Laura Templar (pictured), 38, bombarded father-of-two Patrick O'Connor with messages, calls and emails after he ended their on-and-off affair in April last year

After Patrick O’Connor ended their affair, Laura Templar, 38 (pictured), bombarded Patrick O’Connor, father of two, with calls, messages and emails.

A restraining ordoned has been issued to an insurance worker for harassing her ex-lover, who sent photos of herself and his children after starting an affair with another woman living in the same luxurious apartment block.

Following the end of their relationship in April 2013, Patrick O’Connor’s on-and-off affair, Laura Templar (38) bombarded Patrick O’Connor with emails, phone calls, and messages.

The insurance underwriter, who lives in Shoreditch, also shouted ‘You’re a c**t’ at the construction worker after seeing him outside his offices in the City of London.

He also sent her a text confirming that he had dropped his wife at work. She purchased tickets for a company event, even though he hadn’t told her. 

Templar was warned by Mr O’Connor. After discovering that the two were engaged, she began harassing him.

Also, she revealed to Mr O’Connor’s affairs with the concierge and sent photos of him and his loved ones. 

Lawyers for Templar claimed that O’Connor had ‘loved’ her, that he had wanted to be with them and that it was ‘extremely hard’ to see him with a new partner.

She also said that she asked O’Connor to not stand in front of her house, but he continued doing so. 

Now Templar from Shoreditch has opened his eyes There are two counts for harassment, but no violence.

She was granted a conditional discharge for 12 months and a restraining orment of 12 months. 

According to the court, Mr O’Connor was a married man who became involved in Templar when he worked as a contractor at her luxurious apartment block.

Lawyers for Templar said she had 'loved' Mr O'Connor, that she had believed he wanted to be with her and that she had found it 'extremely difficult' seeing him with a new lover

Lawyers for Templar claimed that O’Connor had ‘loved’ her, that he had wanted to be with them and that it was ‘extremely hard’ to see him with a new partner.

They had an affair for almost a year, but Templar discovered later that he was having another affair with Caroline Decleves, the former concierge at the building.

Margaret Bankole, the prosecutor, stated: “Patrick O’Connor has been married for two years and they have two children.”

“He lived in the same house as the defendant. Two months later, the affair broke out. It began March 2020.

“Then, the affair was rekindled in march last year, ending the following month. It is believed that the defendant harassed him constantly by sending him emails and messages.

“She could also text him messages from her private number to his work number.”

She said that he had told her many times she was harassing and asked him to quit messaging her.

“On one occasion she texted him when he dropped off his wife at the office, stating that she knew he was dropping her off.

He was at this moment unaware of how she could have known.

“She bought tickets for a company event that he was attending, but he didn’t inform her about it.”

Patrick O’Connor saw defendant on 11 August, at 8am. He was walking to his London City office.

They met. The defendant said that he shouted at him, “What’s the matter with you?” When are you going to f**k off. You’re a c**t”.’

Ms Bankole claimed that Templar also shouted abuse at Mr O’Connor on the street when he was briefing employees outside work.

She stated that O’Connor was involved in an affair with Caroline Decleves, his co-worker and concierge at the building where the defendant lives.

“The defendant harassed her by sending her emails and contacting her at various numbers. She also shouted at her in the streets.

Templar wrote to Mrs O’Connor about Miss Decleves, and also sent him photos of his family.

Templar explained that she felt she owed answers when she was interrogated by police.

Mrs Bankole explained that she said she was stunned because Patrick loved her so deeply and wanted to be close to her.

“She said to the police she had asked him to stay outside her home, but he refused.

“She still sees them everyday. She makes them laugh when she sees them and they wave.

The building is now vacant of Miss Decleves.

Christopher Pickwick, defending said that Miss Templar worked from home frequently and had to visit both of them on a daily basis, knowing they were seeing each other, and that Mr O’Connor had broken up with her. 

The court heard that Mr O'Connor, a married man, became involved with Templar in March 2020 when he was working as a construction worker at the luxury apartment block (pictured) where she lives

According to the court, Mr O’Connor was a married man who became involved in Templar when he worked as a contractor at the luxurious apartment block where she lives (pictured).

“She was unable to live in such circumstances.

‘No doubt, if they weren’t working so closely to her she wouldn’t be at court today.

Prior to Miss Templar getting interviewed by police the messaging was stopped. Miss Templar stated that she stopped messaging by her own initiative when she calmed down.

Templar, who wept during the hearing, was given a 12 month conditional discharge along with a 12 month restraining order.

She was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £107.

John Law District Judge stated that it was a difficult day for you at 38 to stand before me, your good character having been destroyed by your pleas.

“This was clearly an unhappy and bad ending to a relationship.

You know what? Continue to harass and contact people you didn’t like to meet with you.

“I will deal with it with a conditional discharge, which is one of the most gentle sentences that I can offer.”