Today, the Queen was driving near Windsor Castle as she took a two-week vacation.

Her Majesty was unable attend the COP26 conference at Glasgow, so the monarch took the wheel of her green Jaguar to transport her beloved corgis for a morning stroll on her Berkshire estate.

The Queen, wearing sunglasses and a headscarf as she left Windsor Castle’s rear entrance, looked happy and healthy.

It came Her Majesty is set to stick to low-key online events this week as she adheres to doctors’ orders as part of her determination to be fit for Remembrance Sunday.

Royal sources said that the 95-year-old will follow medical advice ‘to the letter’ after she was advised to cancel all official visits and rest for another two weeks.

But the monarch has vowed to attend the service at the Cenotaph on November 14 with one palace source saying: ‘That’s just unmissable, as far as the Queen is concerned. It is one of her most sacred duties.’

The Queen driving at Windsor this morning as she takes a break from royal duties on the advice of her doctors

The Queen drives at Windsor this morning after taking a break in her royal duties, according to her doctors

Her Majesty was seen in her green Jaguar estate she uses to ferry her corgis for their morning walk close to Windsor Castle

Her Majesty was photographed in her green Jaguar estate that she uses for ferrying her corgis on their morning walks close to Windsor Castle

Last month, the Queen was secretly taken to King Edward VII’s Hospital in central London for an overnight stay. Royal aides said the trip was for ‘preliminary investigations’ with the exact reason still unknown.

Palace aides are drafting plans for the Duchess of Cornwall to take on a significantly greater role – and it is possible she could even be appointed to an elite group of senior Royals who can carry out duties on behalf of the Queen.

Her Majesty’s decision to cancel all public engagements for at least the next fortnight, as she recovers from an unknown ailment, has raised concerns about a potential leadership gap at the head of the Royal Family if her illness persists or should the 95-year-old Monarch be incapacitated in the future.

So far, the Queen has continued to carry out her duties as Head of State, despite having to ‘reluctantly’ cancel a number of high-profile engagements over the past few weeks.

The Monarch still receives her daily red boxes of Government documents. However, constitutional experts expressed concern last night about the readiness of the Royal Family in case she is unable to fulfill her basic role as Head of State.

Buckingham Palace says her medical team is simply taking ‘sensible precautions’ and Boris Johnson yesterday described the Queen as being on ‘good form’ when they spoke last week. 

Sources say that Camilla, who was praised last week for her speech in which she called for more urgent action against sexual violence against women, will be asked by the task force to manage the workload.

Under rules enshrined in law and detailed on the official Royal website, four members of the family are currently entitled as ‘Counsellors of State’ to take over from the Queen if she is unable to perform her duties – if, for example, she were abroad or unwell.

The 95-year-old Monarch's decision to cancel all public engagements for at least the next fortnight as she recovers from an unknown ailment has raised concerns about a potential leadership gap at the head of the Royal Family (pictured, the Queen last week)

The 95-year-old Monarch’s decision to cancel all public engagements for at least the next fortnight as she recovers from an unknown ailment has raised concerns about a potential leadership gap at the head of the Royal Family (pictured, the Queen last week)

Palace aides are drafting plans for the Duchess of Cornwall to take on a significantly greater role - and she could even be appointed to an elite group of senior Royals who can carry out duties on behalf of the Queen (pictured, the Queen with Camilla in 2019)

Palace aides are creating plans for the Duchess to assume a significantly larger role. She could even be appointed as a member of an elite group of Royals who can perform duties for the Queen (pictured, Camilla and the Queen in 2019).

What would happen if Queen Elizabeth II became too ill?

????????????????? Is the Queen currently not able to perform her duties?

A:No. The Palace says she is carrying out ‘light duties’, which include those required as Head of State.

?????????????????What would she do if she became too sick to work?

A: The Counsellors of State, usually the Monarch’s spouse plus those in the direct line of succession, would be given the power to carry out the Queen’s official duties.

??????????Who are the current Counsellors

A:Princes Charles and William, Harry, Harry, and Andrew. Counsellors must reside in the UK, which Harry doesn’t, and be at least 21 years old unless they are the direct heirs to the throne.

The following: What would they do?

A: The Queen’s approval is needed for a range of decisions to become law, though she has no real decision-making power. It includes giving Royal assent to bills passed by Parliament, appointing judges and Queen’s Council, ratifying treaties and appointing peers. The job of the Counsellors would be taken over if the Queen is unable or unfit to read or understand the required papers and sign her consent. Two people are required to approve documents for the Queen.

?????????? What can they not do, however?

A:Counsellors don’t have the power to make decisions. This means they can’t dissolve Parliament without the express permission of the Sovereign. The Counsellors can’t appoint Prime Ministers, preside in Commonwealth matters or grant titles.

The following:When was the last time that the Counsellors were called upon?

A: The Monarch can ask the Counsellors to assume control when they are overseas or incapacitated. It is thought that the last time the Sovereign’s power was passed to the Counsellors of State was in 2015 when the Queen went to Malta with Prince Philip.

The following:What would happen to the Queen if she became permanently physically or mentally unable to continue her duties?

A:It would be a full Regency as per the 1937 Act, although there is no evidence of it at this time. At least three of the following – Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab, Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Lord Chief Justice of England Lord Burnett and Master of the Rolls Sir Geoffrey Vos – would have to declare in writing they are satisfied with medical opinions that the Sovereign was unfit to rule. Charles would swear an oath to be Prince Regent and take the power of the Monarch.

??????? Could the Duchess Of Cornwall be made a counsellor?

A:Camilla is not directly in line for the throne but the Queen could make Camilla a Counsellor so that Charles would be King.

??????????Could Harry and Andrew be removed from their homes without their consent? If so, who would replace them?

A:Although it is unlikely that the Queen would remove Harry or Andrew, Charles might be more inclined to do so. Princess Beatrice would become the next in line if Harry was removed. However, the Monarch might choose to appoint her younger son Prince Edward or Princess Anne, who are both full time working Royals.

These Counsellors include Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Andrew. They were chosen as they are the next in the line to the throne. This rules out William’s children George, Charlotte and Louis.

But neither Prince Andrew – who is fighting sex claims lodged in the US – nor Prince Harry, who has quit official duties and now lives in California, are currently working members of the Royal Family.

Vernon Bogdanor, the author of Monarchy And The Constitution and professor of government at King’s College London, said: ‘A Counsellor not domiciled in the UK cannot act, so that excludes Harry. Princess Beatrice, who is 21 years old, would be the next in line. Most functions of the Head can be delegated. It is not, for example, constitutionally necessary for the Queen to attend the State Opening of Parliament.’

Two Counsellors of State are required to act together in a ‘quorum’ to perform crucial functions, such as providing Royal assent to bills passing through Parliament and appointing High Court judges. These functions of government cannot be carried out without this assent.

Bangor University constitutional expert Dr Craig Prescott stated that the current situation could cause problems for the smooth operation of Government. ‘There is a small but genuine risk that the non-availability of Counsellors of State could impede the operation of the constitution. It could make the day-today running of Government more difficult.

‘The Counsellors of State are a Plan B from a constitutional point of view, but what happens when Plan B isn’t quite ideal? The Queen could consider adding the Duchess, who would be a Counsellor to State when Charles is King. Or they could go down the line to Princesses Beatrice or Eugenie, or add more members of the family, like Princess Anne or Prince Edward to the list.’

A source close to the Palace said: ‘This is a constitutional headache. Talks are being held about what to do if the Queen becomes incapacitated. You can’t have Andrew and Harry do it and Charles and William are extremely busy.’

There are precedents for Counsellors to State stepping in. During the Queen and Prince Philip’s tour of New Zealand in 1974, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret enacted the Queen’s wishes to dissolve Ted Heath’s Government.

Mr Johnson yesterday sought to allay any alarm about the Queen, saying the public must ‘respect’ her need to rest for a short period of time.

Speaking to ITV News in Rome during the G20 summit, he said: ‘I spoke to Her Majesty, as I do every week as part of my job, and she was on very good form. Her doctors have advised her to rest. We need to respect that and be able to understand that. Everybody wishes her all the very best.’

The Queen spoke to Mr Johnson and recorded a speech at Windsor Castle. This speech will be shown at tomorrow’s COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

On the advice of doctors, the Queen had to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland earlier in the month.

The announcement that she will rest for ‘at least’ another fortnight means she will miss the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. She hopes to be able to attend the Remembrance Sunday ceremony at Cenotaph on Nov 14. Prince Charles will lay the wreath on his mother’s behalf, as he has done in the past. She can also watch from a nearby balcony.

Charles will then fly to Jordan and Egypt on an official tour. William will be the only Counsellor.

A Royal insider said: ‘The Counsellors of State are there to provide a more temporary stopgap. It would take an extraordinary sequence of events to bring about a Regency, I believe. Her Majesty will be committed to carrying out her duties as long as she possibly can.’

Buckingham Palace declined comment.   

However, Prince Harry (pictured) has quit official duties and now lives in California, is not currently a working member of the Royal Family

And Prince Andrew (pictured) is fighting sex claims lodged in the US

But neither Prince Andrew (right), who fights sex claims lodged by the US, or Prince Harry (left), which has quit his official duties and now lives with his family in California, are currently working members in the Royal Family.