Russian President Putin delivered his first speech to Russia since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

This despot presented his own version of the conflict, calling NATO aggressors. The Ukrainians torturing civilians in their country are just a few examples of what he said. And claiming that Western leaders plot to destroy Russia.

This is the full text of his speech:

Donetsk residents and Luhansk peoples, People’s republics Kherson and Zaporizhzhia citizens and others free from Nazi rule 

The steps to protect our sovereignty, our will to choose our future and the aggressive bloc west countries trying to preserve their power at any cost. They are trying block or suppress all independent centers for development to force their will upon other people. 

The West wants to degrade and discredit. The West is openly claiming that they have split the Soviet Union in 1991 and it’s now time to do the same for Russia. Russia will soon be divided into many different regions, which could lead to each side fighting until the very end. 

These plans were in place for quite some time. They supported terrorist groups operating in the Caucasus. They encourage NATO to visit our borders. They have a lot of hatred for Russia and total Russophobia.

This is first and foremost in Urkaine. They turned the Ukrainian population into cannon fodder, and forced Ukraine to enter a war against our country.

The war was started in 2014. They used the army to attack the civilian population and organized genocide against those who would not recognize Ukrainian authority as a result a military coup.

Like usual, they rejected a peaceful solution to the Donbass issue and claimed the right of nuclear weapons. As before, it became obvious that a second major offensive in Donbas was inevitable. The only and absolute decision to conduct a preemptive military operation was made.

It is impossible to change the main goal of releasing the entire Donbas. 

Luhansk People’s Republic has been completely freed from the Nazis. Continued fighting in Donetsk People’s Republic

Occupation regime made deep lines of defense and so part of our army, Donbas military units, are using technology, people and are releasing the Donetsk People’s Republic village by village and helping those turned into hostages.

You are aware that the Special Military Operation is being conducted by the Professional Army, while volunteer units will be fighting alongside it. 

There are many nationalities and professions. These true patriots protect Russia and Donbas at their heart’s call.

I instructed the Ministry of Defence to establish as quickly as possible the legal status of those areas, as well as the status of units of Donetsk or Luhansk People’s Republics. 

These must be identical to the Russian military’s professional army.

It is important to focus on the acquisition of units in the Donbas that use technology and munitions.

The decisions of both the Ministry of Defence (and the General Command) have led to the liberation of large areas of Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, and Zaporizhia by our army. 

This has led to a large number of contacts with military personnel spanning over 1,000km.

Istanbul [peace negotiations with Ukraine] We received a positive reaction from the Russian security experts to our suggestions.

It was evident that the West wasn’t happy with peaceful decisions, and Ukraine received the order to subvert the negotiations after reaching some compromises.

In Kyiv, new bands of foreigners and nationalists were employed by the regime. NATO-trained soldiers commanded the army.

The repression regime intensified across the whole of Ukraine by its military who, in 2014,used  the politics of terror and intimidation. This is becoming more horrific and barbaric. 

These are territories that were liberated from the neo-Nazis, and they have been freed from war. They are Novorossiya lands, Kherson, Luhansk Donetsk, Zaporzhizhia areas – you’ve seen the barbarism of the neo-Nazis within the captured regions.

Banderas [supporters of a far-right Ukrainian leader]The Nazi mercenaries torture peaceful citizens. 

Over 7.5 million people lived in the Donetsk, Luhansk People’s Republics Zaporizhzhia or Kherson before the operation began.

Many fled to safety, but those remaining are being bombarded daily by rockets from the neo Nazis. They attack schools, hospitals, and incite terror on peaceful citizens.

People we love have the moral right to offer help to tortured people.

LPR and DPR parliaments, as well as the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and DPR regions, have decided to have referendums about joining Russia. They have also asked Russia for support. 

We will make every effort to ensure that the referendums are held in safe surroundings, so that people have the opportunity to voice their opinions and decide about the future. We’ll support them.

Dear friends, our army today is directing towards the frontline of more than 1000km and are now facing the neo-Nazis as well as the combined military machine of all of West. 

Given the situation we find ourselves in, it seems necessary for me to make this decision:

For the defense of my motherland and for the security of its people, as well the integrity of its territory, safety, and security of our citizens, I support the Ministry of Defence’s decision and the general command to partial mobilise in the Russian Federation. 

It is only partial mobilization, I emphasize. It will not be possible to conscript anyone who is currently on reserve or who has military experience. They will receive additional training in military operations, keeping in mind the military special.

Officially, the decree has been signed. 

Mobilization will begin today, 21 September. I ask the heads of regional governments to assist military commissioners as best they can. Russian citizens, who have been called up for mobilisation, will get all the guarantees and benefits as those under contract.

Partially mobilization refers to additional safeguards for state procurement of defense technology and production capacities. 

All financial aspects pertaining to the supply of defense factories must be resolved immediately

The West is aggressively anti-Russian in its policies. 

There are constant threats to our country and some West politicians talk about providing Ukraine long-range military equipment that can hit Russia. This is already occurring. We’re talking here about Belgorod, the border areas, and the systems using planes and strategic drones for reconnaissance in the south.

Washington and Brussels have plans to send the military force to Russia. 

They aren’t just talking about Russia being defeated on the battlefield. This is nuclear blackmail.

Shelling was done to the Zaporzhzhia nuke power station. A high-ranking representative from NATO’s leading states suggested that the use of nuclear weapons against Russia might be possible.

People who make these statements should be reminded of the fact that we also have weapons of destruction, and in some cases they may even outrank NATO’s.

We will use every means possible to defend our citizens and the territorial integrity our country. It’s not my fault.

Russia’s citizens have the assurance that our homeland will maintain its territorial integrity, independence, and security. Let me emphasize – we will use all available means

Those who try to blackmail us using nuclear weapons need to know that they can be turned on by the authorities

It was in our historical tradition that our people decided to end those trying to subjugate motherland. 

Your support is my belief