Problem solved! Hilarious snaps reveal the many bizarre ways people have solved everyday problems. These range from using a burning wheelsbarrow to heat water to a paddling pool to using a seatbelt as a gate latch to a seatbelt.

  • Doc Journals collected photos from all over the world that show solutions to problems.
  • One snap is a doorbell which only works if the wires are connected
  • Another image shows how a shoe hole was disguised with spray paint  

Although it can be more cost-effective and sustainable to solve a problem at home using creativity than going to the shops, it is questionable if these hacks would cause more harm than good.

Doc Journals has collected a collection of photos from around world that went viral due to people’s extraordinary but questionable ingenuity.

The images include a Russian person who used a seatbelt as a latch to their gate. Another American creative thinker attempted to heat the pool by setting a wheelbarrow of coal in its middle and lighting it.  

One person set a candle under their tap to heat their cold water. 

Doc Journals has rounded up a selection of viral photographs that show very unusual methods people have used to solve an everyday problem - including someone from Russia, who used a seatbelt as a latch on their gate

Doc Journals has collected a collection of viral photos that show people using unusual methods to solve everyday problems. One example is a Russian person who used a seatbelt to latch onto their gate. 

Feel the burn! One person, who lives in the United States, attempted to heat up their paddling pool by placing a wheelbarrow with coal in the centre

Feel the heat! One American resident tried to heat their paddling pool with a wheelbarrow filled with coal.  

Another creative individual, who lives in the United States, placed a candle underneath their tap in the hopes of obtaining hot water

Another American resident placed a candle under their tap to try and get hot water. 

Home comforts! A woman, who lives in the United States, said her 12-year-old son covered his bike pedals with carpet so he can ride barefoot

Home comforts A woman living in the United States claims that her 12-year old son covered his pedals with carpet to allow him to ride barefoot. 

One person, from the United States, decided to use hangers as a temporary replacement for their light fixture

One American resident decided to temporarily replace their light fixture with hangers. 

Another individual instructed visitors to ring their doorbell by connecting the wires next to their front door

Another individual instructed visitors that they should ring their doorbell using the wires connected to their front doors. 

Sea level! A car owner, who lives in Kentucky, used benches to raise their car in anticipation of flooding in their area

Sea level! Kentucky car owner uses benches to raise their car to avoid flooding. 

One person, believed to be in the United States, replaced their steering wheel with a wooden stick to be able to complete their gardening

One person, believed be in the United States, swapped their steering wheel for a wooden stick to help them complete their gardening. 

Another person, who lives in Russia, disguised having a toilet in their kitchen by installing it inside of a cabinet

Another person who lives in Russia disguised their toilet by installing it inside a cabinet. 

Spanner in the works! An individual, from California, used a mechanic tool to stop people from entering their premises

A spanner is in progress! A Californian man used a mechanic tool as a barrier to prevent people from entering their property. 

One person attempted to disguise the hole in their shoe by spray painting their toe to blend in with the material

One person tried to hide the hole in their shoe with spray painting their toes to blend in with their material. 

Two Korean students used plastic bottles and empty crisp packets to create a boat to get across a lake

Two Korean students made a boat using plastic bottles and empty crisp packs to cross a lake.