The coronavirus pandemic has forced the Queen to cancel her pre-Christmas lunch, however Prince Charles is still happy despite uncertainty about royal festive plans. 

The Prince of Wales put on an animated display as he met with officers of the Britannia Royal Naval College, even gamely stopping to take a selfie with one of them.

The heir to the throne, 73 who is Admiral of the Fleet, presided over the Lord High Admiral’s Divisions at the College in Dartmouth today, and attended the passing out parade. 

For the occasion, he wore a naval uniform and gave a speech.

In addition, the Prince of Wales presented officers deserving who were distinguished with exceptional merit with this year’s Queen’s sword. 

An officer of the Saudi Arabia Navy takes a selfie with the Prince of Wales, 73, Admiral of the Fleet, as he presides over the Lord High Admiral's Divisions at Britannia Royal Naval College, in Dartmouth today

A Saudi Arabia Navy officer takes a photo with Prince of Wales (73), Admiral of Fleet as he presides over the divisions of Lord High Admiral Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

Charles was welcomed at the event by Captain Roger Readwin, Commander of the BRNC, and the Parade Commander, Commander Will Peters.

Following his arrival at the Parade ground, he was taken to his home, where he received his address.

He especially honored the students who came in first place this school year. 

As part of the ceremony, he presented the Queen’s sword to Sub Lieutenant Thomas Handley, who won the Officers Association Prize.

The heir to the throne saluted the officers as he arrived today ahead of the parade at the College, pictured

As the heir of the throne arrived ahead of today’s parade at College, the officer saluted him

The Prince of Wales saluted the officers. He looked poised and solemn during the official event, but later let his hair down while chatting with the officers

The Prince Of Wales gave a salute to the officers. While he looked composed and serious during the formal event, he later relaxed while talking with the officers. 

The Prince of Wales, who is Admiral of the Fleet, reviewed the officers in attendance with an affable smile

Admiral of Fleet the Prince of Wales reviewed all the present officers and smiled amiably 

Charles, who actively served in the Navy and the Royal Air Force from 1971 to 1977, could not resist laughing with the officers

Charles, who served actively in the Navy, Royal Air Force, and Navy between 1971 and 1977, couldn’t help but laugh with the officers

The sword was also presented to Jamie Molyneux, Sub Lieutenant.

After the official event, the heir to the throne, who actively served in the Navy and Royal Air Force from 1971 to 1977,  relaxed and exchanged a few jovial words with the officers in attendance, 

The Prince of Wales was even spotted by a member of the Saudi Arabia Royal Navy. 

Charles visits as Queen Elizabeth II has to cancel her Christmas lunch due to Coronavirus. 

The 95-year-old monarch was planning to welcome 50 or so relatives, including Prince Charles and Camilla, to an event at Windsor Castle next week.

The Queen is scheduled to fly by helicopter from the party to Sandringham, Norfolk on the day following the festivities. She will then spend Christmas in Sandringham. 

However it has now emerged the Queen ‘with regret’ has cancelled her family lunch as a ‘precautionary’ measure, feeling that too many people’s Christmas arrangements were at risk if it went ahead. 

The officers took their positions for the parade at the College today, before they were reviewed by Prince Charles

Before Prince Charles examined them, today’s parade saw the officers take their places at the College. 

The College's officers walked as one, making their way to the parade this afternoon in Dartmouth, pictured

Officers from the College walked together to Dartmouth’s parade today. 

Prince Charles, centre, accompanied by Captain Roger Readwin, right, Commander of the BRNC, and the Parade Commander, Commander Will Peters, left

Prince Charles (center), is accompanied by Commander of the BRNC Captain Roger Readwin and Commander Will Peters as Parade Commander. 

The Prince of Wales addressed the officers during his engagement today

He presented a sword to Sub Lieutenant Thomas Handley, right, who won the Officers Association Prize Winner

The Prince of Wales addressed the officers before congratulating Sub Lieutenant Thomas Handley, right, who won the Officers Association Prize Winner

Charles attended the Parade Ground with Captain Roger Readwin, Commander of the BRNC, and the Parade Commander, Commander Will Peters, for the Lord High Admiral's passing out Parade

Charles attended Parade Ground alongside Captain Roger Readwin (Commander of the BRNC) and Commander Will Peters (Parade Commander), to celebrate the passing out Parade

Sources close to the Royal Family stated that there was a conviction that doing so is best for all. 

The Queen cancelled this event for the second consecutive year. It is usually held at Buckingham Palace.

Last year, she postponed the lunch because of tougher restrictions that were imposed due to the Delta Covid strain surge. 

The decision comes after millions of Britons cancelled Christmas Day plans in order to be with family. 

The Prince of Wales seemed in good spirits, in spite of the news his mother had to cancel her pre-Christmas lunch for the second time in a row this year

He was seen exchanging a few words with some of the officers in attendance

Even though his mother cancelled her Christmas dinner for two years in succession, Prince of Wales looked in great spirits.

The future King looked relaxed and in good spirits as he met with members of the Saudi Arabia Navy today

Today, the future King was relaxed as he met members of Saudi Arabia’s Navy.

Camilla Tominey, a royal expert, appeared today on This Morning to discuss the matter. She said that the monarch is considering leaving the decision up to the guests about whether or not they will attend the event. 

She stated that she believed the Queen would host a Christmas party in Windsor for extended Windsor family members on Tuesday. We believe it’s still happening. 

“She’ll then go to Sandringham, where she can enjoy the traditional celebrations of Norfolk.”

“But now, they seem to be in a state of flux. Like we are all. Maybe it’s going to be about the guests and if people don’t feel comfortable coming,  that makes the decision for you.’ 

The family would be reunited in their largest ever reunion after the death of the Duke in April. 

While three of her four new grandchildren – August, Lucas and Siena – had been expected to attend the lunch, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and their son Archie and newborn Lilibet, also born this year, will remain in the US.  

The Royal Family was planning to visit St Mary Magdalene Church on Christmas Eve, and then join her at Sandringham on Christmas Eve. 

It is not yet known whether this will be done.  

The Queen currently lives in Windsor Castle and continues to perform ‘light duties’ after multiple health crises over the past week.