Police pull over driver so drunk they were ‘surprised he could see’ after public reported courier who was three times over the alcohol limit

  • Public reported that an overseas courier exceeded the limit three times  
  • Staffordshire Police arrested Driver because they were surprised he could see.
  • Staffordshire Police said that they were grateful to the public for helping prevent serious incidents.

After the public had reported an overseas courier, police pulled him over because he was so drunk they were “surprised that he could see”.

A driver parked in Staffordshire caused concern among the general public. The police arrived at his home to find that the driver was three times the legal limit. 

In a tweet, officers posted a photo of the man sitting in the back seat of a police car and stated that he would be brought before the “next available judge”.

An overseas courier who was three times over the limit and police were 'surprised he could see', was pulled over after the public reported him. Staffordshire Road Policing Unit tweeted a picture of the man sat in the back of a police vehicle (Pictured)

A courier sent from abroad was over three times the limit. The police said they were surprised that he could still see, and pulled the man over when the public complained. Staffordshire Road Policing Unit posted a photo of the man sitting in the back seat of a vehicle. (Pictured).

Tweeting about the arrest, Staffordshire Road Policing Unit thanked the public and said they ‘prevented a far more serious and tragic incident’. 

They said, “We couldn’t complete our work without the support of the public.” 

“Concerns were raised regarding the drunkenness of an overseas courier who was parked in the @PoliceStafford vicinity.

“We were there and he blew 112 (limit 35!) The driver was taken into police custody. He will now be brought before the next court.

“It was surprising that he could even see any substance with so much alcohol in him!” I hope the court will give a sentence that reflects the severity of the offense. 

“Hats off” to those who saved us from a more tragic and serious incident.