As the city prepares for the arrival of many world leaders at the Cop26 climate summit, police have been seen increasing security in Glasgow. 

Today saw a group of police motorbikes and vehicles leaving the Scottish Event Campus, which will host this summit – via a security gate. 

Police officers wearing high-vis jackets with black face covers were seen patrolling the streets surrounding the venue. 

Security will be of the utmost concern as leaders from around the world  – including US President Joe Biden and German president Angela Merkel – are set to descend on the city.

They will also bring their entourages, delegates, and more than 30,000 people are expected pass through the SEC from October 31 to November 12.

This is a huge operation for security personnel, who have put up serious security barriers around the venue to prevent any potential troublemakers.   

A convoy of police motorbikes and vehicles was seen leaving the Scottish Event Campus - which will host the Cop26 summit in Glasgow - via a security gate

A convoy of police vehicles and motorbikes was seen leaving the Scottish Event Campus (which will host the Cop26 summit) via a security gate

Police officers in high-vis jackets and black face coverings were seen patrolling the streets around the venue

Officers in black face covers and high-vis jackets were seen patrolling streets around the venue.

Security will be of the utmost concern as leaders from around the world - including US President Joe Biden and German president Angela Merkel - are set to descend on the city (Pictured: Police patrol streets around venue)

Security will be of paramount concern as world leaders, including US President Joe Biden (and Angela Merkel) are expected to descend upon the city.

Security forces have a huge operation on their hands as more than 30,000 delegates and world leaders are set to attend the summit (Pictured: Convoy leaving venue)

Security forces are in for a major operation as more than 30,000 delegates will be attending the summit. (Pictured, Convoy departs venue)

Several police motorbikes exit the Cop26 summit venue in Glasgow amid typically rainy weather on Friday

Many police motorbikes leave the Cop26 summit venue at Glasgow in the rainy weather of Friday 

Police are already on patrol ahead of the start of the summit on Sunday

Police are already on the alert ahead of Sunday’s summit.

Leaders’ schedules for the G20 summit and COP26


Sat 30 

10am Arrival/meet-and-greet

11.30am Family photo

11.45 am:Roundtable discussions, Session 1 – ‘Global Economy und Global Health’

3pm: Side-event on ‘Supporting small and medium enterprises, and women-owned businesses to build forward better’. Queen Maxima of The Netherlands, guest speaker

7pm Cultural event

Sun 31

10.30 am: Side-event about the role of the private sectors in combating climate change. Guest speaker: HRH Charles Prince of Wales

11.05am Roundtable Session 2 on ‘Climate Change and Environment.

1.50pm Roundtable Session 3: ‘Sustainable Development’

3.40pm Closing session

4.15 p.m. Concluding press conferences 


Mon 1

Opening ceremonyBoris Johnson will host world leaders in a ceremony featuring “creative and cultural moments” and a speech from Prince Charles. This was after the Queen had to withdraw for health reasons.

NationalDuring the summit’s two-day duration, heads of government and state will share their plans to reduce climate change and cut emissions.

2.30pm-4.30pmEvent – Action and Solidarity: The Critical Decade. Leaders will be able to hear the latest scientific reports, get an update about progress, and hear what needs to be done now.

Nov 2

9.15am-12.45pmEvent – Action on Forests and Land-Use. Leaders will learn how policies to better protect forests and land can combat climate change

2.15 – 4.30 p.m. Event – Accelerating Clearn Technology & Deployment. Leaders will be presented with a ‘positive vision of’ how technology can be used in combating climate change, including creating new jobs and economic development. 

Today President Biden’s enormous team arrived at Glasgow Airport. However, they were met with torrential rain and brutally wet weather.

A C17 military aircraft emitted clouds of smoke as it touched down on the runway. It then disgorged the president’s Marine One helicopter, scores of security personnel and gave them a break from the downpours.

A third plane with the inscription “United States of America” on its fuselage was seen landing at this airport before taking off again. It was joined by planes from France and other countries. 

The summit’s main purpose is to persuade nations to agree to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Boris Johnson, the event’s host, has previously hailed COP26 a major moment. In September, he stated that COP26 was ‘the most important period I think now’. 

The UK has outlined a plan to achieve net zero emission by 2050 and is encouraging other countries to follow its lead. 

However, expectations seem to have been dampened by the Prime Minister’s statement earlier this week, which said that it would be ‘touch-and-go’ as to whether there will be any progress. 

Sky News spoke with George Eustice, Environment Secretary. He said that it is often difficult to agree large changes at large-scale events that are attended by many countries. 

He said, “These events, because it is big, multilateral events with many nations, it is often difficult for us to get progress.

“We have worked incredibly hard to achieve our agenda which is getting countries to commit net zero by the mid of the century, getting pledges on decarbonising transportation, especially electrification of vehicles. 

“And in my case, working very hard on a package about forests, mobilising financing and getting agreement on reducing or halting the global net loss of forest.

“So I am optimistic regarding these agendas. But, as you know, it is normal to be nervous when you are near the end of the build-up to it.

“There are still many things to do at the summit itself. It is touch and go, but I am optimistic.

Mr Johnson said on Monday that he was ‘worried’ the COP26 summit could end in failure. 

The Prime Minister stated that a deal between world leaders regarding reducing harmful emissions “can be done”, but it will be very difficult.

This is after it was revealed China, the world’s largest polluter, will not be attending. 

After Beijing had confirmed his absence from the COP26 summit, Beijing told the PM that he would speak by phone to the Chinese President. Instead, he will address his fellow leaders via video link. 

Police and security personnel outside the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow today, where the Cop26 summit will be held

Today, police and security personnel gathered outside the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. This is where the Cop26 summit takes place.

Pedestrians shelter under umbrellas in Glasgow today as they walk past a digital display near the SEC venue in the city

Today, a group of pedestrians sheltered under umbrellas in Glasgow as they walked past a digital display at the SEC venue.

Grey skies over the SEC in Glasgow this morning ahead of the Cop26 climate change conference beginning this Sunday

Grey skies above the SEC in Glasgow this morning, ahead of the Cop26 conference on climate change which begins this Sunday

A C17 military jet kicked up clouds of vapour as it touched down on the runway before disgorging the president's Marine One helicopter

Before disgorging President Marine One’s Marine One helicopter, a C17 military jet emitted clouds of smoke as it touched down on the runway. 

A Boeing C-17A Globemaster III based at Stewart Air National Guard Base in Orange County, New York, with number 60005 at Glasgow Airport this week. The aircraft was carrying a helicopter which will be called Marine One when used by the President

A Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, based at Stewart Air National Guard Base (Orange County, New York), with number 60005 at Glasgow Airport this Week. The President will call the helicopter Marine One.

Scores of security personnel were also seen leaving the military plane. They were thankfully treated to a break in the downpours

Numerous security personnel were also seen leaving military plane. They were thankfully given a break from the downpours

China has scuttled any hopes of significant progress at the summit in Glasgow, after it reaffirmed its commitment to its climate goals but failed to set any new ones. 

China is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. Its formal submission to COP26 reiterated its goal of achieving ‘carbon neutrity’ by 2060, despite other countries urging Beijing to do more.  

A Downing Street summary of the telephone conversation with President Xi showed that Johnson had ‘acknowledged China’s plans to combat climate change.  

A Number 10 spokesman added: ‘He emphasised the importance of all countries stepping up their ambition on climate change at COP26 and taking concrete action to cut emissions and expedite the transition to renewable energy, including phasing out coal.’