After receiving a rude note from Royal Mail accusing them of withholding their parcel, a postman promised to make his address part of a “naughty” list.

On December 1, the postal carrier found the notice taped to a front door of a house.

He snapped a picture of his message and shared it via a social media platform for other mail-delivers – declaring that he hopes they enjoy collecting their mail from work over Christmas.

The resident was criticized for his “cheeky, awful attitude” and “unnecessarily demeaning” note.

It stated that the note was from Royal Mail. Do not put a card through the front door. 

“We were here all day, and we will be back today,” said the spokesperson. RELEASE THE PARCEL AND RING THE BELL.

The resident's note bluntly accused Royal Mail of 'pretending that the delivery was attempted' after they didn't receive their parcel on the previous Saturday

Royal Mail was accused by the resident of “pretending the delivery was attempted” after the parcel didn’t arrive on Saturday.

'There's always room on the naughty list, and no way to get of it,' said the postman on Facebook

According to the Facebook postman, “There is always room on that naughty List, and no other way to get there,”

Once the note was shared on Facebook, other postal carriers were quick to point out it is far easier to deliver a parcel than to write out a card and carry it back to the office

After the Facebook note was shared, others postal carriers quickly pointed out that it’s much easier to send a package than it is to hand deliver it.

Other post workers blasted the customer as 'rude' and ridiculed the suggestion that they would write cards and carry around parcels unnecessarily

Another post worker ridiculed this customer and said that they were merely joking about sending them parcels.

This post was shared to Facebook, and has received more than 500 comments and likes.

Responding to queries from postal workers, the Postman stated that he didn’t intend to deliver there any time in the future. This is the second time he’s been treated like this.

“It wasn’t me.” [who left the attempted delivery note]Although it is likely a driver for parcels, this is my 10 year-old delivery. 

“On the bright side, I was able to get a good tip from an honest customer very soon after. 

Royal Mail supports their bold stand, as the postal worker claimed that he was ‘told to not deliver to them’ since they were investigating.  

Many people rushed to the post to express their disgust at the message sent by the resident. Some even asked how Royal Mail knew about the missing delivery.

One Facebook user quipped: 'They couldn't possibly had been in the garden/shower/had some loud noise on when the bell was rung. That would mean it might be their fault and we couldn't have that could we.'

One user on Facebook joked that they couldn’t have been in the shower/garden/or heard the bell ring. It could be their fault. We couldn’t do that.

A moderator on the group said: 'I've never understood why people think we would do that. I mean what would be the benefit?'

One moderator said that it was hard to understand why some people believe they would do such a thing. “What would be the advantage?”

'Get yourself out of bed and answer the door man,' joked another user

Another user joked, “Get out of bed and answer my doorman,”

 One commented: ‘They couldn’t possibly have been in the garden/shower/had some loud noise going on when the bell was rung. This would indicate that it could have been their fault. We couldn’t do that.

One other person commented, “Would more than likely have given my tuppence worth,” redelivering the comment. It was a rather snarky and unnecessary note that I had to take.

Another added, “Somevile people around these days who don’t know about the work or pressure we endure.”

In the two-year period, the postman repeatedly wrote about his naughty list and claimed that he would even stand in the worst of weather to deliver a delivery note.

Other Royal Mail carriers described rude experiences when delivering items to customers

Other Royal Mail couriers described unexciting experiences in delivering goods to customers

Some members of the group were even more scathing. 'Why do these f****** people think we want to stand there for 5 minutes writing a card out,' said one.

Others were more harsh. ‘Why do these f****** people think we want to stand there for 5 minutes writing a card out,’ said one.

Delivery people often commented on the fact that leaving a missing delivery card was always an option, even though it is more trouble than necessary.

One replied, “Don’t know about you but I like carrying around parcels all day. This makes my bag bulky.”

Another commenter said, “Why is it so difficult for people to receive packets and not need to return them to the office?”

The third person said, “Please and thank-you cost nothing.” 

Dave told the group he had not personally delivered the parcel on Saturday but it would have been a carrier acting on behalf of Royal Mail

Dave informed the group that although he didn’t deliver the parcel personally on Saturday, it would have been delivered by Royal Mail.

Royal Mail spokesperson stated that “Every item of mail to us is important.” Postmen and women across the country work hard six days per week to get mail delivered to their customers in any weather.

The vast majority of merchandise is securely delivered to customers. If a customer is not home, however, we can try to send the item to their neighbor and leave them a card.

If we are unable deliver the items to customers, we’ll leave them a card. The item will be returned to Customer Service Point so that they can arrange for a collection or a redelivery. Anybody with concerns about delivery should call the Royal Mail Customer service team.

Mail Online reached Royal Mail for more information.