Because she is “terrified” that disaster might strike, Queen Elizabeth urges Prince William not to fly helicopters with his family.

  • Queen has had several conversations with Prince William asking him to stop flying.
  • Her Majesty, 95, fears that disaster will strike and could damage the line to succession
  • Although senior royals cannot fly together, there are unofficial rules that have been relaxed.
  • Prince William, Kate, and their children fly frequently between London and Norfolk 

Because she fears that disaster may strike, Queen Elizabeth has asked Prince William not to fly helicopters in his household. 

William, 39 year-old, and the 95-year-old monarch had “several conversations” with William. This was in response to fears that an accident may threaten their line of succession. 

While senior royals usually cannot fly together due to unofficial rules, William and his children have enjoyed more family time since then.  

William and Kate with their children George, 8, Charlotte, 6, and Louis, 3, The couple split their time in London between Kensington Palace and Anmer Court, flying the 115miles each way.  

William follows his father Charles, Prince of Wales. His son George, however, is in third place in the succession order.

Prince William has been urged by the Queen to stop flying helicopters with his family because she is 'terrified' that disaster could strike

The Queen has urged Prince William to quit flying helicopters together with his family, as she’s ‘terrified that disaster might strike’

The Queen has had 'conversations' with William asking him to 'stop flying himself'

William and the Queen have had conversations asking them to “stop flying”

According to a source, the Sun was told by a close friend of the Queen: “Her Majesty” has informed courtiers and close friends that William would prefer to quit flying, especially in bad weather. Helicopters aren’t the most safe form of transportation.

It keeps Queen Elizabeth awake at night, and it is understandable that she is very concerned.

“She is aware William is an experienced pilot, but she doesn’t think it’s worth taking the chance for them all to fly together. She can’t even imagine what could happen. That would cause a constitutional emergency.

“The Queen told William that she was concerned about William’s ability to fly in bad weather or accidents at any hour.

“The Queen is thrilled with the courage shown by William and Kate in recent years, and is confident that the monarchy will be safe in their capable hands. 

“She believes the future looks bright for them with Charles at the helm, but it’s not worth worrying about what would happen to Charles and his family.”

Since the birth of Prince George, 2013, the entire family flew together. Often with a crew and pilot but occasionally with William. 

The family (pictured together in 2017) have flown together, often with a pilot and crew but sometimes with William at the controls, since they asked for permission to do so after the birth of Prince George in 2013

Family (photos taken in 2017 together) has flown together since 2013, after they applied for permission. Often, with a pilot or crew, but occasionally with William as the controls.

After Louis and Charlotte arrived, the unofficial rules were further relaxed. This allowed the entire family to fly together. 

The Palace representative said at the time: “While there are no rules regarding this and the royal heirs have traveled together in the past it is something that the Queen has the ultimate say.” 

Prince William, a skilled pilot, has served as a search and rescue pilot at RAF Valley in Anglesey, North Wales, and with the East Anglia Air Ambulance.  

According to reports, the family is looking to buy a house in Windsor to reduce their need to fly by helicopter.  

Prince William is a competent pilot who has flown with the Royal Air Force, serving as search a rescue pilot at RAF Valley on Anglesey in North Wales, and the East Anglia Air Ambulance

Prince William, a skilled pilot, has served as a search and rescue pilot at RAF Valley in Anglesey, North Wales, as well the East Anglia Air Ambulance.