According to royal biographer, Prince Harry secretly visited Windsor in order to “slowly begin rebuilding some bridges” with Charles.

  • Duke and Duchess Sussex flew together to the UK, for their first visit in nearly two years
  • In addition to meeting Queen Elizabeth at the official residence, they saw Harry’s father.
  • Harry received a lot of criticism for missing the Philip memorial last month 

A royal biographer claimed that Prince Harry secretly visited Windsor to begin to rebuild bridges with his father.

For the first time since 2012, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband Prince Harry flew to the UK on Wednesday.

The Queen was also present at the official residence of the couple. It is possible that they made arrangements to visit Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess Of Cornwall.

Harry, his grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh who passed away last Saturday, was widely criticised. His spokesman at the time said that he would see his grandmother “soon”.

Harry and his father spoke only rarely in the past two years. He heavily criticised Charles last year during an Oprah tell-all interview, accusing him of failing to support him financially and cutting him off from his financial resources – accusations that are strongly disputed by future king supporters who claim he was left homeless by the rejection.

He also fears Harry’s memoirs, due out later in the year, will further settle his scores.  

Phil Dampier, royal biographer, stated that this meeting could be used to attempt to heal some of the past hurts.  

A royal biographer claimed that Prince Harry secretly visited Windsor to begin to rebuild bridges with his father.

Royal biographer Phil Dampier said the meeting was likely an opportunity to try and begin mending some of the damage the relationship has suffered in recent years

Phil Dampier, Royal Biographer, said that the meeting would be an opportunity for them to begin to repair some of the recent damage they have suffered.

The Sun quoted him as saying that Harry had realized it was very unfortunate that he did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral service. Perhaps he is now questioning his behavior. 

“Most importantly I can be sure Charles was content as I’m certain he’d like to mend their marriage. It seems that this was the first step towards repairing their relationship.

“It would be nice if Prince William could also see me,” she said. It seems like Harry has finally rebuilt some bridges.

After Harry and her bitter quit, the duchess of Sussex set foot for the first time on UK soil in two years. The royal family was left reeling by their Oprah interview where they accuse a senior royal of being racist.

Last time she saw Queen Elizabeth at an unorthodox Commonwealth Day service, March 8, 2020. However, since then, she has maintained that she speaks to her over the telephone and via video call.

Harry, 37 years of age, has not visited his grandmother since the funeral of Prince Philip last April, when he briefly flew from their US home. Covid restrictions meant that their contact was limited.

Since being taken off his Metropolitan Police protection, he launched a High Court Legal Action against the Home Office.

Although it isn’t known how they arrived, whether they used a private aircraft or flown in commercially, their presence remains a major topic of conversation on Windsor Estate.

On Wednesday, they arrived incognito and stayed overnight at Frogmore Cottage. This is the place where they’ve remained despite leaving the UK, which Princess Eugenie and the rest of her family now call home.

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