BREAKING NEWS! Premier League will hold “festive firebreak” shutdown talks on Monday. Despite bosses insisting on nine postponements, many clubs are lobbying for the season’s to stop.

  • According to reports, Premier League leaders are in the midst of discussions about a holiday shutdown
  • Following calls by several managers to stop play, Monday will see talks
  • Thomas Frank, Brentford’s manager, called for talks to end the temporary shutdown
  • Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s boss, isn’t sure that stopping the game is the best thing.
  • Omicron has caused nine Premier League games to be cancelled 

According to reports, Premier League shareholders will meet Monday to discuss a holiday shutdown, after the clubs have been struggling with multiple coronavirus epidemics.

Due to widespread illnesses among clubs, half of the fixtures this weekend in England’s top flight were cancelled. Brentford boss Thomas Frank is calling for a temporary halt to the hectic winter schedule to allow the teams to recover.

The Times reports that the Premier League chiefs will be meeting Monday to discuss possible shut downs, one day after they had announced their commitment to sticking to current schedule.

According to reports, the meeting indicated that half the top-flight fixtures scheduled for this weekend will go ahead barring any outbreaks in the teams.

These fixtures include Arsenal’s visit to Leeds as well Tottenham’s home match against Liverpool on Sunday. Chelsea will host Wolves, while Manchester City will be traveling to Newcastle.

The Premier League will discuss temporarily stopping the season on Monday, say reports

Reports indicate that the Premier League will be discussing temporarily stopping the season Monday.

Many top-flight bosses have called for a temporary halt to get their virus issues under control

Numerous top flight leaders have requested a temporary stop to help with their virus problems

Manchester United’s Saturday match with Brighton was one of five games called off, while the top-flight played four matches in one night on Thursday. 

Ralf Rangnick’s United only had seven available players for Sunday’s Seagulls visit. They have therefore closed Carrington Training Base until Tuesday. After that, the club will travel to Newcastle in December 27.  

Nine matches were called off because of outbreaks caused by Omicron, ranging from Tottenham’s clash with Brighton in December 12th to five Saturday matches that were called off Thursday. 

Following requests by both sides, Thursday’s match between Tottenham and Leicester City has been canceled. Chelsea reported some cases Thursday but their draw with Everton was still held. 

Premier League managers had different views on temporarily stopping the season. This was after Brentford manager Frank made public his desire to declare a temporary cease-and-desist. 

Brentford boss Thomas Frank wants this weekend's Premier League games to be postponed

Thomas Frank, Brentford’s boss, wants the Premier League games this weekend to be postponed

The Danish manager claimed the variant is ‘running like wildfire’ around the world and that shutting down football for at least a week would help clubs get things under control.  

Frank said at Thursday’s press conference, “It would give everybody a week or four or five to clean up the training grounds so that everything is cleaned and the chain breaks down.”

“Also, in football you need to have close contact. The physios must be able to treat the players. It’s difficult for us to do our job from home because we’re in the dressing room during matchdays. 

Frank feels that stopping this weekend’s high-flying fixtures would be enough for the holiday programme to continue as planned.

Frank said, “We completely respect that we want football to continue, and it’s important we keep going with Boxing Day, and that way we can ensure that Boxing Day continues to go, I’m 100 percent sure of that.”

Brentford recorded 13 positive cases among players and club staff and their next game is off

Brentford has 13 positive case reports from players and club personnel. The next Brentford game will be on February 8.

Jurgen Klopp said on Thursday that stopping the Premier League is 'not the right thing to do'

Jurgen Klopp stated on Thursday that it was wrong to stop the Premier League. 

“This Omicron variant runs like wildfire all over the world, and we must do everything we can to prevent it. It would be a great thing to close down the training grounds for three, four, or five days so that we can start again.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s boss announced that he doesn’t see the point in a ‘circuit breaker stop’ after Thursday’s victory against Newcastle. 

Klopp stated in his Thursday press conference that he did not believe it was right to top the league, but given the time constraints we need to be flexible. Covid is the reason we have three outfield players. 

“Next, we’ll play the 26th and 28th of December. With 13 players on hand that is impossible. Although there are many things we want to know, I’m not able to answer them all.  



The Bees have 13 cases among players and staff – the club are now calling for a circuit-breaker shutdown to help clubs recover. Their training facility has been shut down and their Saturday trip to Southampton was postponed. 


Covid had to postpone Tottenham’s game on Thursday, meaning that they would have lost several of their players.  Although their training ground was closed Thursday morning due to the spread of the disease, they are unable to travel to Everton for the weekend because there is not enough players.

Manchester United

Although the exact number of cases is unknown, a significant outbreak caused Brentford to postpone their game. The club’s outbreak forced the acceptance of Thursday’s calls to postpone Saturday’s match with Brighton.


Following an outbreak at club, I requested to postpone Wednesday’s Wolves game. The Premier League rejected my request. Graham Potter stated that there were at least three to four positive cases in the days before the game. Manchester United game has been postponed.


Dean Smith had to wait anxiously for the details of the spread at the club. Over Saturday’s game against West Ham the Canaries held talks with Premier League and decided to put off because they had insufficient players.


The game with Burnley was postponed hours prior to kick-off. Numbers of cases are currently not known. Their home match against Crystal Palace was postponed after their training grounds were closed.


Spurs became the Premier League’s first to suffer from the Omicron strain last week. Rennes and Brighton had their games postponed due to the high number of cases among staff and players. The virus will be returned to those who were positive within the next few days, after they have completed their self-isolation period of 10 days. The Spurs match against Leicester is postponed, despite the initial requests to cancel it being rejected.


After Brentford, the Blues are the latest to suffer from a Covid epidemic. This was after it became known that before their match with Everton, three additional first-teamers tested positive for Covid. Mateo Kovacic, the first Chelsea player, also got the virus.


Just an hour prior to kick-off against Newcastle, it was announced that Curtis Jones, Fabinho and Virgil van Dijk had all tested positive for Covid.