The force watchdog is investigating whether any errors were made by police officers who met Star Hobson’s killers two times before her murder.

West Yorkshire Police received two separate reports that Frankie Smith (20) and Samantha Brockhill (28), were hurting the girl.

The cruel couple lied to authorities, even though officers took the child to the hospital for a visit with a doctor.

Brockhill was so brazen about her crimes that she allowed investigators to review her police file.

After Star’s September 2020 death, the West Yorkshire Police reported itself to The Independent Office for Police Conduct. 

Police saw bruises on Star during one visit to see Frankie Smith, 20 and Savannah Brockhill, 28

Police observed bruises on Star while they were visiting Frankie Smith (20) and Savannah Brockhill (28).

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Swift of West Yorkshire Police, spoke to the media outside Bradford Crown Court after the guilty verdicts. He is not one of the officers investigated

Following the guilty verdicts Mark Swift, West Yorkshire Police Detective Chief Superintendent, spoke out to the media in front of Bradford Crown Court. He’s not the officer being probed.

Innocent Star Hobson was murdered under the watch of her own mother by her girlfriend

Innocent Star Hobson was raped by her mother and her friend.

There was an initial investigation, but this was put on hold to enable Brockhill and Smith to be tried.

After the proceedings were concluded, the IOPC started the process all over again.

During the investigation, no officers were placed on reduced duties or suspended. 

An IOPC spokesperson said: ‘Our thoughts are with Star Hobson’s family, loved ones and all those affected by her tragic death. 

“We started an independent investigation into Star’s death in October 2020 after receiving a referral by West Yorkshire Police. This was due to the fact that officers were in contact with Star’s relatives before her death. 

Savannah Brockhill

Frankie Smith

Death partners: Savannah Brockhill (28), and Frankie Smith (20) were both convicted in the murder of Star Hobson.

Babysitter Hollie Jones alerted social services but they told Frankie Smith they were coming

Social services were alerted by Hollie Jones, babysitter; however, they informed Frankie Smith that they would be coming.

Children’s boss quit before trial began 

The Children’s Services boss in charge of Star’s care quit his £121,000-a-year post just days before Smith and Brockhill went on trial.

Mark Douglas, Bradford Council’s third Director Children’s Services, resigned within three years.

An Ofsted 2018 report that criticized the department and called it “inadequate” said there was a risk to serious harm for some children in its care.

Michael Jameson, the director of Gladys Rhodes White’s office, resigned shortly after publication.

 On his arrival in May 2019, Mr Douglas, formerly Director of Children’s Social Care at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, vowed to ‘develop good and outstanding services for the city and district.’ 

“Our investigation which examines the police response of Star to the two reports she received in March 2020 was suspended as criminal proceedings were underway.

“Our investigation shall resume after the trial ends.”  

Five times, Smith and Brockhill completely deceived authorities including Bradford City Council’s Social Services.

Star suffered injuries, and all the others saw signs of her injury but ignored their warnings that Star had been injured accidentally.

Even a social worker attended to the child when she was confused and stepped into a couch. But, it seemed that everything was okay with her parents.

Brockhill had just killed Brockhill a week earlier. The council’s Children’s Services decided that they were’maliciously’ making a complaint.

After Hollie Jones, a babysitter, alerted social workers that something was seriously wrong, police responded on January 26, 2011.

Two officers were dispatched, but there was no concern when they talked to the couple or their extended family.

Star was pictured with Jordan Hobson’s photos of her bruised face and the next visit took place on June 21.

Frankie Smith explained to them and the social services that she was telling them a lie in order for them not to fall into the coffee table’s handle.

Police have released a harrowing picture of one of the bruises on Star's face that sparked calls to social services from family

Star was bruised on Star’s forehead by Star. Police released this graphic to the media, sparking calls from Star’s family for social services.

Tragic 16-month-old Star Hobson who died from 'utterly catastrophic' injuries at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Star Hobson, tragic 16 month old infant who succumbed to ‘utterly terrible’ injuries suffered at home in Keighley West Yorkshire.

An overview of social service and police failures to protect tragic Star

January 23, 2020  A referral from Smith’s friend and sometimes babysitter Hollie Jones went to social services.

Star was becoming increasingly in Star’s care, and Star was flagged as a potential victim of domestic violence.

Trongs of days later, police arrived but found no problems. Smith was not at home when social services attempted to contact her on January 28.

She spoke to her family and the matter was closed.

May 5, 2020 – Star’s great-grandmother Anita Smith contacted social services over concerns over how the baby was being treated.

The mother and baby were both well taken care of by the couple who visited.

Frankie Smith spoke with Brockhill from social services and was granted permission by Brockhill to perform police checks.

June 21, 2020 –  Jordan Hobson, Star’s father, referred Smith and Brockhill to social services after seeing pictures the couple had shared of his daughter’s bruised face.

The police again went to their house and found the marks on the head of the baby.

Smith said that Star hit her head against the coffee table handle.

Two bruises were found on her cheek, and four on her back.

Smith’s and Brockhill’s claims that she was playing with a dog were believed.

June 23, 2020 – Social services were again contacted by Rachel Whiteley, a close friend of Smith’s mother Yvonne Spendley.

Star had been treated roughly by Smith at a barbecue.

Ms Whiteley said that it was disgusting to give her barbecue food. She also felt the same way about her handling her.

The case was closed by the social services in July. It is unclear what happened.

September 2, 2020 –  Frank Smith – Star’s paternal great-grandfather – alerted social services to a video of Star with bruises on her face.

Her mother, it was reported, had been visiting her in Scotland when they first visited.

Unannounced the following day, they returned to Brockhill and discovered her at home.

Star became so unstable on her feet that she was able to walk into a couch while they were still there.

Brockhill also noted bruises on Brockhill’s cheeks and right shins, but she said that Brockhill had told her she fell down the steps.

Police later learned that the killer had told them what she’d said to the social worker.

The case was closed by social services on September 15. They concluded that the referral was’malicious.

Star was then murdered a week later.

She was taken to the hospital, but the doctor explained that the reason for her injuries fit the description. 

Today it was revealed Brockhill wanted to shave off all of the little girl’s hair to make her into a ‘Gypsy baby’ in her own image, relatives revealed today.

A killer bouncer, who called herself “Number One Psycho”, fatally injured the child by punching and stamping on her stomach.

Brockhill was 10 years old when she left school. The seven-week murder trial revealed that Brockhill came from a travel background.

Friends and relatives contacted social service five times. Star’s killer’s mother lied to them that Star was loved and taken care of.

The little girl’s great-grandfather David Fawcett said this morning: ‘Savannah was slam-choking – some kind of move they do in kickboxing or karate or something – and she was throwing Star onto the bed, which was thought was a bit strange for an 11-month-old little girl to be doing.

Then she told us that she would shave her entire hair, as she felt like a gypsy child, and was holding onto her baby by one arm.

Anita stated that she was fed up and would call the social service to get it sorted.

After social services alerted her, Frankie Smith was able to cover up the injuries and bruises of the little girl.

Smith, 20 years old, began concealing the traumas Savannah Brockhill and Smith had caused to the baby girl by using makeup. 

Hollie Jones, a Bradford City Council social worker, arrived at Hollie’s Keighley residence and made Hollie the babysitter to block their view.

Smith did not know it had been Hollie, a brave woman who had attempted to save Star’s life by tipped off authorities.

After witnessing chaos in her home, she acted and stated that social workers might have announced the baby’s survival.

Brockhill and Smith will both be sentenced for Star’s murder this afternoon. 

Hollie explained that social workers called them an hour ahead of time to let them know they would be coming.

“Frankie began cleaning Star, covering bruises and such like that.”

Star was held by her so the social worker didn’t get to see as much.

“Later, they said they visited me and that they had no concern.

According to her, “She’s at home with her mom, so there is nothing they can do but it’s all fine and she feels safe,” she said to BBC.

“It’s almost like calling a criminal one hour earlier and telling them ‘I’m coming for you. This just does not make any sense.

“I believe that more measures should be taken to ensure parents who abuse their children don’t know how to conceal it. 

On Tuesday, the Bradford Partnership (which includes agencies that had been in contact with Star throughout her brief life) stated: “We must fully understand why we missed opportunities to better safeguard Star.”

According to the safeguarding partnership, a review of the case would be published in the next year. However, it regrets that not all warning signs were detected.

Bradford Council Leader Susan Hinchliffe stated that Star had been ‘let down.