After her ITV bombshell documentary on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey was seen walking her dog around Los Angeles yesterday.  

The 44-year-old socialite and former ‘It Girl’, who is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol and the Duke of York’s former love interest, told the documentary, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile, how Epstein had ‘sat back and watched’ as Ghislaine Maxwell went ‘fishing’ for girls.  

Ranvir Singh spoke to Ranvir, the presenter of the program. She said that she felt like she was being used by Maxwell and Epstein as bait. the pair 20 years ago when she was ‘really young and naïve’.  

The documentary aired in the UK at 9 pm. She said that Jeffrey was actually the frontman, while Ghislaine was his accomplice. The two of them were almost like Batman and Robin. Ghislaine is a great help.

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English socialite  Lady Victoria Hervey, now 44, was pictured walking her dog, D'Artagnan, in Los Angeles on Tuesday after the ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile aired in the UK on Tuesday evening

English socialite  Lady Victoria Hervey, now 44, was pictured walking her dog, D’Artagnan, in Los Angeles on Tuesday after the ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile aired in the UK on Tuesday evening

Lady Victoria pulls along D'Artagnan, her beloved dog, during the walk in the California sunshine yesterday; the socialite, now 44, appeared twice on UK screens talking about the Epstein scandal on Tuesday

Lady Victoria has D’Artagnan with her during the California walk. On Tuesday, the 44-year-old socialite spoke twice about the Epstein scandal in Britain. 

'Young and naïve': The socialite, who is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, told the programme's host Ranvir Singh that looking back on her interactions with Maxwell and Epstein she now has a very different perspective of them (Lady Victoria Hervey and Prince Andrew pictured in 2002 at a party in London to celebrate Chinese New Year)

‘Young and naïve’: The socialite, who is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, told the programme’s host Ranvir Singh that looking back on her interactions with Maxwell and Epstein she now has a very different perspective of them (Lady Victoria Hervey and Prince Andrew pictured in 2002 at a party in London to celebrate Chinese New Year)

Singh asked Lady Victoria what she thought about the dinners at Ghislaine. 

Lady Victoria answered: ‘He just sort of sat down and kinda waited for her, so he could go fishing to find as many girls as he needed. My role was limited to being bait.

“You know what, when I looked back, you see that I was very young and ignorant, and she entertains these big businessmen. Although I didn’t realize it at the time …’ 

Lady Victoria, who was casually dressed in animal print loungewear as she led her dog along the Los Angeles sidewalks, looked relaxed as she strolled alongside her dog.  

The Queen removed his honorary military positions and informed the Duke of York about his legal fight with Virginia Giuffre, a sex accused.

Yesterday’s appearance on Lorraine was also by Lady Victoria, who claimed that Maxwell had been a victim of Epstein. The socialite previously claimed that she didn’t know what the two were up to. 

Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey appears in ‘Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile' on ITV tonight

Prince Andrew’s former girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey stars in ITV’s ‘Ghislaine Prince Andrew, and the Paedophile.

Lady Victoria Hervey and Ghislaine Maxwell pictured in Hollywood on February 25, 2004

Lady Victoria Hervey & Ghislaine Maxiwell photographed in Hollywood, February 25, 2004, 

Lady Victoria Hervey (looking towards the camera) stands near Prince Andrew (left) at a party in London in January 2002

Lady Victoria Hervey looks towards the camera as she stands beside Prince Andrew at an event in London, January 2002

Lady Victoria said to the morning presenter that she was a victim right now. He is also being held accountable for his actions. Some may argue that it isn’t as fair as it should be.

The socialite, who spoke to Lorraine from Los Angeles, said: ‘I mean to be honest I think Ghislaine was a victim and is a victim. As their relationship ended, they became accomplices. She was once a victim. It was a switch of sides. She is a victim to me.

Maxwell (60) was found guilty of aiding the abuse of minors in a relationship with Epstein last December 29. Maxwell faces 65 years imprisonment, which means she will spend her entire life behind bars.

The former London society girl was found guilty of five out of six counts for sex trafficking. It was an incredible loss that she later rose to the top of New York’s social circle.

Prince Andrew is seen with his arm around Virginia Roberts while Ghislaine Maxwell stands in the background, in a now infamous photo from early 2001

Prince Andrew is shown with Virginia Roberts wrapped around his arm, while Ghislaine maxwell stands behind him in this now-famous photo taken early 2001. 

Lady Victoria also told Lorraine on Tuesday that she feels Maxwell is 'a scapegoat' and is 'being taken down' for Epstein's crimes

Lorraine was also informed Tuesday by Lady Victoria that Maxwell is her’scapegoat and she is being taken down for Epstein’s crimes.

Lorraine questioned Lorraine over her personal connections to the two, and she said: “Why would you think that if you were an average girl without any connections, did you believe that she wanted you there?”

Lady Victoria stated that she was “the IT girl in London at the time.” She also said, “Everyone knew me and I attended every dinner party.” It was great to be on Lady Victoria’s guest list. 

“It made it much more entertaining for the men that she entertained.  It is obvious that you desire to be surrounded by attractive, hot London girls at all times.

Then she added, Epstein and Maxwell were “definitely a dual act”, saying that it wouldn’t work with him by himself.  Because she was female, it was easier to make contact with other women. 

Prince Andrew's ex girlfriend Lady Victoria insisted on Lorraine that 'very private' Maxwell was a 'victim' of Epstein

Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria insists on Lorraine that Maxwell, a victim’ to Epstein, was an ‘intimate’ Maxwell

“Girls will feel more intimate and scared than men.” In this regard, it would have been less apparent.

Lady Victoria said that although she felt used by the duo she still had fun.

“I was so foolish,” she said. My situation was so unique that people in it were young and would be taken advantage of. They were only looking for someone to entertain. It was a lucky day for me and I am aware.

Lady Victoria Hervey on the red carpet at Cannes last July

Lady Victoria Hervey at Cannes’ red carpet last July

She claimed that she did not know of any problems during the parties. All of it seemed to be very enjoyable at the time.

“This was in the 2000s. No one knew what would happen later. But people desired Ghislaine or Jeffrey to be at their events. Everyone invited them. 

Lady Victoria admitted that she was disappointed because she’d ‘not followed all of it’. She said that the public had not learned any new information and she was feeling a ‘detachment’ from the trial because it wasn’t broadcast on television.

She stated that she hadn’t yet named new names. It is my hope that she will begin to give out names. We are not there yet, I think.

Meanwhile on her dinner with Ghislaine, Epstein, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, she pondered: ‘Is it to make them feel important? That is what I thought. It was business, I guess. These introductions brought together powerful individuals.

“So while I can’t tell you exactly what business deals took place at these dinners, it’s clear that they did.

Lady Victoria added: “She is unfortunate to be a scapegoat at the moment, since there’s nobody else to blame.

“Unfortunately for her, she is being held responsible for his actions as well. While some may argue that it isn’t fair enough but that is exactly the current situation.

Lorraine, however, argued that Maxwell was just as guilty for the victims as Epstein.

Lady Victoria commented on the famous picture of Andrew with Virginia Giuffre as his accuser: “That is stupid.”

Lady Victoria answered that Maxwell never spoke with her about Andrew’s friendship. Although they had a lot of private conversations, it was clear that she and Maxwell were close friends. When you meet people, it’s easy to tell by their body language if they are good friends.

Ghislaine Maxwell could spend the rest of her life behind bars after a jury convicted her of recruiting and grooming young girls to be sexually abused by the late American financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein last month

Ghislaine Maxwell will spend her entire life in prison after being convicted last month by a jury for recruiting and grooming teenage girls to sexual abuse the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

Maxwell was found guilty on five of six counts of sex trafficking - a spectacular downfall for the former London society girl who later moved into the highest circles of New York's social scene. Pictured: Maxwell with Epstein

Maxwell was sentenced to five years imprisonment on six counts of sex trading. It was a shocking loss for Maxwell who had been a London socialite and later became a prominent figure in New York’s society scene. Maxwell and Epstein

“I do not know how she will be sentenced, or for how many years.

Disgraced socialite Maxwell is set to be sentenced on sex trafficking crimes on June 28. The delayed sentencing was based on the defense attorneys’ decision due to recent  ‘compelling’ evidence they say could overturn the trial, as well as Maxwell’s conviction. 

Maxwell’s lawyers demanded that Maxwell be tried again after an ex-socialite juror confessed to having helped him convict by telling other jury members his sexual abuse experiences.

She was found guilty of sex trafficking of a minor, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and three counts of conspiracy. Her guilt of inducing minors to illegal sex was not proven.   

Maxwell was sentenced after a one-month trial. During that time, prosecutors claimed Maxwell recruited and trained teenage girls for Epstein’s sexual abuse between 1994 and 2004. 

Maxwell had an affair with Epstein once, but he later became Epstein’s employee at five of his residences including a Manhattan estate and large Palm Beach estate.

Maxwell, who is said to have been Epstein's madam as well as his one-time girlfriend, is seen posing with the pedophile in evidence photos shown in court

Maxwell, believed to have been Epstein’s madam and one-time girlfriend is seen in courtroom evidence photos with the pedophile.

Epstein committed suicide in a Manhattan federal prison while awaiting a trial for sex trafficking.

Maxwell’s attorneys argued that Maxwell made Maxwell a scapegoat after his death by claiming she was used as a weapon of mass destruction by federal prosecutors. 

Andrew now faces severe pressure from Ms Giuffre to resolve her case. A New York judge rejected Andrew’s request to dismiss the case. This opens up for Andrew to go to trial with Ms Giuffre in nine months. The box office trial will examine allegations that she was forced to have sex repeatedly with him as a teenager. 

This is a terrible blow for the Duke of York. He now faces an expensive, reputation-shredding case in court unless he pays Ms Giuffre at least $5million. 

Andrew could face being interviewed in London by Ms Giuffre’s lawyers if he refuses to settle or if Ms Giuffre declines to make any offers. The interview will be recorded and played in court. However, the civil case in another legal jurisdiction cannot force the ninth liner to the throne to testify. 

However, he can also choose to ignore the case, and the court will make a decision without him present, though this could cause further harm to his reputation. 

ITV’s Ghislaine, Prince Andrew, and the Paedophile air tonight at 9pm.