MailOnline was informed today by royal sources that Prince Andrew and Prince Harry will both be receiving the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee commemorative gold medal.

To mark Queen Elizabeth’s 70th year on the throne, the medals will be presented on February 6. While the recipients list is still being finalized, it can be expected that all Royal Family members will receive one.

Non-working royals would be included, such as Andrew, Harry and Meghan Markle. Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips are also exempted from official duties.

MailOnline received this statement from a source close to the royal family: “The final list has not been completed yet, but it’s likely, like previous Jubilees that larger members of Royal Family will receive the medal.

“The medals had been distributed widely throughout working and non-working members of the Royal Family in previous Jubilees. These medals are commemorative and funded by the private sector.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Harry and Andrew would not receive one due to their loss of honorary military titles. This medal will go to members of the Armed Forces as well police, fire and emergency personnel. Veterans will not be eligible to get it, but recipients of the George Cross and Victoria Cross will.

It was believed that Royal Family members with honorary military titles will also be eligible for the medal. That would mean Harry and Andrew would be treated as all veterans, and would not get it. However, this is no longer relevant as medals will now be awarded to all Royal Family members.

Meanwhile Buckingham Palace officials are considering how to remove the role of Counsellors of State from the Duke of York and the Duke of Sussex – a potentially significant position that the pair still possess.

They are sixth and ninth in line for the throne, respectively.

According to Palace sources, they remain two of four Counsellors to State. If the Queen is unable to perform her duties due to illness or absence abroad, these people would be asked to replace her. 

Prince Andrew next to Harry and Meghan on the Buckingham Palace balcony in June 2019. Also pictured (front) are the Queen (left), James, Viscount Severn and Isla Philips (both right)

Prince Andrew and Harry next to Meghan on June 2019’s Buckingham Palace balcony. Pictured (front), are also the Queen, James, Viscount Severn (both right), and Isla Philipps (both wrong).

Princes Andrew and Harry also will not be eligible for the Queen's c, according to the Daily Telegraph

According to The Daily Telegraph, Princes Andrew (and Harry) will not be eligible in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal.

These Counsellors of State would have the authority to perform most official duties for the monarch. This includes signing important documents and attending Privy Council meetings. They also receive the credentials of ambassadors to the UK. Prince Charles, the heir, is second in his line, while William is the other Counsellor of State. 

A royal source said: ‘It is a genuine problem that the Palace is looking to address. It is possible to imagine that the Duke Of York would have to sign documents because, among other things, both the Prince of Wales (and the Duke) were abroad. The threat to the monarchy could not be overstated. 

How Andrew and Harry would be embarrassed by their possible removal as  Counsellors of State 

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry could lose their positions as Counsellors of the State, which would be extremely embarrassing and unprecedented. It would also require an Act of Parliament.

Most of the duties assigned to the Sovereign by the Sovereign are performed by counsellors of state. They can sign routine documents, attend Privy Council meetings, and receive credentials from new ambassadors to Britain.

Under the Regency Act 1937, the post of Counsellor of state was created. The Regency Acts of 1937 were only passed in the event of necessity. There are nine Acts that cover different situations since 1728. 

A new Regency Act, which established a standard for future reigns was adopted shortly after George VI’s 1936 accession to the throne. To cover any short-term absences, the new office of Counsellor to State was established. 

Although a Buckingham Palace spokesperson declined to comment on the matter, sources indicated that Andrew (61) and Harry (37) could not be removed from their respective roles without an Act of Parliament being passed.

The monarch’s spouse, and four of the following people who have been in succession for more than 21 years are called the counsellors. If Andrew and Harry could have been replaced by Princess Anne or Camilla if they were to be removed. 

“There may be other events in the future that would make it necessary to change,” the source stated, referring apparently to Andrew’s US court case and Harry’s forthcoming memoirs. 

Under the Regency Act 1937, the post of Counsellor of state was created. Before 1937, Regency Acts had been drafted in the name of necessity. There were nine Acts that covered different eventualities starting from 1728. 

Soon after George VI was elected to the throne, in 1936, a new Regency Act became law. This act established guidelines for any future regencies. To cover any short-term absences, the office of Counsellor to State was established. 

In the middle of the court fight between Andrew and Harry and their respective royal patronages, and military titles respectively, Harry and Harry were both stripped of their military titles and removed from their royal patronages.  

Andrew was stripped of his honorary military duties by the Queen on Thursday and the HRH style ended. 

Andrew was reportedly still at the 31-room Royal Lodge house. He allegedly hosted about a dozen relatives on Friday, including Princess Eugenie (and Jack Brooksbank), before heading to Windsor Great Park for a photo shoot. 

Andrew felt humiliated when the Queen made the move. This was one day after Andrew won the motion to dismiss his sexual assault lawsuit and the judge declared it open for trial. 

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are pictured at Prince Philip's funeral at Windsor Castle on April 17 last year

Prince Andrew (left) and Prince Harry (right) at Prince Philip’s funeral at Windsor Castle, April 17, last year

Andrew, who was born an HRH will not use the title in any official capacity and was also stripped off his remaining royal patronages. This decision represented the total removal of Duke of York form official royal life.

It was also considered a move to distance Andrew from the monarchy, as Andrew was previously second in line for the throne, as the spare to Andrew in the year that marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Andrew, who was previously known as Virginia Roberts, is being accused of a “tone-deaf” defense against Virginia Giuffre. After his lawyers suggested that Virginia may have had ‘false memory’ of their encounters with Giuffre, his lawyers said Andrew could be defending himself with a “tone-deaf” defence.

An expert in security said that Harry should have learned from Princess Anne. The aunt receives police protection only for royal duties. 

Prince Harry is pictured wearing his medals while smiling with the Duke of York on the Buckingham Palace balcony in 2014

While Prince Harry smiles with the Duke and York while wearing his medals, Prince Harry can be seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

If the Duke of Sussex does not have Met Police security in place, he will threaten legal action.

Yesterday ex-royal protection chief Dai Davies said Princess Anne ‘doesn’t get full time protection now and yet in 1974 she was nearly kidnapped – her protection officer was actually shot’.

Ex-chief Superintendent added that security was now adjusted according to risk. It’s just not possible to choose from a wide range of officers.

He said that Harry and Meghan have both such bigegos they are expecting the best. 

Many senior royals are now losing their protection. They won’t take any officers from other royals, or give them other duties.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip ride in a carriage opposite Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at Royal Ascot in June 2016

At Royal Ascot, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are seated in the same carriage as Prince Andrew and Prince Harry.

Insiders close to the royals claim that there is not enough support for Buckingham Palace’s princely demands.

Harry seeks to have the UK’s police protect him reviewed by the courts.

Harry’s lawyers have sent a letter of ‘pre-action protocol’ to the Home Office. It threatens to take him to court if his family is not given security in Britain.

Spokesman for the government stated that UK’s security system is ‘rigorous, proportionate’. It was long-standing policy to not provide details about such arrangements.

The judiciary is not allowed to intervene in royal protection matters. These are approved by an independent committee as well as the Home Secretary. 

Prince Charles invites Harry and Meghan “to stay with him” in UK, in order to meet Lilibet,” sources claim. But the refusal of the Sussexes to return to the UK without Met Police protection makes reunion uncertain

Prince Charles has invited Prince Harry, his family and friends to come with him to the UK for the purpose of meeting Lilibet. This was made public tonight.

After her birth in California, June 2013, the Prince of Wales will not be able to visit his granddaughter in person.

According to Mirror reports, this would mark the first family reunion since Harry and Meghan left their jobs as royals.

His son, however, refused to come back to the Met Police without having received a significant level of security. This is believed to have made it difficult for the two to reunite.

According to sources, family members have been making a number of calls over the past few months in order to communicate with one another.

The first picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's daughter Lilibet was released in a Christmas card last month

In a Christmas card, the first image of Lilibet, the daughter of Duke and Duchess Sussex was published

The Prince of Wales (centre), during his visit to Haddo Country Park, Ellon, Aberdeenshire last week

The Prince Of Wales (centre), last week during his visit at Haddo Country Park Ellon in Aberdeenshire

One said: ‘The Prince of Wales has been saddened that he hasn’t had the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren, which he really does miss.

How much it costs to protect Sussexes

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s security team in Canada was made up of at least six £60,000-a-year Scotland Yard protection officers.

But experts say the true cost of each officer would have been closer to £100,000 a year when taking into consideration overtime, flights back and forth to the UK, pension contributions and living expenses.

After spending more than three months in Canada, the couple moved to California in March 2020. They are said to have hired Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA), a security firm used by top A-listers like Madonna and Tom Hanks.

The team from GDBA – described as a ‘secret service for famous people’ – is rumoured to cost about £7,000 per day, or £2.5million a year.

Harry and Meghan likely had six security guards assigned to them, including former FBI and CIA intelligence officers. They work in rotation and are on duty during the day with four and at night with two.

American security services would not be able to access intelligence information or have any jurisdiction in the UK.

“He is an amazing grandfather, and loves to play the role immensely. It’s safe to say that Harry feels something is missing in his life without Harry getting to know him.

“This is an issue he wants to address, so he offered to let Harry, Meghan, or the other children stay with him whenever possible, when they return home. 

It comes as a former head of royal protection warned today that Prince Harry ‘cannot pick and choose’ when he wants to visit the UK and receive protection.

The Duke of Sussex should not be expecting bodyguards supplied to him when he decides to return home, Dai Davies said.

An ex-Met Police officer mentioned that Princess Anne was almost kidnapped. Her protection officer was also shot. However, she still gets full protection.

He made these comments as sources indicated that she would not assist her grandson with his request for security personnel upon his arrival in Britain.

Insiders claim that the Monarch does not intend to submit to the Met or Home Office’s demands.

Yesterday’s outrage at Prince Harry’s threat to sue Her Majesty for her Government was overwhelming.

The man is asking for a review by the court of the UK Police Protection Team decision that stripped him. He claims it’s too unsafe to travel without Scotland Yard guards.

Yesterday night anger erupted at an unprecedented legal threat to the government. Sources responded by saying that Scotland Yard was not available for rent.

Mr Davies, who was Operational Unit Commander for the Royals from 1995, told GMB: ‘He chose to go to America, that’s his prerogative.

It is the Royal Family’s prerogative that any protection aspect be looked at by us. We can do this through multiple security agencies. This is the core.

“And it was decided at this level that they will not provide him protection as the risk is low.” But if there is a danger when he arrives, the Metropolitan Police will be bound to perform their duty.

Prince Andrew’s former Lady Victoria Hervey states that her “very private” friend Ghislaine Maxiwell was a ‘victim’ of Jeffrey Epstein. She is now being used as a’scapegoat’ for others’s crimes

Prince Andrew’s ex girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey has insisted ‘very private’ Ghislaine Maxwell was a ‘victim’ of Jeffrey Epstein. 

The 44-year old socialite is the daughter the 6th Marquesss of Bristol and former lover interest to the Duke of York. Although she first saw the couple 20 years back, she claimed that she had no idea what was going on behind closed doors. 

Lorraine interviewed her earlier today.

Lady Victoria said to the morning presenter that she was a victim right now. He is also being held accountable for his actions. Some may argue that it isn’t as fair as it should be.

Maxwell, 60 years old, was sentenced to December 29th for her ex-partner Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse of minors. Maxwell faces 65 years imprisonment, which means she will spend her entire life behind bars. 

She was found guilty on five of six counts of sex trafficking – a spectacular downfall for the former London society girl who later moved into the highest circles of New York’s social scene. 

Prince Andrew's ex girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey, 44,  has insisted 'very private' Ghislaine Maxwell was a 'victim' of Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s ex girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey, 44,  has insisted ‘very private’ Ghislaine Maxwell was a ‘victim’ of Jeffrey Epstein

Lady Victoria said: ‘I mean to be honest I think Ghislaine was a victim and is a victim.

She was an innocent victim who became a complicite when she saw her partner leave.

“She changed sides.” I see her as a victim, too.

Lorraine continued to ask Lorraine about her connections with the couple, asking: “Why?”

Victoria said, “I was London’s IT girl at the time. Everyone knew me and I was there every meal. 

The daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol and the former love interest of the Duke of York, first met the pair 20 years ago but has previously said she has no clue what they had been secretly up to (pictured together in 2004)

This is the daughter of the 6th Marquess and former love interest to the Duke of York. She first saw the couple 20 years ago, but she previously stated that she doesn’t know what their secret activities were (pictured in 2004). 

“It was great to be on her invitation list. This made it much more entertaining for the men that she entertained. 

“Obviously, you desire to be attracted girls that are hot in London.”

She said that Jeffrey and Ghislaine were “definitely a dual act”, adding: “It wouldn’t have worked for him alone. 

“It was easier for her than it was for me to approach other women because I’m a girl.” 

Lady Victoria told the morning breakfast presenter that she feels Ghislaine is 'a scapegoat' and is 'being taken down' for Epstein's crimes

Lady Victoria said to Epstein that Ghislaine is her’scapegoat and she is being taken down for Epstein’s crimes.

“Girls will feel more intimate and scared than men.” In this regard, it would have been less apparent.

Lady Victoria admitted that she was ‘used’ to the pair, but said she had ‘a lot of fun’ at the time.

“I was so foolish,” she said. I was one of those people in my position who was very young. Of course, we would be taken advantage. 

“We just wanted to be a nice face and entertain people.” I was among the fortunate ones, and that’s something I know.

Lady Victoria confessed she felt 'used' by Ghislaine and Epstein, but added she 'had fun at the time'  (pictured in 2002 with Prince Andrew)

Lady Victoria confessed she felt ‘used’ by Ghislaine and Epstein, but added she ‘had fun at the time’  (pictured in 2002 with Prince Andrew) 

She claimed that she did not know of any problems during the parties. The whole thing seemed great at the moment.

“This was in the 2000s. No one knew what would happen later. But people desired Ghislaine or Jeffrey to be at their events. Everyone invited them. 

Lady Victoria stated that she had ‘followed some of the trials’, but was “a little disappointed”.

She stated that the public had not learned any new information and she was unable to feel a detached from the trial because it wasn’t broadcast on television.

Ghislaine Maxwell could spend the rest of her life behind bars after a jury convicted her of recruiting and grooming young girls to be sexually abused by the late American financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein last month

Ghislaine Maxill could be locked up for the rest of her adult life after she was convicted by a jury of grooming and recruiting young girls to sexually abuse Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier and pedophile. 

She stated that she hadn’t yet named new names. She is a good person. We’re not quite there yet.

Meanwhile on her dinner with Ghislaine, Jeffrey, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, she pondered: ‘Is it to make them feel important? It is possible, I believe so. I also think that it was business conducted simultaneously through the introduction of different powerful people.

“So while I can’t tell you exactly what business deals took place at those dinners but, you know for certain that they did,” he said.

Lady Victoria added: “She is unfortunate to be a scapegoat at the moment, since there’s nobody else to blame.

“So, unfortunately for her, she’s being taken down by him for the things he did as well. Some might say that’s not fair but this is what she’s in at the moment.

Lorraine claimed that Ghislaine is just as guilty to the victims as Jeffrey.

Lady Victoria said, “That’s stupid!” when she saw the famous picture of Prince Andrew with Virgina Giuffre.

When Lady Victoria was asked whether Ghislaine had ever spoken to her about Prince Andrew’s friendship, she replied: “No. She was quite private, but they were clearly good friends. When you meet people, it’s easy to tell when their body language is positive.

“I do not know how she will be sentenced, or for how many years.

Socialite and disgraced Ghislaine will be sentenced for sex trafficking offenses on June 28.

Judge Alison Nathan set Friday’s sentencing time.

The delayed sentencing was based on the defense attorneys’ decision due to recent  ‘compelling’ evidence they say could overturn the trial, as well as Maxwell’s conviction. 

Maxwell was found guilty on five of six counts of sex trafficking - a spectacular downfall for the former London society girl who later moved into the highest circles of New York's social scene. Pictured: Maxwell with Epstein

Maxwell was found guilty of five out of six charges of sex traficking. This is a devastating blow for Maxwell, a former London society girl who went on to become one of the most prominent figures in New York’s social circles. Maxwell and Epstein

 Maxwell’s lawyers last week demanded a new trial after a juror revealed he had helped convict the former socialite by telling fellow jury members about his experience of sexual abuse.

She was found guilty of sex trafficking of a minor, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and three counts of conspiracy. Her guilt of inducing minors to illegal sex was not proven.   

Maxwell was sentenced after a one-month trial. During that time, prosecutors claimed Maxwell recruited and trained teenage girls for Epstein’s sexual abuse between 1994 and 2004. 

Maxwell was once in a relationship with Epstein. However, Maxwell became Epstein’s employee at one of five homes, which included a Manhattan home and an estate in Palm Beach.

Maxwell, who is said to have been Epstein's madam as well as his one-time girlfriend, is seen posing with the pedophile in evidence photos shown in court

Maxwell is shown with Epstein’s one-time partner, Maxwell.

Epstein, who was awaiting his trial on charges of sex-trafficking, took his life in Manhattan’s federal jail.

Maxwell’s attorneys argued that Maxwell made Maxwell a scapegoat after his death by claiming she was used as a weapon of mass destruction by federal prosecutors. 

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is under severe pressure to settle with Virginia Roberts Giuffre after a New York judge refused to throw out her case – paving the way for a box office trial in nine months to examine claims she was repeatedly forced to have sex with him when she was a teenager. 

Prince Andrew is seen with his arm around Virginia Roberts while Ghislaine Maxwell stands in the background, in a now infamous photo from early 2001

Prince Andrew is shown with Virginia Roberts wrapped around his arm, while Ghislaine maxwell stands behind him in this now-famous photo taken early 2001. 

This is a terrible blow for the Duke of York. He now faces an expensive, reputation-searing court case in September next year unless he pays Giuffre at least $5million. 

Andrew could face being interviewed in London by Giuffre’s lawyers if he refuses to settle or Giuffre declines offers. The videotaped interview in London may be used in court. However, the civil case in another legal jurisdiction cannot force Andrew to testify. 

He could also ignore the matter and allow the court to decide in his absence. However, this would likely further damage his reputation.      

Meghan’s mouthpiece Omid Schobie is a big win over Prince Andrew. A journalist compares Prince Harry’s treatment of Megxit with Prince Harry’s.

Omid Scobie, Meghan Markle’s friend and trusted journalist claimed today that the “ring of protection” around Prince Andrew was a ‘confusing’.

Scobie stated that the threat to Brand Windsor had finally forced the institution’s hand after Queen Elizabeth removed his honorary military positions.

Harper’s Bazaar’s royal editor-atlarge, also described the issue as Megxit and said that there was no support for palace walls to protect the Duke of Sussex.

Scobie stated that Harry simply wanted to get his family out of an unhealthy place, but was then ‘publicly dragged around the coals and stripped from every royal achievement before setting foot out of this country’.

Also, in his opinion piece, the author noted that Andrew wasn’t dealt with for 26 months after his horrible BBC interview in November 2019.

Scobie claimed that he had a drink with a Buckingham Palace senior aide shortly after his interview. He said: “Well, he is on his own right now. He is not our problem anymore. 

Harry and Meghan at Westminster Abbey in March 2020 before stepping down as senior royals

Harry and Meghan in Westminster Abbey, March 2020. Before they resigned as senior royals

Co-author of 2020’s biography Finding Freedom, the author regularly tweets about Sussexes and defends them. 

This makes it unlikely that Scobie would write such an article without having spoken in advance with representatives from the Duke and Duchess Sussex. 

And he wrote in an opinion piece for the i today: ‘For the public watching this saga play out, the ring of protection around Andrew has been confusing, especially when you compare his treatment to Prince Harry, who – love or loathe him – simply wanted to remove his family from an unhealthy environment.

The Duke of Sussex was not supported by palace walls. Instead, he was publically dragged to the rails before being stripped of every royal achievement and privilege.

Meghan Markle's trusted journalist friend Omid Scobie wrote an opinion piece for the i today

Omid Scobie, Meghan Markle’s friend and trusted journalist wrote an opinion article for the i Today

“The royal establishment has spoken for a long time about its need to reflect contemporary ethics. The selfishness of the pompous prince, which Andrew does not challenge, is hidden in plain sight. It’s clear this institution is badly in need of moral repair.

Scobie was born to an Iranian mother and a Scottish father. His mother is a marketer. His career began with celebrity magazine Heat.

His fame was due to his co-authorship of Finding Freedom with Carolyn Durand, royal expert.

The Court of Appeal heard last year that Jason Knauf, Harry and Meghan’s former communications secretary, gave information to Mr Scobie and Ms Durand – leading to Meghan apologising for misleading the court about whether he had done so.

Prince Andrew next to Harry and Meghan on the Buckingham Palace balcony in June 2019. Also pictured (front) are the Queen (left), James, Viscount Severn and Isla Philips (both right)

Prince Andrew, Harry, and Meghan next to each other on the Buckingham Palace balcony. June 2019. Pictured (front), are also the Queen, James, Viscount Severn (both right), and Isla Philipps (both wrong).

This happened during a court dispute that saw the Mail On Sunday ruled to infringe Meghan’s privacy due to a letter she sent her estranged dad Thomas Markle.

Scobie has claimed to have exclusive access the couple. 

The Queen had removed Andrew from his honorary military role in Buckingham Palace’s dramatic Buckingham Palace statement on Thursday, and the HRH gave up using the HRH design.

A judge rejected his motion to dismiss the case for sexual assault and declared that it could proceed to trial.

Andrew, who was born an HRH will not be using it in any official capacity and was stripped from his royal patronages following his removal completely from the official royal life.

This was seen also as an effort to disengage the monarchy and Andrew who had been second in line for the throne in the year that marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

In his legal fight with Virginia Giuffre, his attorneys suggested that he may be able to use a “tone-deaf” defense. 

David Boies, her lawyer responded in a harsh manner to the request for mental records. He stated that she would not misremember sexual abuse from a Prince of England.

Virginia Giuffre holds a photo of her aged 16, when she says Jeffrey Epstein began abusing her

Virginia Giuffre is holding a photograph of herself aged 16 when Jeffrey Epstein started abusing her

Andrew made the claim regarding memory problems in legal filings last weekend. This was in response to Ms Giuffre’s case against him at a New York court.

Andrew claimed she had sex three times with her in 2001, when she was 17. She was under the supervision of Jeffrey Epstein who is a paedophile and friend to the duke. Andrew vigorously refutes her claims.

His lawyers asked for Ms. Giuffre to talk with her psychologist about their sessions, prescriptions and the “theoryof false memories”.

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of using a false memory expert during Epstein’s trial.