Virginia? Prince Andrew is smiling for the cameras.

  • Yesterday, Prince Andrew smiled in Windsor Great Park while riding a horse.
  • A US judge has set a date to hear Virginia Giuffre’s claims.
  • District Judge Lewis Kaplan is scheduled to hear arguments about Andrew’s motion for dismissal on January 4.

While he may live in fear of a courtroom battle over sexual abuse allegations, Prince Andrew rode in Windsor Great Park on horseback yesterday. He looked like he had no care at all.

After a US judge had set a date, the Duke of York smiled and was happy to go on his morning ride.

Andrew’s lawyers last week launched an extraordinary counter-attack against Virginia Giuffre, who claims she was forced to have sex with the Duke on three occasions – in London, New York and in the US Virgin Islands – when she was 17. Andrew has denied these claims repeatedly, but District Judge Lewis Kaplan stated on Thursday that he will hear arguments regarding Andrew’s motion for dismissal of the complaint.

Yesterday, a Windsor visitor said that Prince Andrew was often seen in Windsor riding his horse in the park. However, he isn’t usually smiling. He looked as if he had no cares and even laughed.

According to a source, the Duke’s 61-year-old father found regular horse riding a ‘welcome distraction’ which allowed him to ‘a moment of decompression’.

The Duke of York (pictured) was all smiles on his early-morning ride in Windsor's Great Park yesterday, after a US judge set a date for his bid to have his accuser's allegations thrown out

After an American judge gave him a date to make his claim that his accuser had made false allegations, The Duke of York smiled and rode in Windsor’s Great Park. 

He was sporting the Royal Cypher from the Grenadier Guards. The regiment, of which he is still a Colonel, had been worn by Prince Charles.

According to one Palace source, Andrew was struggling to find a way to return, especially since Ms Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies has stated that the Prince will be interviewed under oath.

Now 38 years old, Ms Giuffre claimed that she was trafficked to Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend and convicted sex offenders. The Duke’s attorneys accused Ms Giuffre last week of making “lurid” claims in order to obtain ‘another paycheck at his expense”. But critics claim that the high-risk strategy amounts to victim shaming.

The Queen looked happy as she checked on her horses while taking a ‘private weekend away’ to Sandringham.

John Warren, John Warren, was her manager for bloodstocks and racing, drove the 95-year old around Norfolk after she had flown by helicopter from Windsor.

The Queen was driven around  Sandringham by John Warren, her bloodstock and racing manager, after travelling by helicopter from Windsor on Thursday

The Queen was driven around  Sandringham by John Warren, her bloodstock and racing manager, after travelling by helicopter from Windsor on Thursday 

According to legend, the queen was joined by Muick her corgi and Candy, which is a cross between a corgi-dachshund and corgi. A Land Rover was carrying one dog around, and it was seen looking out the window.

Instead of staying at Sandringham’s main house, Queen Elizabeth is instead at Wood Farm. Wood Farm was the humble cottage Prince Philip call home during his final years.

The butterfly head scarf she wore was a reference to her husband, and a common theme of recent days. The butterfly brooch she wore for her video address to COP26 was a wedding present. It displayed a 1988 photo of Philip surrounded with monarch butterflies. They would have celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary on the 20th of November.

The Queen is currently ill, and hopes to be able to return to the National Service of Remembrance at The Cenotaph (Whitehall) next Sunday.

There’s also Christmas. It is often spent at Sandringham. However, it can be stressful due to Andrew’s court date.

If his attempts to get Ms Giuffre’s case dismissed fail, then he will face a trial next autumn. 

If Andrew's bid to have Virginia Giuffre's (pictured) lawsuit dismissed fails, a trial is expected next autumn

If Andrew’s attempt to dismiss Virginia Giuffres’ (pictured), lawsuit fails, then a trial can be expected next autumn