Princess Charlene was photographed looking contemplative at the public debut she made since her marriage to Prince Albert in November.

As part of the Monaco E-Prix, the couple was also accompanied on the day by seven-year-old twins Prince Gabriella and Prince Jacques.

The pair have not been together in a while since Charlene, a Zimbabwean born 44-year-old, was sent to South Africa for treatment of an undisclosed condition.

Charlene, who had returned to Monaco last November with a feeling of exhaustion, almost immediately fled and sought treatment in Switzerland.

Charlene (pictured, right) has been snapped in public with husband Prince Albert (left) and their seven-year-old twins Prince Jacques (far left) and Princess Gabriella (right) at today's Monaco E-Prix

Charlene (pictured at right) was photographed in public today with Prince Albert (left) as well as their twins Prince Jacques (far right) and Princess Gabriella, seven years olds, at the Monaco E-Prix

The royal, 44, who has suffered from a number of unspecified illnesses in the last year, was pictured looking pensive at the event

The 44-year old royal looked pensive as he attended the event.

These photos are the first public appearance of the Monaco royals as a family in public since Charlene’s return to Monaco following her treatment.   

Charlene was photographed wearing an all-grey outfit, paired with her matching trouser suit and matching top. She wore elegant, natural make-up including liquid eyeliner, glossy lips, and a neat, coifed blonde.

Her health issues included what palace previously called “states of profound general tiredness”. 

According to media reports, Charlene and Prince Albert were at odds. The couple was married in 2011, after Charlene had been absent for a long time.  

The family was pictured taking to the stage at the motoring event, in their first public appearance since last November

Family members took the stage for the motoring event in their first public appearance since November.

Today's appearance follows the royal being treated at a Swiss clinic for 'exhaustion'

Princess Charlene appeared downcast during today's public appearance

As she consoled her twins aged seven and seven, the royal seemed glum.

At times, the royal appeared to look extremely downcast at today's event, for which she wore an all-grey ensemble

The 44-year-old, pictured here with daughter Gabriella, is thought to share an extremely strong bond with her children

Charlene, 44, (pictured with her seven-year-old daughter Gabriella at today’s Monaco E-Prix) has been suffering from exhaustion, both emotional and physical’ in recent times, her husband told People magazine

 ‘She was clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally. Albert stated that she was exhausted and could not face her official duties or life in general, nor family life.

The Zimbabwean Princess Charlene, who was born in Zimbabwe, died in South Africa after she collapsed in September. 

Following a check-in under a pseudonym at a Durban Hospital, she was admitted to surgery for an ear and neck infection. 

Page Six was previously informed by friends that the mother of two almost died while in her homeland. Her husband, however, stated she’s suffering from exhaustion, both physical and emotional. 

A palace statement released on December 23 revealed Albert and the couple’s children were planning to visit Charlene during the Christmas holidays, as well as asking for the family’s privacy to be respected.

According to the report, Princess Grace is “recovering in a satisfactory manner and reassuring manner” although her recovery may be slow.

Earlier this month, the family shared an official portrait to mark Easter. According to a body language expert, Prince Albert appeared 'tense' as he tried to signal his position as 'family protector'

To mark Easter, earlier in the month, Prince Albert shared an official portrait with his family. A body language expert said that Prince Albert looked tense as he attempted to communicate his status as family protector.

Body language expert Judi James said the images showed the close bond Charlene shares with her children Gabriella and Jacques

Judi James, a body language expert said that the photos showed Charlene’s close relationship with Gabriella and Jacques.

An official family portrait was released by the couple earlier this month in celebration of Easter. An expert in body language noted that Albert appeared tense in the photo, while Charlene’s close relationship with her children is highlighted.

Judi James, a body language expert, told FEMAIL Albert wanted to communicate’resilience, strength’ through his family protector pose. However, he stood in the background ‘awkwardly.   

Judi said that Albert wasn’t touching his wife but placed his hand on Jacques’ shoulder to show his parental reassurance. 

Charlene (44), demonstrated her “loving connection” with Gabriella. This is a sign of how strong her bond with Gabriella despite being away for months.

The royal couple, pictured on their wedding day 2011 in Monaco

The royal couple, pictured on their wedding day 2011 in Monaco

The couple has been plagued with rumours of marital discord since their wedding over 10 years ago

Rumours of marital strife have plagued the couple since their wedding 10 years ago

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene first met in Monaco in 2000, during a swim competition. They married in 2011, and welcomed twins Gabriella & Jacques to their home in 2014.

She was born in Rhodesia, a colonized state of Southern Africa that had never been reunified by the British.

She had a successful swimming career and went on to win three gold medals and a silver medal at the 1999 All Africa Games in Johannesburg, as well as representing South Africa at the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games and winning a silver medal in the 4 × 100 m medley relay in the latter competition. 

However, the couple’s relationship has received many attention over the years. A third paternity suit emerged in December 2020. 

Charlene shaved her hair in the fashion of punk rockers shortly after. She left South Africa several months later.

According to December 2020’s allegations, Albert was alleged to have had a child-love (which would make him his third), with a Brazilian woman at the same time he and Charlene were in a relationship.

His two children with his wife were not the only ones he has had. Jazmin Grace Graldi (now 29) is the result of Albert’s affair with an American agent for estates and Alexandre Coste (18, whose mother is an ex-Togolese pilotess).

They were both removed from Monaco’s lineage of succession and received large financial settlements.