In a disciplinary hearing, a police sergeant was found guilty for gross misconduct after he’subjected’ junior female coworkers to indecent sexual behavior.

  • An ex-police sergeant is convicted of gross misconduct during an investigation
  • Glenn Atkinson resigned from Wiltshire Police just before the police had a chance to fire him
  • Atkinson was deemed ‘nationally banned’ from working in police.

A police sergeant who ‘subjected junior female colleagues to inappropriate sexual behaviour’ is found guilty of gross misconduct is disciplinary hearing.

Detective Sergeant Glenn Atkinson, a retired detective at Wiltshire Police, has been found guilty of six counts of gross misconduct against a former colleague in a disciplinary hearing.

This hearing took place November 4. It was presided by an independent Legally Qualified Chair. He found that his female coworkers were subject to inappropriate sexual behavior and comments while on duty.

Atkinson decided not to attend and resigned as a member of the Wiltshire police force. This was using police regulations rights that he had before the case closed. 

A police sergeant who 'subjected junior female colleagues to inappropriate sexual behaviour’ is found guilty of gross misconduct is disciplinary hearing

An officer sergeant found guilty of gross misconduct for submitting junior female coworkers to unsuitable sexual behaviour is subject to disciplinary hearing

If he had been still in force at the time of the verdict, his superiors would have immediately dismissed him and he would have lost his right to a pension. 

The police have banned him from ever working again with the force.       

Paul Mills, the Deputy Chief Constabulary said that Atkinson, as both a officer and supervisor betrayed his trust and exposed junior female colleagues’ to inappropriate behavior while on duty.

I want to say thank you to all the women who had to endure the unacceptable acts of this ex-officer.

His actions are likely to have an impact on public trust in police services.

“Furthermore his actions undermines the professionalism and commitment of our organization who work tirelessly to provide the best possible service every day to the public.

“Wiltshire Police expects the highest professional standards from all those who work in policing.

An independent hearing heard the allegations and concluded, on six counts, that his conduct was grossly misconduct.

“Under police regulations Detective Sergeant Atkinson exercised the right to retire before the hearing. He would have been fired if he was still serving.

Mr Atkinson declined to attend the hearing and quit Wiltshire police force, using rights afforded to him by police regulations, before his case ended

Atkinson refused to appear at the hearing. He resigned from Wiltshire Police force using his rights under police regulations.

“He will be added to the National Barred List, which will prevent him from working again in Policing.”

Philip Wilkinson (Police Crime Commissioner) said that Wiltshire Police cannot accommodate people who fail to uphold high standards.

Trust in the police services of Wiltshire is a rightful thing. Any incident that could undermine trust or confidence will be rescinded.

“Former Detective Sergeant Glenn Atkinson mistreated his trust position, inflicting his unacceptable and unjustifiable behavior on his female coworkers.

This is a shameful behavior that cannot be excused.

I commend the people who have reported it for their courage and strength.

“I am continuing to work alongside the Chief Constable in eliminating any trace of Canteen Culture within Wiltshire Police. I also ensure that those in leadership positions have the appropriate training to confront those who allow it.

“Those who do this are the problem. But those who don’t challenge it are also part of the problem.”

Each officer, employee, volunteer, has the responsibility of being educated, to spot and challenge these behavior patterns, as well as reporting them. Now is the time to change.