Jemima Kan, Princess Diana’s friend, withdraws support from The Crown due to a ‘disrespectful script’ after breaking up with Netflix creator

  • Jemima Khan (47), a friend and close confidante of Princess Diana, has resigned from The Crown 
  • The show’s creator Peter Morgan was also her partner. 
  • Khan said that Khan’s script didn’t have the compassion she wanted.  

Jemima Kan, 47, was the actress who created the romantic story of Diana, Princess Of Wales in The Crown. She has since resigned after an argument with its creator.

Khan, who was a close friend to Diana, was hired by Peter Morgan (58), as an assistant script writer for The Crown. However, she said that the series wasn’t as compassionate than she had hoped.

Morgan worked as a film producer with Morgan from September last year to February this year on stories like Diana’s relationship with Dodi Fayed and heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, as well as Morgan’s sensational BBC Panorama interview featuring Martin Bashir.

Diana, Princess of Wales with Jemima Khan and her son on a British royal tour of Pakistan in 1997

Diana, Princess Of Wales and Jemima Khan with their son during a British royal visit to Pakistan 1997 

Emma Corrin played Diana in series four of The Crown, which portrayed her struggles with the public eye and marriage to Prince Charles

Emma Corrin was Diana, the role she played in Series 4 of The Crown. This series focused on her struggle with the media and her marriage to Prince Charles. 

After splitting up with Gillian Anderson for four years, Morgan briefly fell in love with Khan. Anderson played Margaret Thatcher during the fourth season. 

Morgan and Anderson were longtime friends, but they split in February. 

Khan has now said she left the project because the show wasn’t handling Diana’s story ‘as respectfully or compassionately’ as she had hoped, The Sunday Times reported. 

Jemima married Imran Khan in 1995 but they divorced nine years later. Diana visited the pair twice in 1996 and 1997

Jemima got married to Imran Khan in 1995, and they split nine years later. Diana visited both the couple twice in 1996, 1997.


Diana with Imran and Jemima Khan in 1997. From last September to this February the film producer worked with Peter Morgan on stories such as Diana's relationships with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed

Diana, Imran, and Jemima Khan in 1997. Peter Morgan, the film producer, worked together with Diana on stories about Diana’s relationships to heart surgeon Hasnat Khan (now Dodi Khan) from last September through February.

Morgan approached her in 2019, and she asked her to write the fifth series. She had not spoken publicly about Diana’s past, but she was keen to tell her story ‘exactly’. 

Khan said she requested that her ‘contributions be removed from the series’ and  declined a writing credit. 

The Crown’s spokesperson stated that Khan had been “a friend, fan and vocal public advocate” of the show from its inception. She also said that she is a “well-informed source”, but she wasn’t contracted to write. 

Khan, pictured, said the series was not as 'compassionate' as she hoped it would be

Khan, shown here, stated that Khan’s series is not as “compassionate” as she expected.

Khan was an associate editor at The New Statesman political magazine and European editor-at–large for Vanity Fair. Khan is now a director of a film production company. 

She has two sons – Suleiman, 24, and 21-year-old Kasim – from her marriage to former cricketer Imran Khan, now Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Hasnat Khan’s distant cousin.

In 1995, the couple got married. Nine years later, they split. Diana visited the pair twice in 1996 and 1997. 

Peter Morgan has gained critical acclaim as the writer behind Netflix hit The Crown (pictured in 2017)

Peter Morgan, the Netflix writer of The Crown (pictured in 2017), has received critical acclaim.

In the years since, Lady Annabel Goldsmith (ex-lizzy Hurley) has dated numerous high-profile men such as Hugh Grant, Russell Brand, Shane Warne, and even Lady Annabel Goldsmith.

Morgan, father-of-five was nominated by Academy Award for scripting The Queen (2006), starring Helen Mirren.

Frost/Nixon, The Damned United and The Audience are just a few of his screenwriting credits. 

Films of Philip Martin, director of The Crown in Spain’s sunny south showed him on September set for the fifth season. This series is believed to have covered the Royal Family between the 1990s and 2003.

In the 90s, the Spanish royals didn’t make official visits. However, it was thought that some scenes were being recreated from the 1997 visit of Diana and Dodi Fayed to St. Tropez.