A grinning Prince Andrew seemed relaxed as he rode his horse through Windsor this morning –  just hours after Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial began in New York.

The Duke of York (61), appeared in good spirits. He was accompanied by three other people on his trip through Windsor. This scene is a far cry from Maxwell’s packed courtroom last night, which faced accusations of Maxwell recruiting minors to Jeffrey Epstein for sexual abuse between 1994 and 2004. 

Andrew, also seen this morning driving his Range Rover, was accused by Epstein, a’sexslave’ Virginia Giuffre and raping her. He denies the allegations. 

Giuffre has filed a civil suit against Andrew, but isn’t part of Maxwell’s criminal case. He described Epstein’s ex-madam as an ‘Mary Poppins’ figure that made teenage girls feel safe while they were lured into Maxwell’s web. Maxwell, it is believed, introduced Epstein’s prince. 

Ms Giuffre filed a lawsuit against the New York duke alleging that they had sex more than twenty years ago. This was when she was under US law. This civil case is scheduled to be heard by a jury in the latter part of 2022. Andrew was not criminally indicted and has denied all allegations.

Photos of Andrew riding today come after a court was told that Maxwell was a ‘dangerous predator’ who ‘served up’ girls for sexual abuse. New York jury hears that Jeffrey Epstein was the’second in command” of this British socialite and lured teenage girls to his assault.

Maxwell was being tried on charges of sex-trafficking. The courtroom was jammed as Maxwell began his trial. Observers waited in freezing temperatures from 5am for a place. As the vile claims made against Epstein’s madam continued, they remained silent. 

Prince Andrew, 61, appeared to be in high spirits and was joined by three others on his ride through Windsor early this morning

The scene was a world away from the packed court room which greeted his friend Maxwell last night as she faced allegations of recruiting minors for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004

It was quite different from Maxwell’s courtroom where he met Maxwell. Maxwell faced accusations of having recruited minors for Jeffrey Epstein, which she allegedly abused from 1994 to 2004.

Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's 'partner in crime' who 'targeted young girls for sexual abuse', the prosecution has claimed in a blistering opening statement as the trial of Maxwell got underway on Monday where the 59-year-old is facing sex trafficking charges. Pictured: Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz points at Maxwell during opening statements

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s “partner in crime” who ‘targeted young women for sexual abuse”, the prosecution claimed during a fierce opening statement. The Maxwell trial began on Monday and the 59 year-old faces sex trafficking allegations. Pictured during the opening statements, Lara Pomerantz (assistant U.S. attorneys) points at Maxwell 

Andrew, who was also seen driving his Range Rover this morning, has been accused by Epstein sex slave Virginia Giuffre of raping her, allegations which he denies

Andrew was also seen in his Range Rover driving this morning. Virginia Giuffre Epstein sex slave has accused him of raping Virginia Giuffre. He denies the allegations.

While listening intently she sometimes scribbled in her notebook, and then turned to see her sister as Lara Pomerantz, Assistant US Attorney, accused her of “heinous offenses”.

The prosecution warned that the jury might be uncomfortable with some of the evidence during the six-week trial. 

But, after hearing it, she added, they would ‘reach the only verdict possible – that Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty’. Miss Pomerantz accused Maxwell of being one half of a powerful couple with Epstein, devising a sick ‘pyramid scheme of abuse’ in which they bribed schoolgirls to recruit their friends.

The 59-year-old former girlfriend of Wall Street financier Epstein was his ‘partner in crime’, the jury was told – putting young girls at ease so they could be ‘molested by a middle-aged man’.

Seven women, five men and several substitutes heard from the jury how Robert Maxwell’s daughter, a media mogul, pursued young girls who had ‘difficult homes’ and promised them the world.

In a 25 minute opening statement, the Thurgood Marshall Prosecutor stated that the defendants lured victims by promising a brighter tomorrow and then ended up destroying their lives.

Miss Pomerantz stated that they were powerful, wealthy and connected. These men often target single mothers’ daughters, who are struggling to make ends satisfy.

They made girls feel that they could realize their dreams. They helped them to feel valued. They made them feel special.

Instead, the girls were manipulated and forced into an exploitation sham. Between 1994 and 2004, the defendant exploited vulnerable girls and manipulated them to give them sexual abuse.

Maxwell denies sex trafficking and other charges and has been awaiting trial for over a year in 'hell-hole' Brooklyn prison

Maxwell, who denies the charges of sex trafficking as well as other offenses, has been in Brooklyn’s Hell-hole prison awaiting trial for more than a year. 

Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured here in 2013) listened intently as the prosecution opened its case, occasionally scribbling in a notebook and turning to look at her sister, while Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz accused her of ‘heinous crimes’

Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured here in 2013) listened intently as the prosecution opened its case, occasionally scribbling in a notebook and turning to look at her sister, while Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz accused her of ‘heinous crimes’


Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring underage girls for paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is on trial for sex trafficking charges

Maxwell (59), who is being accused of procuring girls underage for Jeffrey Epstein is currently on trial for sex traficking.

In a courtroom sketch, Judge Alison Nathan instructs the sworn-in jury at the start of Ghislaine Maxwell's sex-trafficking trial

At the beginning of Ghislaine’s sex trafficking trial, Judge Alison Nathan sketches the courtroom.

“She trafficked them for sex.” Miss Pomerantz explained that this is the purpose of the trial.

Maxwell, who was degraded after 17 months at a New York Detention Centre while waiting for her trial, has been described by Maxwell as gaunt.

Yesterday, however, she looked great in a black turtleneck and trousers, and the black shoes were low-heeled.

Miss Pomerantz began her presentation with the line: ‘I want to tell you about a young girl named Jane,’ adding that ‘Jane’ – a pseudonym for a victim – was just 14 when she was introduced to a man and a woman at a summer arts camp. The two said that they had sponsored talented youngsters.

Jane was unaware that both man and woman could be predators. Is that the same woman who was attempting to abuse young girls? She pointed out that Ghislaine Maxwell was the accused.

Epstein was Epstein’s second-in command. The lady of the house was the defendant for ten long years. Her rules were imposed. She made rules for employees. The culture was one of silence. That was by design – the defendant’s design.

The defendant and Epstein committed heinous acts of sexual abuse against teenage girls behind closed doors. They were co-conspirators in criminal activity.

Several women were Epstein victims and watched the trial. Maxwell – said to have been Epstein’s lover and then, when they broke up, his ‘best friend’ – is accused of acting as the financier’s chief enabler, recruiting and grooming young girls for him to abuse.

While she has denied all charges, she faces up to 80 year imprisonment if convicted. In 2019, he committed suicide in Manhattan prison cells before he was allowed to be tried.

Miss Pomerantz claimed that Epstein directed girls to massage him, while he masturbated. She would also receive ‘oral sex and penetrate’ the girls.

Maxwell’s prosecution said that Maxwell knew precisely what Epstein intended to do to the children by sending them to the massage room.

“She was involved from the very beginning. He was living extravagantly and flew private planes.

“These girls were just a way to provide for the lifestyle that she has become used to,” said Judith.

Miss Pomerantz informed the jury that they will hear from Jane and other victims. The jury included a 16 year-old girl who was taken to Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico. Maxwell “got the girl on the massage table and began touching her breasts”.

Maxwell said that Maxwell saw another 17-year old while driving in her car. She ordered her driver pull over to’recruit her’.

Prosecutor said that the abuse “evolved” over the last decade.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre will not be testifying during Maxwell's trial but will be giving off-the-record briefings to reporters

Virginia Roberts Giuffre won’t be testifying at Maxwell’s trial, but she will give off-the-record briefings for reporters

Journalists set up their shots outside the Manhattan Federal Courthouse where Ghislaine Maxwell's trial is set to start today

Outside the Manhattan Federal Courthouse, where Ghislaine’s trial will begin today, journalists set up shots.

Epstein and Maxwell first found the victims, but in the 2000s, Miss Pomerantz said they found a “more convenient way” to do it.

She said that they had created a pyramid scheme to abuse girls. They encouraged girls to bring in other girls.

Although the children were given wads and wads cash, Miss Pomerantz stated that these girls weren’t professional masseuses. They were just kids being sexually abused.

According to her, the young women had been traumatized for all their lives. They were selling sex to children. They were predatory and exploited teenage girls to sexual abuse for more than a decade.

One of those accused of being a recruiter was Virginia Roberts – the woman who has accused Prince Andrew of raping her, which he denies. Bobbi Sternheim (Maxwell’s lawyer) said to jurors that the victim in this case was actually Virginia Giuffre, now Virginia Giuffre. Roberts was being paid by Epstein “to recruit women for massaging.” This trial is being held without Mrs Giuffre.

Sarah Ransome, one of several women who have accused Epstein and Ghislaine of sexual abuse, was seen arriving to the courthouse

Sarah Ransome, one of several women who have accused Epstein and Ghislaine of sexual abuse, was seen arriving to the courthouse

Sarah Ransome was one of the accused women against Epstein and Ghislaine for sexual abuse. She arrived at the courthouse

Miss Pomerantz claimed that Epstein was the victim of abuse at his homes: his Palm Beach estate, Florida estate, and Manhattan townhouse. He also had a Santa Fe ranch, New Mexico ranch, a Paris apartment, as well as a luxurious estate in the Virgin Islands.

In July 2020, Maxwell was charged by authorities. It happened one year after Epstein committed suicide.

Since then, she has been held in Brooklyn and called the allegations against her “absolute rubbish”. She claims she was Epstein’s pawn and that she paid ‘a blood cost’ to make the public want to hold someone accountable.

Maxwell was released from court by Jeff Pagliuca, who gave Maxwell a big hug and told her to stay tight.

Lisa Bloom representing the eight victims and one of the Maxwell cases, Lisa Bloom outside the courthouse said Epstein would not have been able to abuse the women without Maxwell’s support.

“My clients hope she’s convicted on all charges and spends her entire life in prison.”

Maxwell’s brother said Andrew’s cancellation had occurred on “dubious grounds”. 

Ian Maxwell said that he hopes that his sister will be ‘exonerated at the end of her trial and that that will in some way assist Prince Andrew clear his own name from the charges that he too is facing’.

Speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari today, Mr Maxwell was also asked if he had ever discussed his sister’s friendship with the Queen’s son. He said that he had met Prince Andrew on two occasions at his sister’s house, so he didn’t need to discuss it with her.

He said that he knew them to be friends. Now, he finds himself in an awful position, where he was effectively ”cancelled.’ As a Royal Family member. I find this very doubtful.

‘So I hope that clearly my sister will be exonerated at the end of her trial and that that will in some way assist Prince Andrew clear his own name from the charges that he too is facing – although those are civil charges – from a very vocal accuser of both of them – who, I might add, is not testifying at the trial, which tells you all you need to know about her credibility.’