The Queen’s platinum-jubilee celebration is likely to be hampered by Palace Andrew’s court drama. This is what a royal expert described as ‘grim news for Buckingham Palace.

New York records show Jeffrey Epstein’s victim is filing a civil case against him for rape, and sexual assault.

Judge Lewis Kaplan has ruled that all disclosures and depositions must be completed before July next Year, with agreement from both parties.

This means that important moments in the case will also be heard in the lead-up to official national celebrations to commemorate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

Richard Fitzwilliams, royal commentator, stated that there will be a cloud’ over the festivities due to Andrew’s “atrociously ill advised friendship with Epstein”.

Queen Elizabeth II with her son Prince Andrew on the Buckingham Palace balcony in June 2019

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew are seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony in May 2019 with their son Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, then 17, and Ghislaine Maxwell pictured in London in 2001

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, 17-year-old, and Ghislaine maxwell, pictured in London, 2001

The commemorations will last throughout the year and will see senior royals – except Andrew – travel around the country and overseas. The events will culminate with a four-day bank holiday on the first weekend in June.

MailOnline today was told by Mr Fitzwilliams that the news that Prince Andrew is the subject of a court case brought against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre is terrible news for the Palace.

Queen hasn’t walked dogs in almost a week 

After being advised to rest by doctors, the Queen was unable to enjoy her daily walks with her dogs for nearly a week.

Sources claim the monarch is now taking their orders to sleep seriously after she was admitted to hospital for preliminary investigations on Wednesday night.

The Queen and her dogs at Windsor in 1994

1994: The Queen and her dogs at Windsor

The Queen, 95 years old, has two corgi dogs and a dorgi Candy. This is a cross between a corgi dog and a dachshund. One of her highlights is being driven to walk the dogs near Frogmore, Windsor, where Harry and Meghan lived once.

Friends and family believe that the Queen’s daily excursions are a tonic’ and have helped her stay healthy in her nineties.

Instead, staff have been walking the dogs since her hospital stay. Buckingham Palace stated yesterday that the Queen was in good spirits and had taken on some ‘light duties’ while she rested.

It is still hoped that she will be able lead the Royal Family at next week’s Cop26 UN climate change summit in Glasgow. The final decision will be made at the end of the week.

“It means that speculation that is certain to be sensational will likely make headline news in the coming months. 

“It is unclear if disclosure of the 2009 settlement between Virginia Roberts (deceased paedophile Epstein) and Virginia Roberts, which his lawyers have recently had access to, will be of any benefit to his case.

“If Prince Andrew were to be asked questions by her lawyers, then he could exercise his right not to speak or claim that he doesn’t have any evidence.

According to the latest court document, Judge Kaplan plans to draw a line in any amendments to the New York proceedings before December 15.

All disclosures regarding expert witnesses must be made by June 13, with the disclosure process completed one month later. One US legal expert described scheduling as ‘brisk.

Fitzwilliams said that Andrew strongly denied the charges. He also stated that he believes, undoubtedly, that if Andrew can discredit his accuser whose statements have appeared contradictory this would be a way to help him save his reputation.

He continued, “Obviously, if the man attempted to settle, it would have been considered an admission that he is guilty.”

“At this point, it is unclear exactly what will happen in these coming months. However, the publicity associated with it will undoubtedly prove to be deeply damaging for the royal family.

The Queen, who is reportedly funding his legal expenses, will be celebrating an historic anniversary in this country’s past, but there will be clouds caused by Epstein’s atrociously ill-advised friendship.

‘However the court of public opinions, in which his support seems almost non-existent, is a serious block to any rehabilitation.

“There has been no indication that Epstein has cooperated with FBI agents who are trying to track Epstein’s accomplices. He promised to do so.

Andrew, a close friend of Epstein and convicted paedophile Epstein has always denied Virginia Giuffre’s claims that she was trafficked into having sex with him three times when she was 17.

Virginia Roberts

Jeffrey Epstein

Andrew has always denied Virginia Giuffre’s claim that Andrew was trafficked to have sex three times with Jeffrey Epstein when she was 17.

The Queen at a reception for the Global Investment Conference at Windsor Castle last Tuesday

The Queen at a reception at Windsor Castle for the Global Investment Conference last Tuesday

Although the prince and his legal staff were shocked when she filed a civil suit against him in April of this year, they now plan to use it to prove his innocence.

Virginia Giuffre is pictured after a hearing in the Jeffrey Epstein case in New York in 2019

Virginia Giuffre is pictured following a hearing in New York’s Jeffrey Epstein case.

They have until Friday to reply to her lawsuit. A further hearing is scheduled for next week at a Manhattan court. Epstein was taken into custody and committed suicide.

Mr Fitzwilliams added: “His (Andrew’s) interview to Emily Maitlis is one the most damaging public relations disasters of royal history.

He feels there is no way to go for him, which may explain why he might feel he has little to gain by taking a more aggressive defense.

“The damage to the monarchy may however be substantial during a period that should be one of celebration.”

Andrew denied claims he had slept with Ms Giuffre three times on Newsnight in November 2019. He stated: ‘I can categorically assure you that it never happened.

“I have no recollection of ever having met this lady, none whatsoever.”

The duke said that he doesn’t remember a photograph of him with Ms Giuffre’s arm wrapped around his waist. He also questioned whether the image was taken by his hand.

In the aftermath of the interview, the royal was criticised for not showing empathy towards Epstein’s victims as well as a lack remorse for his friendship with the disgraced financier.

The Metropolitan Police stated earlier this month that it would not take any action regarding Ms Giuffre’s claims. Andrew has not been accused of any crime.