Prince Harry emailed Twitter boss Jack Dorsey the day before the January 6 riot at the US Capitol warning him his site was ‘allowing a coup to be staged’ – and hasn’t heard from him since, the royal tells ‘internet lies’ conference

  • Prince Harry addressed a conference on the internet about media misinformation
  • According to him, he predicted a coup just a day before demonstrators stormed Capitol.  
  • Duke of Sussex said that “Megxit” was also a misogynist term in the course of discussion

Prince Harry revealed that he had warned Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, about a possible coup in the US a day prior to the Jan 6 Capitol Riots.

On Tuesday, the Duke of Sussex spoke on an internet panel about disinformation. He voiced his frustrations with media coverage.

Harry was asked if Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg had ever spoken with him about concerns about social media. He replied: “Jack and me were communicating by email prior to January 6, where I advised Jack that his platform would allow a coup to take place. 

“That email was sent the previous day and it occurred and I have not heard from him since.” 

Pro-Donald Trump demonstrators attempted to reverse the election results by storming Capitol on January 6. Social media’s role in the spreading of conspiracy theories and conspiracies is currently being investigated. 

Prince Harry said that he told Jack Dorsey on Twitter that he would allow a coup to take place in the US one day before the January 6 Capitol Riots.

Trump’s bank account was closed that day. It has never been opened again.

Harry shared his personal experience with media in the Wired Panel.

His words were: “Misinformation creates a humanitarian crisis in the world.” Over the years I have felt this personally and now I am watching the global effects of misinformation, which affects everyone all over the globe, not just Americans.

This is the scariest aspect of this. You don’t even need to be on social media to get affected. This problem didn’t originate on social media. 

“I was taught from an early age that publishing is not always a good thing.

He continued, “I am familiar with this story. My mother died from self-induced rabidness. And I want my children’s mother to be the same.”

The Duke of Sussex says he has not heard from the Twitter CEO (pictured) since pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol

The Duke of Sussex claims he has not received any communication from the CEO of Twitter (pictured), since protesters against Trump stormed Capitol

In March, Prince Harry joined the Aspen Institute as one of 15 commissioners to conduct a six-month study on the state of American misinformation and disinformation.

His experience in researching misinformation opened his eyes and he said that it has made him more aware of the magnitude of the problem in the US.

He stated that in a single household one can possess three or four different versions of reality, when it is truth and fact. This is not an example of something that could possibly happen to you. It is already happening. 

“We all have the potential to feed into it, even if it’s not our conscious. However, if you’re more aware about your digital diet, and what you eat each day, then maybe we can be more aware of how that affects the way we think.

Harry stated that both he, Meghan and his family have been targeted by trolls on the internet. 

On January 6, pro-Donald Trump protesters sought to overturn the election result by storming the Capitol

The Capitol was stormed by pro-Donald Trump protesters on January 6th, in an attempt to overturn the election outcome. 

Then he claimed that the expression Megxit was actually misogynistic and used to describe the Royal Family’s dramatic exit from it.

He explained that Megxit is actually a misogynistic term. The term Megxit was/is created by a bot, amplified royal correspondents, and it grew to become mainstream media. However it started as a bot.

It is not known how much Harry was paid for his appearance on the session called ‘The Internet Lie Machine’.

Last year, experts predicted he and Meghan, 40, could earn more than £1million each time they do a speech after signing up with an elite agency. 

Prince Harry appeared alongside by Renée DiResta, technical research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, and Rashad Robinson, co-chair of the Aspen Commission on Information Disorder and president at Color Of Change. 

This was the same event that his wife Meghan addressed an online conference organized by The New York Times. It discussed ‘women attaining economic and professional equality’.