To resolve the row, Prince Andrew had used a toilet that was meant for Prince Charles. A former maid claimed it.  

Janette McGowan was a Buckingham Palace maid who claimed the award. The Duke of York insisted on removing his personal toiletries, which were intended to be used by his elder brother.

She claimed that the row at Christmas 1999 was resolved only when Queen Elizabeth spoke to Andrew (who was then 39).

According to Ms McGowan who worked as a housemaid between 1999 and 2000, household staff were alerted about an ‘ongoing condition’ when Charles, the queen’s second-born, took advantage of a room reserved for Charles.

Then she told The SunWe were warned not to do anything or move in the toilet because of an “ongoing situation”.

Janette McGowan was a Buckingham Palace maid who claimed that Prince Andrew would not remove his toiletries in a Sandringham restroom meant for Prince Charles. (both photos)

Ms McGowan, who had travelled to Sandringham with the family, said members of the Royal Family are allocated rooms and a bathroom at the Norfolk estate, but Andrew had taken a bathroom meant for Charles. 

She stated that the “bizarre standoff” was only resolved when Andrew had a word with her and told him to go to another bathroom.

Ms McGowan claimed there was nothing special about the bathroom and said it was just a good old sibling row.

She added: ‘Charles was very grown-up about it, which is more than you can say for Andrew.’

When Ms McGowan worked at Buckingham Palace, Andrew was living permanently at the London residence, with the former maid describing him as ‘spoilt’.

Ms McGowan worked for Princess Michael, Earl of Kent, and the Earless and Countesss of Wessex. He’s [Andrew]He is very spoilt in regard to his rights.

MailOnline reached Buckingham Palace to obtain comment.

Ms McGowan stated that the Christmas row in 1999 was settled when the Queen spoke to Andrew.

Ms McGowan said members of the Royal Family are allocated rooms and a bathroom at Sandringham (pictured), but that Andrew had taken a bathroom meant for Charles

Ms McGowan claimed that Royal Family members are given rooms and a bath at Sandringham. However, Andrew was using a private bathroom designed for Charles.

Meanwhile, another former maid at Buckingham Palace has spoken out about working for Andrew, calling the Duke of York ‘demanding and entitled’. 

On Thursday, Charlotte Briggs stated that Andrew had left her in tears. Andrew also rants about the importance of small gaps in curtains.

Speaking to The Sun, Ms Briggs said the prince yelled at her: ‘Can’t you f***ing do anything right?’ She ran up and down the staircase to fix the curtains. He was located a mere meter away.

The newspaper was told by a 47-year old mother of two that he fought in Falklands for her country, but could not stand to shut his curtains.

She added, “It was absurd but said volumes about him.”

Ms Briggs compared this to saying that Charles and Edward were the brothers of Duke Charles, as well other royals she saw during her time in the palace. 

When she was 21 years old, she began work at Buckingham Palace. Within six months she was assigned to be Andrew’s maid. It was an unwelcome job.

She was paid £600 a month and in 1996, she was even pictured on the royal balcony ahead of the Trooping the Colour ceremony, according to The Sun. 

Andrew, who was just 36 years old and recently separated from Sarah Ferguson, had been in this situation. He was a frequent flyer and assumed that everything would be handled for him. 

Halifax native Ms Briggs broke her silence for The Sun following the removal of Prince Andrew’s military titles in a suit brought by Virginia Giuffre, an American sex assault lawyer.

Meanwhile, another former maid at Buckingham Palace has spoken out about working for Andrew, calling the Duke of York (pictured) 'demanding and entitled'

A former Buckingham Palace maid spoke out to describe her time working as a servant for Andrew.

Ms Giuffre says she was trafficked into having sex three times with Prince Jeffrey Epstein by Ghislaine maxwell, who is a paedophile convicted of sexual abuse. These allegations were strongly denied by the Duke of York. 

Andrew lost his royal title and is being asked to leave the Royal Lodge at Windsor, where he resides with Ferguson.

Now, as a US citizen, he will have to defend claims of rape/sexual assault. 

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Andrew could lose his round-the-clock police protection as early as next month after he was exiled as a frontline royal. 

According to sources, the Metropolitan Police has been conducting an extensive review of his security.

Andrew, who remains ninth in line to the throne, has so far been allowed to keep his taxpayer-funded police bodyguards at a cost to the public purse of an estimated £2-3million a year.

The controversy has been heated, especially because Prince Harry’s nephew was removed from his protection by the police when he left as a working prince in 2020 to move to the United States.

A source said to the Daily Mail that, although no one is going to comment publicly on the issue, it is being actively addressed by the Met’s Royal and VIP Executive Committee.

“The Situation” [as regards Harry]It is difficult and could prompt you to make a decision quickly. Andrew should not be granted security in the UK if Harry isn’t a working prince.

Andrew lives in a 30-room Royal Lodge at Queen’s Windsor Estate. He will continue to enjoy the protection of a royal residence.

It comes after Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles amid a sex assault lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre (pictured) in the United States

It comes after Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles amid a sex assault lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre (pictured) in the United States 

It is this security, however, that will be discussed.

After public outrage over their globetrotting behavior, the official security of their royal children was taken away.

Since their divorce in 1996, Sarah Duchess of York (his ex-wife) hasn’t had official taxpayer-funded security.

While Princess Anne and Prince Edward were granted security measures, other royals such as Zara Tindall or Peter Phillips did not have this same level of protection. 

Last night’s comments were not made by the Metropolitan Police or the Home Office, and Andrew was not represented.

Former head of Royal Security at Scotland Yard Dai Davies said that Andrew could lose his bodyguards. However, the risk to him is low and there are strong arguments for not requiring “PPO.” [personal protection officer]Status if the monarch is not a working one.