Paws up for the silver! Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer shares an adorable video of his cocker spaniel puppy – and reveals the mischievous pet likes to steal his slippers

  • 9th Earl Spencer, 57, welcomed a puppy at Althorp House in Northamptonshire
  • Shared adorable video showing Joey, a mischievous dog, running around the house 
  • Charles said Joey was prone to steal his slippers and place them in his bed.  

Princess Diana’s brother, David, shared that Althorp house welcomed a cute new furry addition over the weekend. 

The family seat, which is located in Northamptonshire, where the 9th Earl Spencer lives, is now home to Joey, a mischievous Cocker Spaniel puppy who likes to steal slippers. 

A cute video shared on TwitterCharles, the 9th Earl Spencer was the one who captured the cute puppy waggin’ around the stately home while he had the stolen slipper in the mouth.   

The pup was loved by many, and they were able to share their joy with their slippers. 

Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer, 57, revealed his home of Althorp House, in Northamptomshire, has welcomed a new addition, a Cocker Spaniel puppy named Joey, pictured

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, 57, revealed his home of Althorp House, in Northamptomshire, has welcomed a new addition, a Cocker Spaniel puppy named Joey, pictured 

The 9th Earl Spencer shared an adorable video of the puppy brazenly stealing one of his slippers, pictured

The 9th Earl Spencer shared this adorable video of the puppy taking one of his slippers. 

Joey was seen wagging his tail around his new home, with a slipper in his mouth. 

Charles Spencer, who was filming this funny scene, didn’t intervene and he calmly walked.  

As the video progressed, the puppy finally reached his bed where he had stored two slippers. 

The video ended with the little thief lying in bed with his new trophy in both his paws.

Prince Harry's uncle, pictured with him at Kensington Palace on July 1, seemed amused by the slipper-snatching pup

Prince Harry’s uncle, pictured at Kensington Palace with him on July 1, seemed amused at the slipper-snatching pup 

Earl Spencer posted a humorous caption on social media: “New puppy pretty happy with itself for retrieving another slipper for its growing collection,” 

Later, the dog lover was obsessed with sharing a picture of his slipper-snatching pet and revealed his name as Joey. 

The picture was taken in Northampton by Reverend Richard Cole, the Chancellor of University of Northampton and Vicar of Finedon.

The adorable puppy caused a frenzy among earl’s fans as many claimed that he is just as adorable as he is silly. 

The unbothered puppy could be seen wagging its tail around the house, with a slipper in his mouth

It was revealed there were already two stolen slippers waiting in its bed

The unbothered puppy was seen waving its tail around the house with a slipper in its mouth. It was discovered that the puppy had two stolen slippers in his bed right

The adorable pup stole the heart of royal fans online when the earl shared the adorable recording of its mischief, pictured

The adorable pup won the hearts of royal fans online when the earl shared the cute recording of its mischief. 

The pup proudly sat down in its puppy bed with the rest of its bounty, which already included two blue slippers

The proud pup sat down in the puppy bed with all its bounty, which included two blue slippers. 

“Oh my goodness! Adorable! Is this a Working Cocker? One fan stated that she was getting ‘broody’ for one and that her video had not helped.

Another said, “Ha1 What an amazing pup!” 

“OMG he is cute!” He does have a growing slipper stash! It’s adorable! Dogs have a way to ground us and make us see the value of life. “Like a pair (2) of slippers,” one joked. 

“A rather fan collection.” One said, “I am a puppy owner and I have my sympathies for all the oddities that are scattered everywhere.”   

The earl's fans were immediately smitten with Joey and were amused with the growing collection of stolen slippers

Joey quickly won the hearts of the Earl’s fans, who were amused by Joey’s growing collection stolen slippers.