Movie star Angelina Jolie has been rushed to safety amid fears of an imminent rocket attack while on a visit to the western city of Lviv in Ukraine. 

Jolie (46 years old) was captured walking fast with her entourage while an aerial raid siren went off.

The group was being filmed as they walked away from safety. A female member of the group turned towards the camera, and asked for ‘please no more. 

Actress paused and waved at the camera, insisting that she was okay when being asked.

Jolie has worked as a special envoy for the United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency for many years, but the specifics of her trip to Ukraine are unclear.

In recent weeks, Lviv was under Russian military attack. Earlier this month, seven civilians were killed in a missile strike on Lviv.

Maya Pidhorodetska, a Ukrainian actress and filmmaker posted a video earlier on Facebook.

‘Nothing special. Only Lviv. Just went for coffee. After filming Angelina Jolie in Ukrainian, she wrote it in Ukrainian and waved at her from behind the counter. 

“Ukraine has been supported completely by the world.”

Pidhorodetska captured Jolie smiling and chatting with Lvivans while she was wearing casual clothing.

The video emerged of Angelina Jolie (left) walking briskly with her entourage as an air raid siren went off in the Ukrainian city of Lviv

Angelina Jolie (left), walking fast with her entourage in Lviv, Ukraine as an aerial raid siren went off

As Jolie (left) and the group was filmed walking away to safety, a female member (right) turned to the camera and said 'please, no more'

Jolie (left) was seen walking with the group to safety. Jolie’s female friend (right), turned towards the camera, and said “please, no more”.

The actress herself took time to wave to the camera and insisted 'I'm okay' when asked

When asked, the actress waved to the camera.

The large group walked at a quick pace to seek shelter as the air raid siren went off in Lviv, Ukraine

They walked fast to shelter from the sound of an air raid siren in Lviv, Ukraine.

Fans earlier greeted Jolie as Russian forces gathered in the east of the country for a renewed assault

Jolie was greeted by fans earlier as Russian forces assembled in the eastern part of the country to relaunch their assault.

An aerial view of damaged area after Russian attacks in Moshchun Village, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine on April 29, 2022. Moschun village became one of the places where clashes took place in the first days of the attacks between Russia and Ukraine

View from the air of the damaged area following Russian attack on Moshchun Village in Kyiv Oblast (Ukraine), April 29, 2022. Moschun village was one of many places that clashed during the initial days of Russian and Ukrainian attacks.

This video shows Jolie signing paper with her fingers and waving at the camera. It was uploaded to Facebook by Ukrainian Maya Pidhorodetska, and has been shared more than 19,000 times.

Ms Pidhorodetska created a post in Ukrainian with the video. Google translated it to say: “Nothing exceptional.” Only Lviv. Just went for coffee. Just Angelina Jolie.

“Ukraine has been supported completely by the world,”

Jolie shared the news about Ukraine’s war with her 12.7 million followers on Instagram in February.

She said, “Like many others, I pray for the Ukrainian people.”

“My @refugees colleagues and I are focused on ensuring that all is possible to protect and respect the basic human rights and dignity of refugees and those who have been displaced in this region.

“We’ve already heard of people fleeing their homes in search for safety and there have been reports about casualties.

It is impossible to know the future, but it is important for both the Ukrainian people and international law.

Actress Angelina Jolie surprised Ukrainians after turning up to a cafe in Lviv. One boy on his phone didn't notice the world-famous actress when she dropped into the cafe behind him

Ukrainians were shocked to see Angelina Jolie the Actress after she walked into a cafe in Lviv. The world-famous actress was not noticed by the boy who was on the phone behind her.

Footage shows her singing autographs for her fans in Ukraine

She drew attention as she appeared wearing nondescript clothing at the cafe

Because she was wearing undescriptive clothing to the cafe, this actress caught attention.

Jolie isn’t the only American celebrity who has landed in Ukraine during this conflict.

American actor Sean Penn was able to meet the President of the USA and attend briefings in government as part a VICE document he’s filming.

Penn and his group walked miles towards the Polish border when Kyiv was being attacked.

Actor 61 said that after witnessing the many fleeinging Ukrainians, both he, and his crew, decided to leave their cars and walk in pursuit of safety. There were long queues. 

Penn described the way that cars were full of children and women. Their only asset was their vehicle.

A spokesperson said that the documentary is VICE Studios’ production in association with VICE World News & Endeavor Content.

The Ukrainian government translated a Facebook post and said that it was thankful for Sean’s presence. He was also praised as more courageous than Western leaders.

Due to its location on the road to Hostomel and Irpin. Moshchun, which faces the deepest traces of the war that continued for more than two months, came to the brink of a humanitarian crisis

Because of its position on the route to Hostomel, Irpin. Moshchun is the most affected by the war, lasting for over two months. It was on the verge of humanitarian disaster.

Jolie poses with Andriy Galickiy, founder of Lviv Croissants, during her visit to Lviv

Jolie, Andriy Galickiy founder of Lviv Croissants during her visit in Lviv

The UNHCR goodwill ambassador also posed for photo with children in Lviv

The UNHCR goodwill ambassador also posed for photo with children in Lviv

The majority of fighting in Ukraine has moved to the East, but cities like Lviv in West Ukraine are still under attack from Russian missiles.

Ukrainian officials claimed that more than 1000 civilian bodies were retrieved from Kyiv on Saturday. They are now working closely with French investigators in order to investigate alleged war crimes.

It was discovered that women who were found dead in mass graves had been subject to rape and brutal executions.

Numerous autopsies were performed on numerous mutilated bodies from Bucha and Irpin, many of which showed signs of torture, multiple bullet holes, and other issues.

A coroner in Kyiv north said that it was difficult to identify signs of rape or sexual abuse due to the body’s’severe state’.

The UN Office for the High Commissioner For Human Rights stated that a UN Mission to Bucha had documented the ‘illegal killings, including summary executions, of approximately 50 civilians there.

The same city also saw 25 teenage girls raped in a basement. Lyudmila denisova, a human rights officer, recorded nine cases in which the women became pregnant.