After surviving a suspected burglary, where his 86 year-old wife was murdered brutally, the critically injured husband has briefly recovered consciousness.

In connection to the attacks on Freda Walker (88) and Kenneth Walker (88), no arrests have been made. Walker is currently in hospital.

After his condition stabilized, Mr Walker was said to have drifted in and out consciousness.  

Derbyshire Police stated that paramedics responded to calls at the home of the couple in Station Road Langwith Junction Shirebrook on Saturday morning.

Mrs Walker died instantly, while her husband suffered life-threatening injuries.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Kirby said to reporters that while the force couldn’t rule out the incident as being a targeted attack but it had nothing to indicate that it was linked to Mr Walker’s work as councillor.

ACC Kirby addressed Mr Walker’s situation and said that while he couldn’t speak about specific injuries, he is in a stable but critical condition.

“It’s possible to predict that we will be able to understand the prognosis in the following days.

I believe that he is in and out conscious.  

Police are investigating attack on Freda Walker, who was 86, and husband Kenneth Walker, 88

Police investigate an attack against Freda Walker (86), and Kenneth Walker (88).

Floral tributes left outside the couple's home, which is suspected to have been burgled

Flowers left in front of the home were believed to be burglarized.

Police and emergency crews have been working at the scene for days trying to find clues

Emergency crews and police have been on the scene since days to try to locate clues.

Detectives are also understood to be looking at whether another burglary earlier this month could be connected

It is also believed that detectives will be investigating whether another crime earlier in the month might be linked.

Derbyshire Police stated yesterday that they remain open-minded about the possibility of the attack being linked to Trowell, Notts’ violent burglary.

A robber entered the home while an elderly couple was sleeping and demanded cash. He repeatedly punched them in January 6th.

According to the force, it’s also looking into similar crimes that occurred’months. years. or weeks ago in an effort to find if these are related.

The murder was referred to by Assistant Chief Constable Dave Kirby from Derbyshire Police as “an act of horrendous Cowardice” and he sought help again from the public.

He stated, “Ken is in critical condition at hospital.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, and friends. We wish him the very best. However, he remains in critical condition.

We are currently following several important lines of inquiry. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we have many dedicated resources.

“There will always be someone in the community that can help us.

Police have launched a murder investigation after an 88-year-old woman was killed and her husband, 88, suffered life-threatening injuries at their village home

After an 88 year-old woman died and her husband sustained life-threatening injuries in their village house, police launched an investigation into the murder.

Criminals were being hunted today as the culprit was on the loose after the murder

Today, criminals were on the run as the killer was still at large following the murder.

Forensic scene of crime officers secure evidence at the scene as they worked today

Officers at the crime scene are able to secure evidence as they were working today

They might have seen something unusual or useful information.

Although it might appear insignificant and small, these tiny pieces of information often provide the key to moving an investigation in a different direction.

“My appeal is very strong that anyone has any information about that kind please come to me immediately.

“We are able to treat this information confidentially and we ask that you do so as soon as possible.

“Our investigation will determine who is guilty, but we want that to happen as soon as possible.

“Ultimately, someone is to blame for this horrible tragedy. It was an act of cowardice. They are now free.

“They are out currently in the community. While I don’t think people are in imminent danger, I do believe we must get them off our streets immediately.

“Nowadays there so many cameras available, private and public, and there is much work that goes into analysing what’s on them.

“There are also many inquiries that are more sensitive and I wouldn’t choose to speak about them.

“But, we’re looking at similar offenses that could have occurred months, years, or even weeks before and trying to find similarities to bring together the investigations to solve all those crimes.

Trowell incident being investigated by Notts Police. The two teams of investigators are closely working together to share all relevant information.

“Although the crime scenes are different, at the moment we do not have any formal link.

“It’s tragic that this could happen to anyone, but it is doubly terrible that Ken and Freda were, and are, a true backbone.

“They did so much for others and that is what their life was about.

They were married for 60+ years and lived here all their lives. Freda, 86 years old at the time of this accident was still fit.

“She was active in local clubs and a knitter’s club. Her entire professional career was spent in the textiles sector. Ken was an unwavering Labour supporter and a hardcore pit man.

“He served as a council member for 21 years, and gave so many to it, including serving on numerous committees and raising funds for local charities that make people’s lives better.

“He received an honorary alderman title at end of last fiscal year.” It is double tragic that this should happen to such a loving couple who gave so much.

Residents who were shocked paid tribute previously to Mrs Walker. They described her as a generous person with warm spirits, well-known for her charity work and praised her kindness.

One neighbour said: ‘Freda was the most generous person you could ever meet and had such a kind and warm spirit.

The couple had no children. I believe helping others was her way in being a mother to the less fortunate.

“She had worked for homeless charities and she just wanted others to have the chance to create a better life.

“The people of this community are shocked.” Two of the most important pillars in their community were tragically killed.

One friend added that Mr Walker was “numb” with shock. Ken was an admirable man who loved Freda.

“They did not have any children, but they gave their lives to help others. Ken had no plans for retirement and was active still on the council.

Freda was passionate about rough sleeping and charity work.