Prince Albert, his younger sister Princess Caroline and their children were taken to Monaco’s Christmas Village by Prince Albert. 

Albert, 63, marked the first weekend of December by taking his six-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella to inaugurate the annual Christmas village, which comes complete with entertainment, festive decorations and fairground rides.

He was joined by his sister Caroline, 64, her son Pierre Casiraghi, 34, and his wife Beatrice Borromeo, 36, who all appeared to be in good spirits at Friday’s event.

Charlene Albert, his wife, of 43 years, was absent as Charlene is currently in rehabilitation for her mental and physical exhaustion. She had been away from South Africa for 10 months. 

It is Albert’s third public appearance with Jacques and Gabriella since Charlene was admitted to a treatment facility, and he was seen paying particular attention to them at both.

Albert, who wore a face mask all through the visit, leaned down to chat to his twins. Others snapped him picking up Jacques in order to hold a gigantic plastic bear.

Prince Albert took his six-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella to Monaco's annual Christmas village. They were joined by his sister Princess Caroline, her son Pierre and his wife Beatrice

Prince Albert and his twins, Jacques and Gabriella (6 years old), went to Monaco’s Christmas village. His sister, Princess Caroline and Pierre, his son Pierre and Beatrice were also present.

Albert's wife Charlene, 43, was absent as she remains in treatment for physical and mental exhaustion. Pictured: Albert with his children Jacques and Gabriella, and his sister Caroline

Charlene, Albert’s 43 year old wife, was absent because she is in rehab for psychological and physical exhaustion. Pictured are Albert, his siblings Caroline and Gabriella.

Photographs showed Albert, who sported a face mask throughout the visit along with the rest of his family, leaning down to speak to the twins

The photographs showed Albert (who wore a mask during the visit with his entire family) bending down to talk to the twins.

It is Albert's third public appearance with Jacques and Gabriella (all pictured) since Charlene was admitted to a treatment facility

Albert is making his third appearance in public with Jacques (all pictured), since Charlene was admitted into a rehabilitation facility.

Gabriella and Jacques were seen riding on a fairground-themed ride, and looking at all the decorations. It seemed like they had a great time.

According to a body language specialist, Albert ensures his children are supported and protected when they attend royal engagements without Charlene.

‘It wouldn’t be unusual for a father to step up to the plate with his children while a mother is unwell or absent like this but for a royal male of Alberts generation this tactile and very focused behaviour might not have been a given,’ body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL. 

Charlene Albert, Albert’s wife, was admitted to an unnamed treatment center in Monaco last month. This followed a 10-month absence.

Prince Albert, her husband, spoke out saying she’s suffering from exhaustion, both physical and emotional. Page Six was told by friends that she almost died while in South Africa.

Page Six was contacted by a source last week who criticized the “portrayal mental health problems”. She claimed that her health conditions are being downplayed and that she has lost half of her body weight.

According to a source, the friend of the monarch said that it was unfair for her to be portrayed with some sort mental or emotional problem.

“We are not sure why the palace downplays that she nearly died in South Africa.

The twins (pictured) sported face masks throughout their visit to the Christmas village, where they got the chance to enjoy fairground rides

The face-masking twins were worn by the children throughout their Christmas visit, when they had the opportunity to ride fairground rides.

Pictures showed Albert picking up six-year-old Jacques so he could pet a giant plastic bear at the annual Christmas village celebrations

Photographs show Albert and Jacques, six years old, picking up Jacques to pet a huge plastic bear during the Christmas village celebrations

Albert and his children were joined by his sister Caroline, 64, her son Pierre Casiraghi, 34, and his wife Beatrice Borromeo, 36, who all appeared to be in good spirits at Friday's event

Albert was joined by Caroline, his sister, 64-year-old, Pierre Casiraghi (34), and Beatrice Borromeo (36) who appeared in good spirits during Friday’s event

According to the Royal, the patient had suffered from severe ear, neck and throat infections. The problem led to severe sinus and swallowing problems.

“She’s been without solid food for over six months, due to all of the operations she has had since then,” they added. So, she has lost almost half of her bodyweight since she was able to drink liquids only through a straw. 

Charlene was reunited with her husband and their twins Jacques (Monaco) last month. This came after a period of 10 months. Charlene also received treatment for a sinus infection which she acquired on a solo charitable trip to South Africa.

Charlene Wittstock’s sister-in law Chantell Wittstock said that Charlene may not have returned to the palace. She also did not expect to be immediately returning to public functions. But she later retracts the statement.

Charlene left after new claims that Albert was having a third child (which, if true, would have been his third) with an unknown Brazilian woman. This happened during the same time as Charlene and Albert were in a relationship.  

Albert stated that Charlene had been ill for six months and the Monaco family reunion was her result. She initially felt ‘pretty good’ the first time she arrived, but then it became clear that Charlene wasn’t feeling well.

According to him, the ex-Olympian had’realized she needed assistance’ and added: “She couldn’t handle official duties, family or general life.

Six-year-old Prince Jacques donned a face mask and kept warm in a navy puffer coat as he enjoyed the festivities at the Christmas village on Friday

As Prince Jacques, six years old, enjoyed Friday’s Christmas festivities in the village of Santa Clause, he wore a mask to his face and was wrapped up warm with a navy puffer jacket.

The family seemed to be having a fun-filled trip as Jacques and Gabriella were also pictured riding on a bauble-themed fairground ride and looking at the decorations

Gabriella and Jacques were seen riding on a fairground-themed ride, and looking at all the decorations. It seemed like they had a great time.

Princess Gabriella got into the festive spirit at Monaco's Christmas village as she was seen wearing reindeer antlers before riding a festive fairground ride

Prince Gabriella was all smiles at Monaco’s Christmas Village. She was seen sporting reindeer antlers and riding on a fairground ride.

Albert was a hands-on doting father at the event as he took his children round to look at all the decorations, while he was also joined by his nephew Pierre Casiraghi

Albert was a hands-on doting father at the event as he took his children round to look at all the decorations, while he was also joined by his nephew Pierre Casiraghi

Albert said, “I am probably going to repeat this many times. But this does not have anything to do with our relationship.” Let me be very clear. These issues are not related to our relationship. They do not relate to the marriage between husband and wife. This is a completely different type of relationship.

He explained to the magazine that his current state of affairs was due to’several factors, which are private.

Albert said, “She wasn’t sleeping well for a few days and wasn’t eating well.” Her weight loss made her more vulnerable to potential illnesses. She could get the flu, a cold or COVID.

It is not a cancer-related issue or a personal relationship problem, he said.

Charlene was later admitted to an undisclosed facility as she goes through a time of illness. Although it was claimed by several sources, the location is not known.

Rumours about his marital status ‘don’t bother him too much,’ the prince said.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene first met in Monaco in 2000, during a swim competition. They married in 2011 before having twins Gabriella & Jacques.

She was born in Rhodesia (a colony in Southern Africa that the British had not recognized), and moved to South Africa at age 11.

Jacques and Gabriella made the most of the Christmas village on the first weekend of December as they rode in a bauble-themed fairground ride

Gabriella, Jacques and Gabriella took advantage of the Christmas village the first weekend in December when they rode on a bauble themed fairground ride 

Last month, Albert's wife Charlene (both pictured) was admitted to a treatment facility in an undisclosed location after returning to Monaco following a 10-month absence in South Africa

Charlene, Albert’s spouse (both pictured), was admitted last month to an unspecified treatment facility after she returned from South Africa for a period of 10 months. 

Princess Gabriella (left) and Prince Jacques (right) with their father Prince Albert hold signs saying 'We love you Mommy' during celebrations marking Monaco's National Day

Princess Gabriella (left) and Prince Jacques (right) with their father Prince Albert hold signs saying ‘We love you Mommy’ during celebrations marking Monaco’s National Day

She had a successful swimming career and went on to win three gold medals and a silver medal at the 1999 All Africa Games in Johannesburg, as well as representing South Africa at the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games and winning a silver medal in the 4 × 100 m medley relay in the latter competition.

Their marriage made headlines for many years. Last year, a third suit was filed.

An anonymous Brazilian woman claimed that her 15 year-old daughter, who is not allowed to be named due to legal reasons, was born of an affair in which she met Albert in 2004.

Charlene and Albert were not engaged yet, although they knew each other for 4 years following their meeting in Monaco at a gala of swimming in 2000.

Albert was to be questioned by lawyers for his claim. However, Albert’s own counsel dismissed the matter as a hoax.

The parties have not yet commented, suggesting that some sort of settlement could be reached. This is similar to what happened with Albert and his earlier lovers.

Jazmin Grace Grildi (now 29) and Alexandre Coste (17), are the results of Albert’s affair with an American agent for estates. Alexandre Coste was 17 when Alexandre’s mother is a former Togolese airline hostess.

In return for large financial settlements, both children were taken out of Monaco’s succession line.