Four days after her grandmother disappeared, police launch desperate pursuit of girl.

  • Police in Horsham launch a search for Nellie Smith (13-year-old) 
  • She was last seen by her grandmother on January 20 at 7pm in West Sussex 
  • She may have visited her mother in Edgware (north London), it is thought. 
  • Nellie’s hair is long and mousy, with a brown jacket.

Police become more concerned about the welfare of an 13-year old girl who has disappeared.

Nellie Smith was last seen by her grandmother on January 20 at 7pm in Horsham, West Sussex and officers have issued an urgent appeal on social media to try and find the missing schoolgirl.

After possibly visiting her mom, police say that there are a few chances she may be living in Edgware.

Nellie was 13 years old and wore a white jacket. Her hair is long and straight.

Nellie Smith (pictured) was last seen in Horsham, West Sussex and officers have issued an urgent appeal on social media to try and find the missing schoolgirl

Nellie Smith (pictured), was last seen at Horsham in West Sussex. Officers have made an urgent appeal via social media for the schoolgirl’s recovery

She was last seen by her grandmother January 20 at 7pm and police say there is a possibility the teenager could be in Edgware, north London, after potentially visiting her mum

Her grandmother last saw her January 20, at 7pm. Police say that there’s a chance the teenage could still be in Edgware (north London) after possibly visiting her mom

Sussex Police posted information about Nellie’s disappearance on Twitter and requested that the public retweet the message in order to spread the appeal. 

Sussex Police said that it was becoming more concerned about Nellie Smith’s welfare, 13-year-old girl from West Sussex.

“There’s a strong chance Nellie may be in the Edgware region at this time.”

“Please ask any person in the area to tweet this post and help Nellie to be found safely. 

Sussex Police said that Nellie Smith, a 13-year old girl from Horsham, was also missing.

Sussex police shared information on Twitter regarding Nellie's disappearance and asked the public to retweet their message to spread the appeal on January 23

Sussex police asked for the public’s help to spread their appeal to the 23rd of January.

Last seen by ‘Nellie’ at her grandmother’s at 7:15pm on Thursday 20 Jan., but she may have made a trip to London to visit mum.

 ‘She has long, mousy brown hair and was wearing a white jacket. Do get in touch if you’ve seen her.’

Anybody who may have seen Nellie, or any other information which could assist in finding her is asked to call 999.