Prince Albert of Monaco revealed that his six-year old twins, Princess Gabriella (and Prince Jacques) will be joining him at the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow next week.

The 63-year-old told People that he ‘didn’t want to leave them alone’ in the principality – as Princess Charlene, 43, remains in South Africa after spending much of this year in her home country after contracting a ‘serious sinus infection’ in May.

Longtime environmental advocate Albert said his twins, who turn 7 on December 10, will ‘have their own agenda… visits to museums and little places of interest’.

The news comes after the Monégasque prince claimed former Olympian Charlene will return home ‘very shortly’ and anticipates doctors in South Africa will clear his wife for travel within days. 

Prince Albert of Monaco has revealed his six-year-old twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques (pictured in Ireland in September) will be joining him at next week's Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow

Prince Albert of Monaco has announced that his twins Prince Gabriella and Prince Jacques, six years old, will be joining him next week at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow.

The twins, who are on holiday from school and made their first official state visit to Ireland last month, will attend the landmark conference – which will be attended by many world leaders and aims to agree crucial global action on climate change – in Scotland with their father.

Albert stated, “Obviously, at that age, 6/7, you can’t take your child everywhere because they’ll get bored if the environment is too formal.”

“You must bring them in slowly to public appearances and other ceremonies. If it’s an official trip, it has a formal side, but also [they’ll need]You have a private side. 

‘It’s fabulous to have these kinds of memories with them,’ added the prince, who also said he discusses environmental issues in general with his twins. 

The 63-year-old told People that he 'didn’t want to leave them alone' in the principality - as Princess Charlene (pictured), 43, remains in South Africa after spending much of this year in her home country after contracting a 'serious sinus infection' in May

The 63-year-old told People that he ‘didn’t want to leave them alone’ in the principality – as Princess Charlene (pictured), 43, remains in South Africa after spending much of this year in her home country after contracting a ‘serious sinus infection’ in May

Prince Albert announced earlier this week that Charlene will be returning to Monaco’very soon’ and that he expects South African doctors to clear his wife for travel within days. 

He told People that current plans involve Charlene returning to the principality within weeks after spending much of this year in her native South Africa following a ‘serious sinus infection’ which made her unable to travel and forced her to miss key events including her 10-year wedding anniversary and her children’s first day of school.  

Albert insists that his wife will return home “way before” [Monaco’s National Day]on November 19,’ and adding, “she’s still in good spirits and in good form” 

He even hopes Charlene, 43, will be able to join him earlier on a planned November 13 visit to Dubai’s World Expo, an international cultural exhibition, but admitted: ‘We’ll make that decision at the last minute.’

Earlier this week, Prince Albert said Charlene (pictured together) will be back in Monaco 'very shortly' and anticipates doctors in South Africa will clear his wife for travel within days

Prince Albert announced earlier this week that Charlene (pictured with him) will be returning to Monaco’very soon’ and that South Africa’s doctors will allow his wife to travel within days.

On October 8, Zimbabwean-born Charlene underwent a final operation to deal with an ear, nose and throat infection she contracted in May – with a palace source telling AFP that the procedure ‘went very well’. 

However, rumours that Charlene and Albert have been at odds recently have sparked concern about their absence from the principality.

Albert shared with the publication that her family misses her and that she misses the children.  

The royal stated that all she needed to return to the palace where she lives with her children and her husband is a sign-off by her medical team. 

On Tuesday, Charlene shared an update of her own, taking to her social media account to reveal her heartbreak following her beloved pet dog’s death after being run over. 

Princess Charlene today shared her heartbreak online following her beloved pet dog's death after being run over (pictured together)

Princess Charlene shared her heartbreak online after her beloved pet dog died from being run over. (pictured together). 

The former Olympian, 43, who has been living in her home country of South Africa for much of this year, took to Instagram to share a photo snuggling up with her pooch Angel

43-year old ex-Olympian has been living in South Africa since last year. She took to Instagram to share a photo of Angel snuggling up with her dog Angel.

She took to Instagram today to share a photo snuggling up with her pooch Angel, which was taken last Christmas in Monaco.  

The mother-of-2 posted: “My little Angel died last night, her car was run over.” I will be so sorry, Rest in Peace. 

It comes after she sparked concern among fans following her latest appearance online, with some saying she appeared ‘frail’.  

It is not known if Princess Charlene had had a pet with her in South Africa, or if the pet stayed with Prince Albert in Monaco.  

It comes weeks after the mother-of-two sparked concern among fans following her latest appearance online (pictured)

It comes weeks following concerns among fans after the mother of two made her online debut (pictured)

The royal wore a little bit of makeup on her latest public appearance online and styled her fringe to one side.

Fans were concerned by her appearance in the post on social media. One wrote: “Get well soon, look so frail. Take care, hope that you get back to Monaco to see your beautiful family.” 

Last week Princess Charlene said she ‘can’t wait to get home to her children’  but made no reference to her husband Albert in an interview given in South Africa. 

Charlene, who married Prince Albert II in 2011, has lived in South Africa for most of the year. This has sparked speculation that the royal couple might be heading for divorce.

Earlier this month Prince Albert insisted that his wife (pictured with their children) is likely to return to Monaco by the end of the month

Prince Albert stated earlier this month that his wife (pictured with their children), is likely to return home to Monaco by the end the month.

They have denied rumours that there was a rift and said Charlene’s absence is due to her suffering from a serious sinus infection.

In an interview which took place earlier this month and was shared on Charlene’s Instagram page, the royal said she ‘misses her children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, terribly’, adding: ‘Any mother out there who has been separated from her children for months would feel the same way I feel.’

She said in the clip: “I came to South Africa because I wanted to supervise some foundation projects. Unknowingly, I was suffering with an infection and was unwell at that time. It was treated immediately. It was a problem that grounded me for several months in South Africa.

“I had one procedure and it was very successful. I feel much better, I feel stronger. I have one more procedure. I can’t wait to go home to my children who I miss so much.  

It comes amid reports that Prince Albert (pictured) 'applied for sovereign immunity' in his court battle to fight claims he fathered a third love child before marrying Charlene

It is reported that Prince Albert (pictured) applied for sovereign immunity in his court battle against claims that he fathered another love child before he married Charlene.

She also spoke about South Africa’s community, saying that she would like to spread unity and strength.

She said, “Obviously I would not like to touch upon anything political.” However, it is possible to put aside differences and think about the generations that will come.

“Too much emphasis is placed on ourselves and not enough on the future generations to follow. What can they look back on? Who is their guide? This must be installed.

She spoke about the anti-poaching work that she had been doing in South Africa this past year and said that she was determined to return and continue the work she started.

Zimbabwean-born Charlene, 43, who wed Prince Albert II in 2011, has been living in her home country of South Africa for much of this year, and the extended stay has stoked speculation that the royal couple (pictured) may be headed for divorce

Charlene, a 43-year-old Zimbabwean-born woman, has been living in South Africa for most of the year. This extended stay has sparked speculation that the royal couple (pictured above) might be heading for divorce 

‘Conservation and preservation, restoration, education. This is what my foundation stands up for. We save lives.

How Charlene and Albert went solo to South Africa and Monaco in nine months. 

January 27Charlene is pictured here with Albert at the Sainte Devote Ceremony, Monaco.  

March 18 – Charlene is pictured at the  memorial for the late Zulu monarch, King Goodwill Zwelithini at the KwaKhethomthandayo Royal Palace in Nongoma, South Africa 

April 2 –Charlene posts an Instagram picture with Albert, Charlene and their twins Jacques & Gabriella to celebrate Easter.

It is not known where the image was taken.

May 8 – Albert and Jacques attend a Grand Prix event without Charlene in Monaco.

May 10, 2010 –Albert attends the Monaco Gala Awards in Monaco sans Charlene

May 18, – Charlene shares her first picture from her conservation trip in South Africa  

June 1 – Prince Albert II, Jacques and Gabriella attend event at Oceanic Museum in Monaco 

June 3 – New photos emerge of Charlene on her conservation trip 

June 5- Charlene puts on a united front as she shares a photo with her family to mark her niece’s fifth birthday with her brother’s family and Albert and the twins in South Africa

June 7 – Albert and the twins attend the World Rugby Sevens without Charlene 

June 17Prince Albert and Princess Caroline of Hanover attend Red Cross Summer concert in Monte Carlo 

June 18 – Prince Albert appears alone Monte Carlo TV Festival 

June 24  – Charlene’s foundation releases a statement saying the royal is unable to travel and is undergoing procedures for an ear, nose and throat infection   

July 2 Albert and Charlene mark their 10th anniversary in a separate ceremony. In a statement, Her Serene Hness Princess Charlene said that this year would be the first year that she is not with her husband on their anniversary in July. This is difficult and saddens her.

July 3 – Albert appears with glamorous niece Charlotte Casiraghi  at the 15th international Monte-Carlo Jumping event, which is part of the Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco,

July 27 – Prince Albert  attends Olympics alone in Tokyo

August 13Charlene is subject to a four-hour operation. The reason for this is not known 

August 25 – Charlene shares photos of Prince Albert, Gabriella and Jacques visiting her in South Africa 

August 31– Media speculation about the relationship between a couple mounts

September 1, 2009 – Charlene is admitted to the Netcare Alberlito Hospital under a alias after suddenly ‘collapsing.

September 2, – She is discharged, with a statement from the Palais Princier reading: ‘Her Highness is closely monitored by Her medical team who said that Her condition was not worrying’

September 23 – Prince Albert attends the 2021 Monte Carlo Gala for Planetary Health

September 29 – Prince Albert is joined on the red carpet by actress Sharon Stone for a first look at the eagerly anticipated James Bond release 

September 30 – Charlene releases a stylish video promoting her anti-poaching campaign from her South African bolthole 

October 3, – Princess Charlene shares a photograph of herself smiling in front of a bible in her first snap since being discharged from hospital following her health scare

October 5 – Prince Albert attends  Sportel Awards Ceremony in Monte Carlo with nephew Louis Ducruet

October 6 – Albert tells RMC radio Charlene is ‘ready to come home’ 

October 8 – South Africa: Princess undergoes surgery

The release of the interview came days after a palace source said her final operation to deal with an ear, nose and throat infection she contracted in May ‘went very well’. 

The operation in South Africa was performed under general anaesthetic, and ‘is the last she had to undergo following her ENT infection. According to a French news agency AFP, she will be monitored for 48 hours. 

This comes amid reports that Albert “applied for sovereign immunity” in his court battle against claims that he fathered another love child before he married Charlene. 

The 63-year old prince is already supporting two illegitimate kids. It is believed that he had a relationship in Brazil with a woman who gave birth to a daughter in 2005.

The claim, which his lawyers dismissed, was particularly painful since he was in a relationship with Charlene at the time. He had first met Charlene in 2000, when he was an Olympic swimmer.

It was reported last year that the case would go to court in Milan in February, however according to Town&Country, the The case was delayed after the lawyers for the prince pleaded sovereign immunity.     

Lawyer Erich Grimaldi, representing the woman, said that he hopes the judge will reject Albert’s plea. 

The 34-year-old claimant – who cannot be named for legal reasons – says she had a passionate affair with Albert, leading to the birth of their daughter – whose name is also classified – on July 4, 2005. 

Albert received a handwritten message from the child, now 16, in September 2013. It read: “I don’t understand why my father died, and now that you have found me, you don’t want to see us.”

Last December, legal papers were also filed, as lawyers for the claimant called on Albert to undergo a DNA test – just as he did before finally being identified as the father of two illegitimate children born in the 1990s and early 2000s. 

“This was before Charlene, Albert were an item, but this latest case covers a period when she was already in a relationship with him,” a source who works closely to the Monaco Royal household said at the time.

“Charlene had a terrible 2012, with numerous family crises and Albert being sick with coronavirus. She’s now ready to face the hell. 

The princess, whose maidenname was Charlene Wittstock was an Olympic swimmer for South Africa. She first met Albert in Monaco at an aquatic competition in 2000.

They began to date soon after that, and Charlene married the House of Grimaldi in July 2011.

Their twins – daughter Gabriella and son Jacques – were born three years later and are seen as the family’s official heirs.

By this time, Charlene had come to terms with Albert’s hard fought legal battles with women who eventually won financial settlements over children they had with Albert – even though he originally denied their claims.

Albert confirmed his biological fathership of Alexandre in May 2005, shortly before he was enthroned Prince of Monaco. Nicole Coste was Nicole Coste’s mother.

A DNA test in May 2006 confirmed that Albert was the father of Jazmine Grace. This was also due to an affair with Tamara Rotolo (an American estate agent) that he had met while she was on holiday at the South of France.

Alexandre was born to Jazmine in 2003. According to the Brazilian woman, she traveled around the globe with the Prince in 2000s.

Grimaldi stated that he had filed papers containing specific details about his client’s love affair to Albert, including trips abroad to Brazil, France, and Russia.

According to court papers, the lovers may have even met Russian President Vladimir Putin while they were in Moscow. The Russian president gave the Brazilian a warm hug. 

Thierry Lacoste, Albert’s lawyer, described the allegations as a hoax’ and said: ‘There aren’t intimate photos, there aren’t tangible facts surrounding a possible marriage.

According to negotiated financial agreements, neither Albert’s son, Alexandre Grimaldi Coste, 17 years old, nor his daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi are eligible to claim the throne at Monaco.

Instead, the line of succession favors Prince Jacques (six), and Princess Gabriella (six), who often appear in their parents’ social media posts.