Vladimir Putin accuses the West of increasing tensions with Ukraine through building forces along his border. However, thousands of Russian tanks, artillery and troops are close by.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Europe and America had done ship drills in Black Sea and flown fighter bombers very close to frontier. This was a violation of’red lines’, which shows Russia is not being seriously taken.

He said that the Russian military had fired an “unstoppable” hypersonic Zircon rocket at a White Sea target. 

After Washington had accused Putin that he was preparing to invade eastern Ukraine, he wanted to annexe territories like he did with Crimea.  

Vladimir Putin warned that military drills close to Russia's border, including American naval drills in the Black Sea (pictured) are responsible for tensions in the region

Vladimir Putin said that Russian military drills, which include American naval drills on the Black Sea (pictured), are the cause of tensions within the region.

Putin accused the West of failing to take his 'red lines' seriously, even as thousands of Russian troops and tanks sit close to the border

Putin said that the West had failed to follow his’redlines’, even though there are thousands of Russian soldiers and tanks close to the border.

Putin claimed that the West’s partners were escalating tensions by supplying Kiev modern weaponry, while Ukraine’s Defense Minister revealed that he asked Washington and Brussels to provide more military technology.  

Moscow was allegedly ‘constantly raising worries about this’, but his warnings and talks about red lines were only treated superficially.  

Putin expressed concern over US naval exercises at the Black Sea for several days. He told his French counterpart this week that they were “provocative” and leading to an increase in tensions between Moscow and NATO.

He also attacked Ukraine’s use of a Turkish-made drone to attack pro-Moscow rebels.

It came as Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, said he is in the process of agreeing a ‘Russian containment package’ with allies in Washington and Brussels including ‘increased sanctions’ as well as ‘supplies of additional weapons’. 

Speaking today, Mr Kuleba said: ‘Russia’s aggressiveness, both diplomatic and military, increased considerably in recent weeks.

The Ukraine is currently consolidating partnerships to combat hybrid threats.

According to the minister, after visiting Washington and Brussels recently, “work is ongoing to create a comprehensive package for Russia containment.”

Ukraine has been engaged in an almost a decade-long proxy-war with Russia. Russia backs separatist rebels within the country’s eastern regions.

The 2014 revolt that ousted Viktor Yanukovych (pro-Moscow) and caused Russia to annexe Crimea was the cause. 

So far, the conflict has claimed 13,000 lives.

Crimea is bounded by the Black Sea. It has a Russian naval port that provides easy access to the Mediterranean.  

Ukraine has called for western nations to supply more weapons as it faces the prospect of a years-long conflict with Russian separatists boiling over (file image, Ukrainian tanks)

Ukraine asked for Western nations to provide more weapons in its ongoing conflict with Russian separatists. 

Washington has warned that Russia is building up forces close to the border in preparation for a possible invasion (file image, Ukrainian troops in the region)

Washington warned Russia that it is building forces near the border to prepare for an invasion. (file photo, Ukrainian troops within the region). 

In the midst of a conflict over an unanticipated migrant crisis along the border with EU-member Poland and Belarus, Western speculation has been rekindled about Russia’s plans for eastern Ukraine.

EU accuses Alexander Lukashenko, a Kremlin-backed Belarusian regime that lured thousands of migrants, mostly Middle-Easters to its shores as retribution for the sanctions.  

As part of an overall strategy to “shatter Europe”, Ukraine has accused Putin of being the mastermind of this scheme.

NATO, the EU and US have thrown their weight behind Poland against Belarus, and on Thursday UK defence minister Ben Wallace travelled to a NATO base in Poland to speak with the country’s defence minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

Blaszczak later announced that British engineers were being sent to the border in support of the defenses.

The Polish border was sealed. It will also be sealed. He said that, despite the hybrid attacks we are able to keep Poland safe.

“I want to express my gratitude to the British, particularly in light of the situation at the Polish Belarus border. 

“Polish soldiers serve alongside British troops.”

Putin appealed directly to the EU in a speech to Russia’s foreign ministry calling for de-escalation military tensions.  

He stated that Brussels must understand that decreasing tensions in military and political matters is not just in Russia’s interests but also in the interests of Europe as a whole, including the entire world.

On Thursday the Kremlin stated that Europe shouldn’t blame Russia for “all problems”.

Tensions are also building on the Polish border with Belarus as the EU accuses dictator Lukashenko - a close ally of Russia - of orchestrating a migrant crisis there

Tensions also build at the Polish-Belarus border as EU accuses Lukashenko, a close ally to Russia, of creating a crisis for migrants.

Ukraine believes that Putin has masterminded the crisis as part of efforts to 'shatter' Europe

Ukraine claims that Putin orchestrated the crisis in an effort to “shatter” Europe

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson said that Russia has an interest in everyone in Europe coming to their senses. He also stated that Russia is not the cause of all Europe’s problems.

He stated that Europe should address “primary causes of Europe’s problems” instead.

Peskov’s comments come just after Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister warned Russia on Wednesday against any military adventurism at its borders with Ukraine or EU member Poland.

Peskov explained that “recently there have been many hysterical books in Britain,”

He added that Russia isn’t waging hybrid wars.

Ukraine wants more Western weapons

Russia conducted large-scale drills close to the Ukraine border, and annexed Crimea during the spring. This raised concerns about an invasion.

Kiev recently downplayed Russia’s presence near its borders and on Thursday, it said that it wanted more Western military support.

Recently, videos circulated on social media showed Russia moving tanks, troops and missiles toward the Ukrainian border.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, stated that Russia’s military and diplomatic aggressiveness had increased significantly in the past weeks.

According to the minister, after visiting Washington and Brussels, ‘work has begun to create a comprehensive package to contain Russia’.

He said that Kiev was in talks with the West to supply additional defense weapons to our army.

Moscow has, on its part, accused Kiev and West of warongering.

According to the Elysee, Macron, France, told Putin this week that Paris is ready to protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity.