shop, but an attacker followed her and then raped the victim in an alleyway.

The investigating officer Detective Constable Max Orange stated that while the investigation was progressing, he needed the help of the public in identifying the man.

‘I’m certain that somebody knows this man. We need you to either come forward anonymously through Crimestoppers or directly to the police. It is important to tell us about your knowledge.

“I’m aware that violence against women is on the rise in this city. My team and I are determined to eradicate this crime and get justice for those who are responsible.

He stated that officers continue to assist the victim in their investigation.