Former voice coach for Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart says Spencer’s performance is “not comfortable to see” and doesn’t capture her ‘true spirit.

  • Stewart Pearce (Diana aide) says Princess Diana did not have “flow and grace” in film
  • The independent movie cost over £13.3million to produce but took in £1.5million
  • He said he wasn’t surprised that some people left the 2hr movie early. 

Former royal assistant says Kristen Stewart’s performance in Spencer as Princess Diana is “not comfortable to view”.   

Stewart Pearce was a coach and private voice for Diana, the Princess of Wales. His movements were more jerky than graceful, according to Pearce. 

Spencer, an independent film directed by Pablo Larraín, did not do as well as anticipated at the box office, with figures from Deadline revealing it took in just £1.5million ($2.1million), despite screening in 996 cinemas worldwide. It is said to have cost over £13.3million ($18million) to produce the film.

Stewart Pearce, a private voice and presence coach for the late Princess of Wales, said Diana's true spirit was not captured by Stewart, 31, whose movements were 'jerky' rather than 'graceful'

Stewart Pearce (a presence coach and voice private for Diana), said that Stewart’s 31-year-old movements were not graceful but ‘jerky’. 

Princess Diana with Prince Harry on Christmas Day at Sandringham in 1993. Kristen Stewart recreates this iconic look in the independent film, Spencer

Prince Harry and Princess Diana at Sandringham Christmas Day 1993. Kristen Stewart recreates the iconic look in Spencer, an independent film.

The Daily Express spoke to Mr Pearce who said that it wasn’t surprising, and could see why viewers might walk off halfway through. 

He stated, “It was really challenging. It wasn’t easy to see. Kristen’s rhythms seemed very slow and very breathy.

“It appeared that many actors were encouraged to talk in a conspiratorial way. All of them spoke in very weak voices. They moved at such a rapid pace that it often became difficult for the audience to comprehend what they were saying.  

Stewart Pearce, a private voice and presence coach for Princess Diana says that her true spirit was not captured in the Spencer movie

Stewart Pearce is a coach and private voice for Princess Diana. She says the Spencer film did not capture her true spirit.

Author of Diana:The Voice of Change, Mr Pearce worked with Princess Diana for two years to coach her voice, posture, and signature look. 

He added: “If actors aren’t concerned about the people they’re playing, then that’s communicated to them.”

“Now while the audience may not pick up on the subtlety, what they will do? They’ll turn off their screens and leave the theatre if the vibration isn’t captivating them.  

Stewart, who is most well-known for her roles in Twilight, was nominated by the Golden Globes for Diana’s portrayal and is highly favored for an Oscar.

Spencer covers a fictional three-day period at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, when the princess realises her marriage to Prince Charles is over. 

The royal is seen struggling to overcome an eating disorder.   

Stewart stated previously that the princess is very relatable to her. 

The Twilight star confessed that she was not someone who developed a strong relationship with her or the entire royal family, but that it wasn’t something that made her feel special.

“It’s easy to do it, and it’s very immediate.” 

 She continued: ‘I think also what she represented so viscerally is this reflection. 

“It was the very first time anyone who had been infected by this Royal Institution ever felt like someone they could become. It wasn’t based on fake dreams… she provided a dream that just felt real.’