Putin’s NUCLEAR threat against the West: Vladimir warns Ukraine’s allies that he’ll use ‘weapons to destruction’. He also announces partial military mobilisation and declares, ‘I’m NOT bluffing.

Vladimir Putin warned the world that nuclear weapons could be used against Ukraine and its Western Allies today, warning leaders around the globe: “I am not fooling you.” 

As a desperate Russian dictator, he issued the chilling threat of partial mobilization of his military reserve and referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. This would allow them to become part of Russia.

Putin added, “If there’s a threat the territorial integrity our country and we need to protect our people, then we’ll certainly use every means possible – I’m definitely not lying.” 

“Those who try to blackmail us using nuclear weapons need to know that they can be turned on.”

Vladimir Putin has today threatened to nuke the West over Ukraine, as he announced plans to annex occupied parts of its territory to the Russian mainland

Vladimir Putin today announced that he would nuke Ukraine and threaten to destroy the West. He also plans to annexe parts of Ukraine’s territory to the Russian mainland.

Putin vowed that he will use 'all available means' to defend what he sees as Russian territory, adding: 'I'm not bluffing' (pictured, a Russian nuclear test)

 Putin vowed that he will use ‘all available means’ to defend what he sees as Russian territory, adding: ‘I’m not bluffing’ (pictured, a Russian nuclear test)