After being attacked and ran over by police in “targeted attacks”, a Cyclist fights for his life.

  • Police search for a driver suspected of hitting and running after he ran over a bicyclist this morning
  • Today, a cyclist in Manchester, aged in his 30s was knocked down by the Toyota Yaris
  • The victim was also believed to have been attacked by a motorist with a knife, according to police

After being hit by a car, a cyclist sustained serious injuries.

The police stated that the rider was attacked with a knife first, before being struck by a Toyota Yaris in Langley.

The Toyota vanished from the scene leaving the bicycle, a young man in his 30s, seriously injured.

The victim was in critical condition when he was taken to the hospital.

According to police, the victim sustained facial injuries after being attacked with an object. However it is not clear when these injuries occurred.

Although the motive behind the attack remains elusive, officers suspect it to have been ‘targeted and there is no greater threat to the public.

Greater Manchester Police are hunting the driver of blue Toyota Yaris who is suspected of running over a cyclist on Bowness Road, Middleton, pictured, earlier today

Greater Manchester Police have arrested the driver blue Toyota Yaris for allegedly running over a Middleton bicycle on Bowness Road.

The incident happened at 6.50am today. Forensic specialists have secured the scene and are looking for evidence. Police are appealing for people to check dashcam and doorbell footage to see if they can see the car which had the registration plate GK52EZT

Today’s incident took place at 6.50 am. The scene has been secured by forensic experts who are now searching for any evidence. The police are asking for the public to review dashcam footage and doorbell footage in order to find the vehicle with the registration number GK52EZT.

Investigators have asked anyone with information to report the crime, which occurred just before 6:50 this morning.

They are also interested in talking to anyone who saw the Blue Toyota with GK52 ZT reg plates – it was either travelling southbound or northbound on the M60.

Detective Inspector Nicola Hopkinson of GMP Rochdale’s CID said that a young man was fighting for his survival in hospital following a – what we believe – a targeted attack this morning.

It is not yet known what caused the attack. However, we know that the driver of the blue Toyota Yaris was not able to leave the accident scene. This is something we want to learn more about.

“We do not believe that there is any greater threat to the public. However, if anyone was driving in Middleton or on the M60 southbound today, or resides in the vicinity, please review dashcam and doorbell footage, and call police immediately with any additional information.

This morning’s photos showed that a police station was located on Bowness Road.

There was a forensic tent within the cordon, and several police vehicles were at the scene.

Police want anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident to check their dashcam footage

Anyone who witnessed the incident in question is asked by police to review their dashcam footage