India Hicks is Prince Charles’ goddaughter and has posted a photo of her fittings for the wedding dress with Emilia Wickstead. 

Earl Mountbatten’s granddaughter (54), was a bridesmaid for Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding. She married David Flint Wood, her 26-year-old partner, in a traditional ceremony that took place in Brightwell Baldwin Parish Church.

She wore a turtle neck wedding dress by Emilia complete with ivory tull and lace and an A-line skirt for the big day. 

India took to Instagram to share a collection of photos and videos from multiple dress fittings she had with Emilia (a favorite designer for the royals) two months later. 

India wrote: What to wear for a wedding when I’m 54? You need to think about this a lot, particularly if it’s your first trip down the aisle.

Prince Charles' goddaughter India Hicks, 54, has revealed a glimpse at her wedding dress fittings with designer Emilia Wickstead

India Hicks (54) is Prince Charles’ goddaughter. She has given us a look at how she wore her wedding dress with Emilia Wickstead

India shared clips as the designer sketched out her design (pictured), before posting the finished garment

India shared clips as the designer sketched out her design, before posting the finished garment (pictured)

India uploaded clips showing how the designer sketched her design (left), then posted the final garment (right). 

India posted a collection of clips taken at the Emilia Wickstead Bridal Studio.

“Find someone trustworthy and expect to receive a lot more parking tickets at fittings. 

She said, “Several weeks after our initial design meeting, we try on the maquette. It is made of leftover fabric and can be played with.

“This made me realize that I didn’t want to take a lengthy train. I wasn’t a spring-chicken bride. Let’s be honest, the ankle length was much better for me.

Posting a series of clips from various visits to the Emilia Wickstead bridal studio, India advised her followers 'find someone they trust' to design their wedding dress

India shared a selection of clips taken from visits to Emilia Wickstead’s bridal studio. India encouraged her followers to “find someone they can trust” to design their wedding dresses.

She said, “Looking at photos of my mother’s wedding gown and wondering if it was possible to wear her veil. But I didn’t in the end.”

She shared a video of herself in her wedding dress for the first-time and wrote, “At the end, the designer wins.”

“Practice sitting down” – but don’t be scared by the designer. 

On her Instagram, she shared how her mishap with the veil had affected her day of wedding.

Then she said, “And a veil?” This is the symbol for virginity. However, between you guys and me, that was lost a while ago. I felt it was a very simple and bridal gesture so Emilia Wickstead designed my and the bridesmaid’s dresses and also organized my veil.

Meanwhile she also revealed how they had studied her mother's veil during discussions about whether she would wear it

During discussions on whether or not she would wear the veil, she revealed that she had also studied it with her mother. 

Further snaps showed Prince Charles' goddaughter trying on a maquette during a fitting

Further snaps showed Prince Charles' goddaughter trying on a maquette during a fitting and finally, in the finished dress

Additional photos showed Prince Charles’ goddaughter, Princess Charles, trying on a Maquette at a fitting (left), then in the final dress (right). 

Meanwhile India revealed she wore her mother's brooch pinned to the back of the neckline of the dress (pictured)

India also revealed to India that her mother’s brooch was pinned at the back of her neckline. (Photo: India). 

My mother was to deliver the veil to me, while I was at home with my French friends. The bridesmaids’ dresses for my French twins would go to their neighbors. The veil was bundled together with twin dresses and the other wedding items.

“The morning of my wedding I realized that my veil was missing. I had just finished putting my hair up, and was getting ready to change into my dress. PANIC. PANIC IS ENSUED.

“Meanwhile, Christian was being woken up by his twin sisters, and in horrible tears, while he was staying at our neighbor’s house.

“There were two gowns, one veil. So how could they all share one veil? Christian was half asleep and very creative. “ Zis is not a problem. Let’s cut your veil in half. Go find me scissors.”

Prince Charles' goddaughter India Hicks celebrated her wedding to beau David Flint Wood on Thursday

Her star-studded set of guests shared a glimpse into the glamorous affair online

India Hicks, Prince Charles’ goddaughter, married David Flint Wood. Here is a peek at the glamourous affair with star-studded guests.

‘Back at my mother’s house I suddenly guessed what had happened. It must have been with the bridesmaid gowns. I urgently called the house “My veil is missing – I think its there.”

Robin and Brooke also stayed and went to take a look. Christian and his girls found Christian with the veil, and large scissors just about to slice it in half.

The couple had invited a lot of celebrities to their September wedding. They included jazz singer Jamie Cullum, his ex-wife Sophie Dahl (granddaughter of Roald), and Christian Louboutin, the legendary shoe designer.

India’s daughter Domino was the bridesmaid leader. Domino wore an Emilia Wickstead wedding gown, just like her mother. Eloise and Paloma Louboutin, Christian Louboutin’s six year-old twin daughters were also present.

It was enough to have the children of one fashion dynasty, so Ines de Givenchy was added. She is the daughter of Zoe de Givenchy. Olivier, a JP Morgan executive is the nephew of Hubert de Givenchy. 

Kit Fraser Flint Wood was her godson’s page boy and Fraser Flint Wood was her nephew.

India and David cut their 3-tier, white rose-adorned wedding cake at the lavish reception. It was held in an outdoor marquee just before the ceremony. 

India and David were seen cutting their three-tier wedding cake decorated with white roses at their lavish reception, which took place in an outdoor marquee in Oxfordshire

India and David saw India cutting their three-tiered wedding cake, decorated with white roses, at their extravagant reception. It was held in Oxfordshire’s outdoor marquee. 

The couple sign the marriage certificate inside the church while the adorable bridesmaids, dressed in green leaves and wearing beautiful white dresses, watch on.

India stated that India had shared the English accents of her wedding, including a chorus and an assortment of uplifting hymns.

Inside the church her son Conrad read a passage by Morgan Harper Nichols, an African American Christian writer, that ends with the words, while friend of the couple Charles Finch, read the Psalm of David, which had been printed in the order of service in David’s own handwriting.  

This ring was made from simple gold and diamonds by Charlotte Chesnais. The couple purchased it in Paris several months before.

The words “amor vincit Omnia” were spoken by them, which translated to love conquers all.