Qatari media boss, 32, ‘repeatedly raped woman during months-long ordeal in £1.5million luxury London flat’

  • Qatari Saleh Almesallam, 32, allegedly attacked the woman in a Paddington flat  
  • The TV director is facing charges of rape and assault as well as grievous bodily harm. 
  • During the alleged assaults, he allegedly left the woman with broken bones. 
  • The Qatari denies any charges and will stand trial on November 29

A media boss accused of repeatedly raping a woman during a months-long ordeal in a £1.5million flat will face trial next month.

Qatari Saleh Almesallam (32), allegedly attacked the woman at the luxury Peninsula Apartments complex, Paddington, between January 11th and March 3rd this year.

Southwark Crown Court heard that he was also accused of causing her grievous bodily injury with intent in an assault that left her with broken bones.

Almesallam also faces four counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, abusive or coercive behaviour within an intimate relationship, as well as count of threats to death. 

Almesallam is alleged to have repeatedly raped the woman in a £1.5million flat in Peninsula Apartments, Paddington in London

Almesallam is alleged to have repeatedly raped the woman in a £1.5million flat in Peninsula Apartments, Paddington in London

The woman says that the alleged repeated rapes and assault took place over a three-month period in the Paddington flat rented by Mr Almesallam

The woman claims that the repeated rapes and assaults took place in the Paddington apartment rented by Mr Almesallam over three months.

He was also charged with possession of crack cocaine, crystal meth, and other charges.

The Qatari national denied all charges and appeared in court via prison link in a dark top with grey tracksuit bottoms.

Robert Berg, the lawyer representing Mr Almesallam, stated at an earlier appearance that he is a Qatari national.

“He is a man with good character, now being 31 years old.

“He is the director at a TV sports and news channel, and has held that position for several decades.

Mr Almesallam will face trial for the litany of charges at London's Southwark Crown Court on November 29

On November 29, Mr Almesallam will be tried for the litany charges against him at London’s Southwark Crown Court. 

“He arrived in this nation as a tourist in December 2020.

“He was living in rented accommodation at that address when he was arrested.” 

Almesallam, Praed Street in Paddington, denies four charges of rape, causing grievous body harm with intent, making threats of death, controlling or coercive behaviour within an intimate relationship, possession cocaine and methamphetamine possession.

Judge Adam Hiddleston placed him in custody prior to his trial at Southwark Crown Court, November 29.