Premier League Orders all 20 clubs to reimpose emergency Covid measures following a Tottenham outbreak

  • Tottenham’s request to have their Brighton clash postponed was approved 
  • Premier League has now instructed all 20 clubs in the league to reinstate Covid measures 
  • It is possible that teams may have to delay matches more often. 
  • The letter urged teams to implement social distancing, and to use PPE. 

The Premier League have on Thursday night written to all 20 clubs ordering them to re-impose emergency Covid measures after Tottenham had their request to postpone Sunday’s game versus Brighton approved.

Spurs’ first-team squad has been hit by a Covid outbreak, causing Thursday night’s scheduled Europa Conference League game against Rennes to be postponed.

Their Premier League match against Brighton at Amex on Sunday was also canceled. The Premier League board approved the decision on Thursday night.

Antonio Conte's Tottenham were allowed to postpone their Premier League clash at Brighton

Tottenham, Antonio Conte’s Premier League team at Brighton was permitted to be postponed

Antonio Conte will feel relief immediately as the news is good for his team, who were playing against Brighton in a heavily depleted lineup.

There remains concern that next week’s top-flight game against Leicester may also have to be postponed, particularly given the Foxes have positive cases of their own.

The news comes as a temporary relief for Tottenham but their double postponement means they have a huge fixture backlog in the second half.

UEFA rules require their Rennes game to be played no later than December 31. But given Tottenham’s jam-packed schedule this month, rescheduling the Rennes game in December is difficult.

Tottenham are having to reschedule games after a large Covid outbreak in the group

Tottenham must reschedule after suffering a severe Covid infestation in their team.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has reminded clubs of their duties

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive has reminded the clubs of their obligations

Covid may also affect next Wednesday’s game against Leicester. If that happens, it is possible to reschedule the match against the Ligue 1 club next week.

UEFA could extend the December 31 deadline to next month if this fails. UEFA was informed by Rennes about their desire for the game not to be rescheduled but cancelled.

Tottenham will have to reschedule their game against Brighton and also their match against Burnley, which was delayed by heavy snowfall last month.

Premier League clubs have been instructed to enforce strict Covid protocol again

Premier League clubs were instructed to enforce the strict Covid protocol once again

Top-flight officials sent an email to every club informing them that emergency measures will be taken as the English football pandemic continues.

Although teams were forced to stick to stringent protocols following the return of football to June 2020, those rules have gradually been relaxed by increasing levels of vaccination among the players.

However, the Premier League informed each team that all long-standing emergency measures have been reinstated.