Prince Andrew wants sworn evidence from Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein victims. This will prove that Virginia Roberts is the one who recruited Princess Andrew at age 14 to provide sexual massages.  

The high-risk gamble is part of the Duke of York’s ‘unclean hands’ defence strategy, which will see his lawyers argue Ms Roberts does not deserve damages because she was complicit in a ‘criminal enterprise’. 

But the move could backfire against the royal, as his witness, Carolyn Andriano, recently corroborated claims that Ms Roberts had sex with Andrew at Maxwell’s London home when she was 17 – meaning she could do so yet again under oath.  

A source who was familiar with the duke’s strategy said to the Times that it could prove to be a “double-edged sword”.     

Andrew’s team is now searching for more women, who might have been recruited under age by Ms Roberts. 

The source said that they are open to speaking with anyone who may have information about these claims.  

Prince Andrew's team are now looking for other women who may have been recruited by his accuser Virginia Roberts while under age

Prince Andrew and his team are currently looking for women to be recruited by Virginia Roberts, Prince Andrew’s accuser.

Prince Andrew will face a showdown with his sex accuser Virginia Roberts' lawyers during a deposition for their high-profile New York court battle

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts will be in a heated showdown during their highly publicized New York court case. 

Andrew is being sued by Ms. Roberts in New York for alleged trafficking and forcing her to have sex three times with Epstein when she was 17 years old. Andrew strongly denies these claims.

Sources close to the royal claim that Ms Roberts will be represented by the Duke and Duke of York at a meeting in London, March 10th.

We agreed to depose the Duke on March 10, according to sources. A source close to the Duke stated that despite repeated requests Ms. Giuffre Roberts has not committed to a specific date or place for her deposition. 

It was just one day before Andrew’s Mother, Queen Elizabeth, celebrated her 70th Year on the Throne as part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

As the Prince prepares for a two-day grilling by David Boies (80), one of America’s most acclaimed attorneys and Sigrid Mccawley, his UK-based legal staff, his preparations are being completed. 

Andrew was stripped last month of his royal titles and military peerages. The case is now being tried. He will be question about the three assaults that occurred in 2001.    

In the meantime, Ms. Andriano appears to be a crucial part of Andrew’s defense. 

Infamous: The photo that Carolyn says Virginia Roberts showed her

Carolyn calls Virginia Roberts’ photo “infamous”.

Maxwell was convicted in New York on December child sex traficking charges. The 35-year-old victim testified. 

Interview with Daily Mail: She waived her anonymity, and charged Ms Roberts with complicity in Maxwell-Epstein’s trafficking ring. 

She told the paper: ‘At 14 years old, I was big-breasted and I definitely could pass for 21 when I was made up.

“I did my make-up but Virginia gifted me the clothes. These tight shorts were very skimpy and had a spaghetti-strap neckline. “Whatever you do don’t tell me your age,” she said. It was so simple that I did not even bother to ask her why. It was all I did.

She said that Epstein received a nude massage from the girls, and that Roberts had sex.

She said, “I wasn’t sure what to do or how to speak, nor where to go.” So, she sat on the couch while it finished. Maxwell arrived at the bottom of the stairs and asked her, “How was it all?”

“Virginia looked at her to tell her it was great and Maxwell then asked for my number. 

She said, “I believe Virginia should get more than Maxwell.” Because she had me in a downward spiraling world, and it was 12 years for my husband John to teach me how to love again. 

However, she also remembered how Ms Roberts claimed she slept with Andrew and met with Epstein and Andrew for dinner. She could even repeat this under oath.

Virginia Roberts' lawyer, David Boies, has previously stated: 'Virginia has said for years that her role in facilitating other young women's involvement is something that she has always regretted. But that fact doesn't have anything to do with the truth of her allegations [against Prince Andrew].'

David Boies (the lawyer for Virginia Roberts) stated previously that Virginia Roberts has repeatedly said that Virginia regretted her involvement in helping other young women get involved. This fact has nothing to do with her accusations. [against Prince Andrew].’ 

Andrew claims to not have ever met Ms Roberts, but his lawyers may argue that she exaggerated the details or was lying.   

Ms. Andriano stated that she asked her whether she had been to the palace. He was my partner in crime, and I got to share my bed with him. And I asked, “What? You’re f***ing with me’, and she said, ‘No, I got to sleep with him’. 

“She seemed happy about it. She found it quite interesting. 

Andrew says he didn’t meet Ms Roberts, despite an infamous photo of the two of them at the hip. This photograph was allegedly faked by the royal. 

Although he requested an original photo, Ms Roberts and her team have not been able to provide it.   

David Boies who is Ms Roberts’ lawyer has stated previously: “Virginia said for many years that her role of facilitating the involvement of other young ladies was something she always regretted.” 

“But this fact does not have anything to do the truth of her claims.” [against Prince Andrew].’

The duke’s spokeswoman declined to comment.